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May 8th, 2009
Texas is… Quite Hot.

Ok, so today was a good day, even tho I broke one of the arms off my dumb reading glasses.
…as if I wasn’t already nerdy enough.

We are in Arlington, TX right now. On our way out, our pilot’s name was Captain Kirk. Neat-o, eh? And not once did I panic, freak out, hyperventilate, or gnaw on Coie’s arm. I am becoming a total pro at flying the friendly skies.

Anyways, I hope we do well at the convention this weekend – I’m a little bummed because our booth is hidden way back in the back corner. They might have well just set us up in the broom closet. Aint no way anybody is gonna be able to find us way back in Yonder-ville. Ah, well. We shall still try and sell well.

In other news, here’s a picture for Jess

Here’s Coie, Me, our Gramma Nile (my mom’s mom), my cousin Beverly and my Aunt Dora. We haven’t seen them in over ten years. Dora was at Jess’s wedding. I love that lady. The whole group was a lot of fun and we had a real special time with them.

And lastly, since I miss my splendid kids, here’s a video that Ryann recently put together. It was a response to a funny little video that one of our friends made about his brilliant, over-achieving, five year old sister (and the kid is sweet and super cute to boot). Anyhow, Ryann figured she’d put something together about her own favorite 5 year old sibling. I think it turned out cute.

Ok, I gotta go. These ridiculous glasses keep sliding off sideways and I can’t hardly barely see a dang thing

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Oh heavens I’m a tardy blogger, which, if you remember my New Year resolution, is precisely what I’m shooting for.


I know it doesn’t make any sense, but when it hits about January 5th I mentally believe it’s spring – or that it should be spring.  I know spring doesn’t start in January, but somehow I’m wired to think it will.  Maybe that’s because I lived in Cali for so many years.  Just look how many times I put the word spring into that one little paragraph.


In other news, thanks to my brilliantly sublime friend (who was able to put this on YouTube for me), here, for your viewing pleasure is the family video that my daughter, Ryann, single-handedly put together to sum up our 2008 year.  She is a talented girl. 


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