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We have a winner for our spectacular new Rosetta Stone version III Latin program! I used the website, Random Number Generator and it spit out the number 145. Hooray for Fruit Bearer! Enjoy your program. AND, as a bonus, our most excellent and fabulous Rosetta Stone friends said I could pick a second winner since we had so many entries. And so our second winner is number 247, so CONGRATS also to Jennie!

And just so you know, the offer for the $100 off of the levels 1-3 or 1-5 (for Spanish) is good thru the end of the month with the promo code hsb59

In other news, me and Coie are off to NC later today for the big convention in Winston Salem. Make sure you stop by to say hi if you’re gonna be there. I can’t believe how many bloggers (and non bloggers—yes, I’m talking about you, Layle) that we’ve met so far. That has been so fun.

And here, for your my enjoyment, I’m posting some random pictures

Here’s how I spend my days:

Nice, eh? Foot rubs, Knee rubs, forehead massages and arm scratches…

Um…does this not look like a terribly uncomfortable way to sleep?

I like this picture of my daughters who love each other. The monkey on their head is an added bonus.

Lastly, the rental car I picked up for our trip to NC has a mind of its own. Several times as I was driving merrily down the road it decided to just start HONKING at random. Jeepers, I don’t know what the rental agency is trying to pull but that’s a plumb rotten trick to play on a girl. And talk about *totally mortifying* it decided to honk for a straight ten seconds as I was driving past my neighbor’s house. I could just hear them inside… “There goes that weirdo homeschool lady with her billion kids”. And yes, I did take that car straight back from whence it came. The rental fellows were nice enough to pretend at being sympathetic and then gave me a free upgrade (since there were no other cars on hand). Egads. I’m glad I figured out that first car was a chronic honker before taking it to NC. That’s not the sort of entrance I want to make before a show.

Lastly last, since I’m still in give-away mode, you ought to check this out… my friend Lisa is giving away free e-books to all new and renewing subscribers to New Harvest Homestead. Fun, yes?

And just in… My friend Susan is also having a neat give away on her page:

And truly last, many of you have already heard that Jessica Hulcy was in a pretty bad car accident recently. Please be praying for her and her family!

And one more thing…head over to to my friend’s blog and enter to win a A SpellQuizzer program!

23 thoughts on “honk honk

  1. CONGRATS to your winners! I will look for you at the convention. I have booth #100 on the lower level.

    Praying for safe travel!

  2. so Id didn’t win.. thankfully I am not too surprised. I will pray for safe travel and BIG sales… Love you.
    See you soon!

  3. WOOHOO – congrats to the winners! How awesome is Rosetta Stone for hooking up a second winner, huh???? Too cool.
    As for the honking – well… enjoy the free upgrade. But test the horn before you leave…….

  4. So I guess since you’re going to be in NC you won’t be making it to FL this year? Bummer, I was looking forward to seeing you and possibly purchasing RS from you!

  5. Ahh gee, Lisa, that *is* a bummer. I would have loved to see you again. Lord willing we will be back to FPEA next year. We should plan a Chevys Fresh Mex blogger date!

  6. asdfjsa;fjdslka;f I’m *still* laughing at that honking story. i can’t help but picture your car as some sort of odd buggy, and you guys rolling down the road honking it excessively like the Beverly Hillbillies… complete with James. fitting.

  7. I’m still a non-blogger but I love to read yours!:) But, really, am I not quasi-blogging by commenting on one? You crack me up! I had a mini-van with a mind of it’s own once. The lights, door locks, door dingy thingy, and the overhead lights would go on/off rapidly as I was driving down the road. I must have looked like a lunatic driving at night. Fun, huh? Be careful going to NC – scope out the nearest Staples when you get there.


  8. Ok, don’t freak out that I’m leaving you a comment under your name. I know you get a little weird when your medication wears off. I was just too lazy to sign off. Now on to my comment…

    Awwwwww, we are so tute!


  9. Haha-I can relate, except it was my own car that started honking on its own. Just driving down the street, it wouldn’t stop-pretty embarassing. Dh re-wired it.

  10. I thought I knew how a homeschool lady spends her days until I saw your demo (pictures above). I totally agree; a mom who sepnds her days getting foot rubs, Knee rubs, forehead massages and arm scratches, and enjoys mild toothache is a weirdo homeschool lady, who will eventually turn into an alien that will eat up all her children. Beware Dippy, you will soon get alien-ated!

  11. I LOVE those pictures!!!…… That sleeping position DOES NOT look comfortable!!:):)…….. Honking cars are not good for ANYONE’S HEART!:)I hope that your show has been going GREAT!:) Mine already came…. on Thursday!! Wowza is Rosetta Stone fast or what?????:) Love and miss you and praying for your safe travel!:)

  12. Mine= the Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish that I ordered>:) I don’t think that that last comment was very clear… I need to go to bed:)

  13. Aw!! I really really like that picture of Coie and Ryann! They are both so beeeeutiful!

    That’s pretty funny about your rental car–we used to have a mini van that would occasionally honk all by itself. It was kinda freaky!

    I can’t WAIT to see you tomorrow!! Actually, I can’t wait to see Rye Bread more–but I can’t wait to see you too….and meet all the kiddos. Oh what fun! I already have all their names down–just about the ages too!

    K–well, I have the jitters right now. Drinking coffee….awaiting tomorrow afternoon like crazy and listing to my moms phone conversation. (Naughty me!)

    Love, Tessloopiandoodledae (AKA, Peanut)

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