Mediation Attempt

May 5th, 2014 there was a mediation attempt, which involved Paul Suarez, Gena Suarez, Geoff Igarashi III, Jenefer Igarashi, Pastor Charlie ScalfPastor Ben Wright and Attorney David Gibbs.

The following ‘Joint Statement’ was put together then signed by all parties.

“About seven years ago we disagreed on how to handle a complex issue. Though we have not yet resolved the areas of disagreement, we have started the process of restoring our relationship. We love each other as a family and we have committed to rebuild that relationship and mutual trust in years to come. We desire to resolve any related division with other parties and to that end we ask that you contact whomever among us would be most appropriate. We pray that our work to reconcile with one another might reflect in some way the magnitude of God’s great mercy to reconcile with us through the sacrifice of His Son.”

3 thoughts on “Mediation Attempt

  1. Prayers to you all as you work on restoring your relationships. Praising God for the good work that he is doing and going to do for you all.

  2. While I pray for restoration, I also pray for those harboribg child abusers to serve prison time – where they’ll hopefully learn genuine repentance that doesn’t seek to hide, shame others, or bully.
    This breaks my heart. They aren’t learning anything. Praying for you.

  3. I am the parent of an adult molested as a toddler. Due to corruption and protection of this child’s abusers, she will never be the same. Don’t buy the theory of mediation under the guise of godliness. Anyone using such terms to bully victims and their families is an affront to the Most High God. There must be consequences. 22 years later we still see them. ;(
    Many prayers for you all.

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