A Mea Culpa, But Within Context

When a person is wrong about a thing — especially if it’s done in a way that affects others — it is proper to acknowledge it. I was recently wrong in a thing that I did, and it was suggested that it would be appropriate to acknowledge that fact in proportion to its correlation of how it affected others. That’s a fancy way of saying that it might be a good idea to ‘blog my error’ since I had ‘blogged the offense’. So for anybody who has read the recent posts on this webpage, this post is to give an update, bring some clarification and officially acknowledge where I stepped out of bounds. Not necessarily in that order.

For those who have read the previous posts, you know that I’m involved in a pretty severe issue with my older sister. To start off, I want to clarify that this is NOT an ‘apology’ or an acknowledgement of any wrong-doing for ‘sounding a warning’ about the dangers that are associated with the leadership of both Paul and Gena Suarez. My husband and I are in full agreement that there’s a time and a place for whistle-blowing, and that this is definitely one of them. Especially since all of our other options have been exhausted. But that’s an afterthought, really, because I already said everything that was necessary to say. So this is mostly recap to give context.

There are times when danger should be exposed. Warning others about people in leadership is not gossip, nor slander, nor libel or defamation. We believe a court of law would agree with us on this point. I say that because (yes) we have been made aware of the official statement being sent out by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine claiming, “the allegations are false” and that they (TOS) were exploring legal action. And since that has been made ‘public’ I will also respond to that ‘in public’ by saying this: “The audacity overwhelms me”.

To lead up to what I AM apologizing for, here is a brief recap of what’s already been made public.

  • For seven years (starting in 07) Geoff and I had been unsuccessful in getting the Suarez’s to meet with us to work through some pretty significant issues. In short, we were stonewalled, ignored and shunned. In addition to that, on a widespread (even national) level, people (some of them other leaders in the homeschool community) were being told by the Suarez’s that we (the Igarashis) were in ‘unrepentant sin’.
  •  Back in February of this year (2014) we took the step of joining together with a group of other Christian brothers and sisters (about 11 of us who looked at this as a ‘rescue mission’) who, over the years, had also had firsthand experiences and unresolved issues with the Suarez’s, which we are convinced needs to be addressed (in both love and in seriousness).
  •  Some of the families involved in this effort include the (Eric) Novak family, the Hausers, the Prestons {Jessica Preston is my youngest sister), **edited for privacy**, and Paulie Suarez , their oldest son. There are others, but they have wished to remain anonymous.
  • A document was put together by this group. It included 20 specific examples outlining specific offenses by the Suarez’s. Each offense presented  in the document was an incident that had been witnessed by at least 2 or 3 witnesses.
  • This was (is) a private document. Between spouses, and others who had contributed firsthand eye-witness testimony, the ‘circle’ of people who knew about this effort was kept to a minimum. Our goal was to keep this a private matter and to do it without making a scene. Our ultimate goal was to see true repentance, true reconciliation and we also wanted them to step down from leadership (which they initially said they would do after the incident with our son had come out back in 2007). Anyways, the ‘group letter / document was sent to my sister the first week of April of this year. She did not respond to it.
  • Fast forward to the end of April, specifically the weekend of the Ohio GHC convention, where I was scheduled to work at as a company rep. There was an incident that had happened, which prompted an attorney to call me. He said he’d heard that there was an issue with me and the Suarez’s and he offered to get involved and mediate. For free. My husband and I thought that was unusually generous and very kind. I told him I didn’t believe the Suarez’s would agree to that because we’d been trying to do that for the last seven years. But to our great astonishment he called back that same afternoon and said my sister and her husband had agreed to come out to Austin, along with the Suarez’s pastor, and to sit down with us in an unbiased mediation.
  • This offer, incidentally, happened the day after I had posted an entry on my blog (on April 24th) called, When the Body Cuts Itself to Pieces. I had time to blog because I was at home. And the reason I was at home  was because I had been asked not to come to the GHC convention by the owner (who had called my company ‘boss’, who then called me, and who then called their legal department, in which resulted in my suitcase being sent to Cincinnati, while I was put on plane and sent back to Austin). Later, however, at the mediation, I was told that this was a decision GHC regretted and  was also told I would be welcome at all future GHC events. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
  • The mediation that had been offered happened a couple weeks later on May 5th. The result of this mediation attempt resulted in a non-legally-binding ‘agreement’ which was signed by all parties involved. For the record, I was adamant about not signing that agreement — and wish I hadn’t. But I did sign it. And part of the agreement, which can be seen here (mediation form bl) were points 6 and 10 — these points specified not to post anything that could be considered ‘escalating’ and (point 10) agreed to go through proper steps if any of the points were breached by any of the parties involved.


Ok, so now we’ve gotten caught up, this is the part where I apologize. Within one day of signing that agreement, I had become convinced it was a scam. Now, regardless of whether or not it was a scam, I had still signed my name to that paper and had entered into an agreement. It spelled out pretty clearly how things were to be handled if I felt like any of the conditions had been violated. Everybody had agreed that it was not ‘legally-binding’ but that ‘as Christians’ we would enter into the agreement and stay true to our word.

So, all of that to say, as a Christian I did not stay true to my word. I ‘whistle blew’ and blogged a piece on May 24th. I did this without consulting anybody, and in effect, I violated the agreement which I put my name to. So that, right there, is what I want to take responsibility for. My husband, our pastor, and some trustworthy friends, pulled me aside and called me out on it. And they were right. You can’t agree to something and then arbitrarily decide, “NOPE”.  I know I usually come off as flippant or as trying to be funny, but I’m serious when i say that I am not taking this lightly. I broke my word, and that’s actually a big deal, regardless of any other ‘side’ circumstances.

Our pastor told me that if I thought the agreement was a sham then I should write out the reasons why and email it to him (which I did) and he said that he’d take the steps to properly nullify the agreement. I took him up on that, and at that point I took down the ‘whistle-blowing’ posts until he had a chance to notify the others who had signed the agreement and let them know that the agreement was now ‘no more’. After that had been done, my posts went back up (except for one post, which I ‘password protected’)

Also, for the record, I emailed an apology to both my sister, and her pastor, acknowledging my error in ‘breaking my word’, and I let them know I regretted blogging anything before the agreement had been officially nullified. Like I said, it was suggested that I apologize in proportion to whom it may have affected. So that’s what this post is about. I regret breaking my word. And by apologizing, fully, my conscious is truly clear.

On a side-note, this is all very complex because everybody involved in this issue (the group of 11 and the Suarez’s) all live in different states and all belong to different churches. The local body is the place to work out issues (not involving illegal activities, obviously).

One of the elders that we spoke with about  all this said he did not believe that plastering it on the internet was the way to handle conflict between parties who claim Christ. In 99.9% of issues like these (regarding how Christians are to handle conflict) we would absolutely agree with him.  When I posted on June 19th we were not trying to pull off some sort of ‘internet church discipline’. I’ve said before, in any other case we would view it as a Titus 3:10 case and just walk away.

This situation is also unique because it involves, what we — the group of 11 — see as a very real and present danger for those who are currently followers / fans of my sister and her husband. They were, after all, awarded the 2009 Dr. Robert Dreyfus Courageous Christian Leadership Award, and they accepted it as ‘leaders’ (they are even quoted in that link). We fully recognize the extremely strong influence they have on those around them and it’s because of that we are thoroughly convinced, and convicted, that somebody needed to say something. 

I have a last thing I want to say. I want to make a pre-emptive disclaimer. If that sounds defensive, it’s because it is. From the beginning of this whole thing (which has been…well… I don’t have the words or description for the agony or the anguish)I have been fearful of this very exact outcome. Back in March I was afraid we’d be ignored, and I knew that I had come to a point where my conscience would not allow me to stay silent if they proved to be unwilling to acknowledge and stop the patterns of destruction. But I still had hope. I desperately wanted to see my sister and her husband change. I believed things could be fixed (I still think they could be!). I miss my nieces and nephews. Since February I’ve been continuously praying that my sister and her husband would be able to see the truth and to stop the damage. But I’m afraid there is worse to come. But if there is (and I think there will be), I feel like it’s necessary to state very plainly that Geoff and I have made the decision to say nothing more about this issue publicly.  However, at the same time we also stand 100% behind the others who are in the ‘Group of 11′ (anonymous or otherwise). We will not condemn or denounce any of the others in our group if they decide to speak out. That is their own choice to make and I don’t think anybody takes it lightly. As a group, I think I can speak for all of us when I say we’ve been sickened about all of this and distressed that our private efforts with the Suarez’s were unsuccessful.

Lastly, I also do not want to see damage done to the ability, or the freedom, to homeschool. But I will say this, If the other ‘leaders’ in the community won’t lead, or speak out, or help, or investigate, or give support, or (in one appalling instance) not even bother to respond to repeated pleas for guidance, then I don’t know how the ‘community of leaders’ can be kept from going sour and ultimately losing credibility.

Leaders need to listen. They need to be willing to investigate and to take charges of abuse seriously. They need to be willing to name names and disassociate with corrupted ‘leaders’ BEFORE the leader falls off the pedestal. If they don’t, it will appear as if they are unable to ‘self-regulate’ and it will actually end up lending credence to the calls of those who think that homeschooling needs to be regulated by outside forces.

I should add that there have been a handful of leaders who have been helpful and supportive; it has not gone unappreciated (there need to be more of you).


Anyways, that’s all I’ve got to say.

* To clarify, in our group of 11, originally there was no talk of going to legal authorities, or of taking them to court over ‘tortious interference’. Legal authorities, however, were made aware of the child molestation incidents that happened with my son, and there are still conversations happening within our group of whether or not another report should be filed — because I think it’s illegal if somebody is in a position of power and they actively try to silence (or act in a way that can be seen as ‘punishing’)  those who sound a warning against suspected  (or proven) child predators.



It Just Needs To Stop

There are some people who I love, trust and respect who don’t think I should post this. There are other people who I love, trust and respect who believe that posting this is the right, loving and responsible thing to do.

I’ve decided to finally post this because of a discussion I had yesterday with my son. He had been the one who was repeatedly molested when he was six. I asked him what he thought about speaking out about what happened to our family. He paused for a long time then asked if ‘telling others’ was based out of anger or a way to ‘punish’ the Suarez’s. Then it was my turn to pause; I examined my motives (again) before telling him, “No, I’ve fully forgiven them and love them. My intent was purely to warn other families”. He told me he was glad to hear that and that he had forgiven them, too. But then he told me he wanted to speak plainly. He told me that he was angry — really angry — that his older cousin had forced him to live with such disgusting memories . He also told me that he hated the idea of being known as the kid who had ________ happen to him. He said he was fearful of having a tainted reputation and was nervous about being kept out of certain circles of friends who might look at him weird if they knew. I sat quietly and just listened to him as he spoke. And then what he said surprised me. He said, “I think that being concerned about how I’m viewed is selfish, though. I don’t want my reputation to be more important to me than knowing we might be able to help prevent others from having to live through what I have to deal with” This kid is 13, he’ll be 14 next week. All I could do is tear up and marvel at the grace and the strength and the maturity that God has blessed him with. He’s not a victim. The boy is a hero as far as I’m concerned.

We do not expect pastors to call out child offenders from the pulpit every Sunday (as somebody falsely suggested we were advocating).

Our issue is not with ‘repentant child sex offenders’. Local bodies can decide for themselves what measures to take to keep their congregations safe. That’s not where we take issue.

Our issue is with leaders who use their positions of power to enforce a ‘zero accountability’ policy for child sex offenders and then punish people who disagree with their (extreme) view.

We take issue with the practice of protecting a child molester (repentant or otherwise) at the expense of the victim and their family. I’ve been accused of ‘making my nephew out to be a monster’. I reject that accusation. A 14 / 15 year old who does monstrous things will have to live with the consequence of having committed monstrous things. Sin has consequences. Do I still love my nephew? Absolutely. There is full forgiveness and we love him and would welcome a relationship with him (if he decides to reach out) — but there are consequences for sin. To shield him from consequences wouldn’t be love. It would be potentially inviting disaster for others.

This is not just about how the Suarez’s wanted to protect their (then) teenage son. There have been two other child predators (that we know of) who the Suarez’s actively protected. They demanded silence from those who knew and insisted on letting those predators have unfiltered access to family gatherings / child focused events. They insisted that families accept (what amounts to) a ‘zero accountability’ stance in regard to those men because they said the men had ‘repented’. And families who voiced concerned, or alerted other families to a potential danger, or who chose not to include the predators in their groups, were told they were in sin and were then condemned by the Suarez’s. One man, Roy Ballard, was later imprisoned for sexual assault against children. The other man they protected, Mike Marcum, was also imprisoned (for possession of child pornography).

Again, if the Suarez’s hold a belief that they should protect the reputations of child molesters, that’s one thing. But to condemn concerned families and use the bible to berate them for rejecting their extreme views is indefensible. At least that’s my opinion.

I’ve been accused of trying to ‘vindictively take down The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’. I reject that accusation. Paul and Gena made the choice to habitually divide with believers over secondary issues. They have also made the choice to condemn (multiple) families who spoke out against child predators.

They made the choice to continue pursuing the spotlight as national leaders after knowing their highschooler repeatedly molested more than one child.  In my opinion, they should have stepped down and dealt with their family issues. Instead, they built an audience and created a following. I feel no obligation to protect their leadership position in the homeschooling community. It was their choice to push this issue public.

They refused to deal with us privately (we tried repeatedly) and then seven years later, when they finally met with us (with a supposed ‘unbiased mediator’ ) they refused to acknowledge any error over their unbiblical belief of shunning Christians over secondary issues. Nor did they see a problem with condemning families who refused to accept what amounts to a ‘zero accountability’ stance for child sex predators. It is because of their choices that this is now playing out in front of an audience that they, themselves, created.

Here’s a helpful motto: Don’t do things that you don’t want people to find out about. It’s not the job of the ‘abused’ to protect their abusers ‘popularity’.

We take issue with a philosophy that proactively condemns and/or punishes families who alert others of a potential danger within their midst. We have witnessed a pattern of this. Not just a solitary incident… but a pattern.

Here are some questions that we have not yet received satisfactory answers to:

1) Paul and Gena Suarez, do you still maintain you were right in shunning the Igarashi’s seven years ago after they wouldn’t submit to your views on carrying out church discipline on a third party? On May 5th 2014 (in front of witnesses) you refused to concede that you should have handled the situation differently. And this leads to the next question… if Jenefer never ‘repented’ (and you maintained it was right to shun the Igarashi’s) then why did Gena suddenly agree to ‘un-shun’ Jenefer? Why are you willing to be ‘nice’ and ‘loving’ now? What changed? And why won’t you ‘un-shun’ the other families you’ve condemned who have approached you?  Is it because they are not being as vocal about the abuse they suffered at your hands?

2) Are you able to comprehend how excruciatingly painful it was for a family to deal with a six year that had been molested by a highschooler from your household? Are you able to understand the absolute agony they then experienced at your hands when you shunned them, slandered them and encouraged others to divide with them over the next 7 years?

3) There are multiple families who you’ve condemned as sinners after they went against your zero accountability stance (for the child predators you were protecting). Julie Hauser reached out to you in a friendly, relationship-oriented way recently and you told her that a friendship couldn’t happen until she (Julie) repented. Are you truly unable to see the absurdity of this?

These are a few of the questions we still have and  which were not dealt with in the ‘mediation process’

Paul and Gena Suarez have held steadfast to their skewed beliefs and use them to justify their destructive actions.

We’re not bitter, angry or vindictive. We have made every effort to come alongside the Suarez’s in love, hoping to show them that they’re hurting the Body.

Being habitually divisive and condemning families who alert others to possible danger to children is serious enough to speak up about. We are prayerful that my sister and her husband will humble themselves, abandon their extreme errant unbiblical views, and begin a new way of life that accepts accountability and brings restoration and healing to the body.

In the meantime, we are convinced (and feel convicted) that to stay silent would be wrong and would further present a danger to families who follow them.

I’m including a helpful link to an article by a friend, Eric Novak.  I think it sums up pretty well where the homeschool community needs to grow.  How Christian Legalism Creates A Culture of Sexual Abuse


I have been asked to take the two posts down. I was asked to do this because we had signed an agreement to work through a different channel with the Suarez issue (part of that being we agreed not to go ‘public’ with the information) Whether or not that was a wise or proper thing for us to do is currently being debated.  But as it stands, since we did sign an agreement that outlined certain steps, we will honor it and stay silent regarding exposing things publicly for now.

However, I will say this. Geoff and I 100% stand behind  those who have been hurt and/or victimized.  Our eyes have been even more opened to the necessity of speaking out and the huge problem that currently exists in the church (at large) that hides divisiveness and the danger of silencing victims who speak up.  We’ve gotten such a huge response from people who have been suffering in the same, or similar, situation. Our hearts grieve over that.

Don’t Eat Plastic Apples

One of the classic tactics abusers use after they victimize a person is to further oppress them by condemning them as ‘gossips’  or ‘slanderers’ if they don’t cover up the abusers actions.

Abusers will create smoke and clamor to divert attention away from their abuse by pretending the ‘sin of gossip’ is the Sin of all Sins and is therefore sufficient grounds to discount any charge of real sin against them.

Another tactic is to preemptively accuse the victims of the sins they, themselves, are guilty of (calling them ‘gossips’, ‘vengeful’, ‘liars’, etc). They will bully the victim into silence and many times launch efforts to discredit them in case the victim ever does speak out.

Also, victims are generally isolated. There might be a sea of other victims, but they’ve been trained, and it’s been ingrained (by the abusers) ‘not to gossip’, so they clam up instead of seeking out help or solace from others who have been there. Victims like these have been beaten down and confused. They are told they are probably not saved when/if they disagree with the abuser. They are slandered and cut off from friends who are afraid to get involved. And what’s really distressing (if that’s not distressing enough) is that many of these people genuinely love God and long to do what’s right. They either fear the bullies or fear the title of ‘Gossiper’, so they stitch up their gashes by themselves and limp back into life, trying not to bleed on others, and thinking they’re the only one. In worse cases, some leave the church altogether.

Life in the ‘Christian realm’ can be a confusing minefield to tiptoe through. It is easy for people to be led astray. It always has been. When you get a strong authoritative personality, many are won over partly because they speak with such conviction. People are always looking for a leader. So if somebody is willing to lead, typically they will gain an audience, especially if many things they say are true and good.

Believers must be discerning. They need to be able to look at fruit and detect error when it springs up. If it looks like an apple, but  you take a bite and it’s plastic…don’t swallow it. Be especially careful of apples that have teeth and will try and bite you back.

Sometimes people will see red flags but make the decision to just ‘shake it off’ because ‘so many others trust these leaders’. Mob mentality.

Things to Watch Out For

Do not be deceived by leaders who are habitually divisive. This is a red flag. Generally, these people have very ‘biblical sounding’ reasons for casting off fellow believers (with one-sided -or long winded – explanations).

It’s a huge red flag if you see leaders dividing with people over secondary issues; if they are people who would rather ‘divide’ than ‘disciple’ take notice. Sometimes they will also encourage others not to speak with the one they cast out. Because if they do, “it’s gossip”. This is contrary to the gospel.

Avoid people who cover sins that are dangerous to others. I’ll just speak plainly here. If there are men who have sexually abused children (or are being investigated as child predators) and you are told to keep your mouth shut about it, then it’s time to do something. Leaving with your children is a good first step.

If you feel children may be in danger and speak out about it, you are not a gossip. If somebody gives you a long biblical treatise about how their view on how to handle child predators within the church is the only biblical one (and their view protects offenders and demands that other parents are not to be made aware) know they are flat wrong.  If you’re told that you’re ‘possibly unsaved’ if you disagree with their views, you need to know that is a lie.

Be discerning, church. We are to love all, but that does not mean to check your common sense at the door.

Incidentally, my pastor recently posted the following on facebook. I think it’s worth sharing:

“@DeepakReju: Are you prepared to fight child abuse in your church? Or are you not ready yet?  http://stores.newgrowthpress.com/on-guard-preventing-and-responding-to-child-abuse-at-church/ This is a resource to look into if this is an issue you’re currently dealing with.

Also, a healthy local body is vital. If you don’t have a local church, and don’t know where to look, see what you can find on this site:  9 Marks

*** I’m editing this post to add this. This morning our pastor preached on Matthew 18. I encourage you to listen to the message. Hugely helpful. The Church: Matthew 18: 10-20




Mediation Attempt

May 5th, 2014 there was a mediation attempt, which involved Paul Suarez, Gena Suarez, Geoff Igarashi III, Jenefer Igarashi, Pastor Charlie ScalfPastor Ben Wright and Attorney David Gibbs.

The following ‘Joint Statement’ was put together then signed by all parties.

“About seven years ago we disagreed on how to handle a complex issue. Though we have not yet resolved the areas of disagreement, we have started the process of restoring our relationship. We love each other as a family and we have committed to rebuild that relationship and mutual trust in years to come. We desire to resolve any related division with other parties and to that end we ask that you contact whomever among us would be most appropriate. We pray that our work to reconcile with one another might reflect in some way the magnitude of God’s great mercy to reconcile with us through the sacrifice of His Son.”

When the Body Cuts Itself to Pieces


We are called to live at peace with all men as long as it’s possible for us. That’s in Romans.

We’re also told that the church is a body and that we must work together to not only build each other up, but to keep the rest of the body safe. That’s in Corinthians and Matthew 18.

Being a part of a local body is crucial for Believers. There is safety. There is counsel. Also, there are witnesses.

The Christian Homeschool Community is not a church. It’s a movement. It’s not a church.

Naturally, one would hope that it is able to regulate itself, but is that even possible? How does a ‘movement’ regulate itself? Who is responsible to keep the bad apples out? The Leaders? Who are the Leaders? What if the Leaders are bad apples?

I don’t have any easy answers for this. The only answer that I do know is that any man who claims Christ must be accountable to *somebody*. The local church is generally the place for issues to be worked out (unless a crime has been committed — know when to report an issue). But if a ‘Leader’ has no local body and is in gross/persistent sin and will not work with anybody who appeals to them to stop the destruction… what do you do?

In most cases Titus 3:10-11 would answer, “Warn a divisive person once, and then warn them a second time. After that, have nothing to do with them. You may be sure that such people are warped.”

But what if there is a danger to others? What is the moral responsibility for those who have information? These are questions my husband and I are trying to work out right now.

Likely you may soon hear about another huge and distressing ‘Homeschool Leader’ scandal. If you are a Believer you have clear commands from God’s Word on how to handle ‘breaking news’ that happens in ‘Christian Circles”.

1) What does your heart look like? Does it rejoice and become busy in the flurry of news reports that come out? Are you praying for the victims involved? Are you praying for the ‘Leader’ involved? Or are you just filling up your ears with ‘choice morsels’?

2) How are you discussing the news with others? Is it fun to chatter about the details? As a Christian this should never be the case. Ever. We are to be known for our great love for one another. Anybody who rejoices in a fallen brother is probably not saved. 1 John 4:20 Yes, I understand that there is relief and gratefulness when justice is served and Truth is revealed — but as Christians the motivating factor should always be Love. Love doesn’t gloat, it’s not vindictive, it does not glory in the fall of anybody. It must always truly and honestly long for restoration and reconciliation. Anything less is not worthy of Christ.

3) What are you doing with the information? God’s Word tells us that sometimes a leader needs to be called out publicly as a warning to others. (1 Timothy 5:20). As Believers when this sort of thing happens it should hit us with sober gravity. It should bring us to our knees. It should cause us to check our own lives and our own weaknesses.  Which leads me to #4…

4) It should cause us to look to Christ. We are all such total losers. Seriously, humans are hopeless. We are in need of Grace and Mercy CONSTANTLY. Those of us who truly know Christ understand the depth of our own depravity. We understand how much we need a Savior. If we’re honest, we also understand how much we do *not* deserve either grace or mercy.  How does the saying go? “When it comes to others we make excellent judges, when it comes to ourselves we make excellent lawyers”

The Christian Body is a living organism. We must operate as a body. Nobody gets a splinter and hacks off his foot. At the same time, rare is the sane person who knows they have gangrene and merrily goes about their way as it spreads and rots the rest of his body.

Wisdom, peace, grace, justice, mercy, unity, and that God’s name will be glorified. That’s what I’m praying for.


Another Fabulous Rosetta Stone Contest!

******* EDIT AND UPDATE – Thanks to all who entered the contest.  The winners have been chosen and were announced on the next post up.


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And here is a bit of additional, non-contest-related Rosetta Stone news that you might be interested in….

I have also been allowed (for the rest of May) to offer my blog readers a special discount — $100 off by entering the promo code hsb59 at checkout if you buy levels 1-3 (of any language) regular price $549. This would also include 1-5 levels for Spanish, regular price $699. I’d also like to point out that Rosetta Stone has just (this week) begun offering Latin, Tagalog (Filipino), Vietnamese and Turkish in the brand new Version III curriculum. Pretty awesome. And another new thing is Rosetta Stone is now offering levels 4&5 for Spanish (and English). Levels 1-5 is equivalent to FIVE years of language. That would look pretty awesome on a transcript.

Lastly, Rosetta Stone is now on Facebook. Become a fan at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/Rosetta-Stone-Homeschool/74459073912?ref=ts

Ok, that’s it for now. Good luck on the contest! Go post the info and come back here and leave a comment to enter. I know there are a bunch of you out there (especially you Classical Homeschooler types) who would love the brand new first level of Rosetta Stone Latin in the new Version III program… here’s your chance!

YAY for FREE stuff!