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October 31st, 2005
What Halloween Means To Me

 ….er, nothing actually.  So nobody got my Fwuffy Puffs reference.  Karen W made a valiant attempt at it, but alas, she was incorrect.  Here is another hint: Marzipan.
You'll only know if you know.  

We enjoyed roasted marshmellows again for dinner, only because it is
important to keep family traditions alive.  From henceforth all
Igs everywhere shall eateth anything marshed for thine dinner. And now,
this is very delayed, but several weeks ago, my son BubsIG
wrote a story and asked if I would 'publish it' on my blog page. 
So publish it I shall.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

Once upon a time there wass a princes
whous name wass princes jeny.  She wass the most buitfeul lady in
the world.  but she wass locked in a tower at the top of the
castle by a man named jaderill and from a dragen named darkled.  A
man named Joeff kiled gaderill and darkled.  Joeff maryed jeny.
and lived haple ever. The end. BoBo

Upon observation you'll see that he inherited my spelling, syntax and punctuation.  I am *very* proud of my clever boy.

love Jenefer Igarashi, Mother of Future Novelist, Aaron Bolen Igarashi

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October 30th, 2005
I Love Fwuffy Puffs

If anybody happens to know what my title is referring to (besides Kate or Mark or Coie or Paulie) I will DIE of glee.

So anyways, we totally skipped church today on account of sleeping in
too late, only to realize several hours later that Time Itself Hath
Changed.  I felt really good about knowing what an early riser I
actually am.  We had the perfect leisurely day, and then for
dinner we roasted marshmellows in our fireplace and made S'mores;
natures perfect food. And — this is the truth and I am not lying — Geo the Great is
totally cleaning my horrendously messy room right now.  The
vaccuum is running now as we speak.  Am I not the luckiest woman
in the entire universe?

This has been a very happityish day.  Which reminds me.  I was going to use the word astute earlier when I emailed my friend Annemarie
and I think I totally forgot.  Dangnabbit.  It's not often I
get to use that word correctly– and it would have totally fit. 
It could be another seven or eight months before an opportunity to use
'astute' presents itself.

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October 28th, 2005
Menu Planning

Today for lunch I had vanilla ice cream with an over abundant avalanche of carmel syrup.  I believe that is also on tomorrow's lunch menu.


And speaking of lunch, why is it that I can get up really early in the morning just fine (like around 9 30) unless I HAVE to get up (like from an alarm clock or screaming baby)? Why is that? why? WHY? By the way, I've decided to go ahead and rent that movie that Amy Beth keeps talking about. I haven't actually read any of the comments on that page because I don't want to ruin my movie viewing pleasure. 


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October 28th, 2005

It's official Spunky Jr. has agreed to marry Dippy .  She called me this morning and said, “Hi, Mrs Englahshee?  I have a proposal” ….but part of the pre-nuptial agreement states that I must get out the vote for the Teen Blogger of the Year award.  So given how fond of Spunky Jr. and that she is Coie's best friend, I am more than willing to rock the vote!  So if you would like to help me in my quest to finalize the marriage and vote for Spunky Jr.!   My son is counting on this.  And Spunk the Jr…. better start working on the pronounciation of your new last name:

 Ig uh rah she



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My reports cards from school ALWAYS started like this: “Little Jenny has potential, BUT she never ever, not even once, has ever followed directions since she's stepped foot in my classroom”. 


WELL…. thanks to Jay from Cleveland, the smartest Boy Scout who has ever walked the HSB hemisphere learned me how to post pictures in the COMMENTS section; i already knew how to post pictures in the entry section, but now I know how to leave a picture somewhere when I leave someone a comment.  I am downright giddy.  Go to his site to learn yourself how.  WHAT a smart guy.  Jay From Cleveland, I'm gonna buy you a pizza



 (and as a bonus it will be one that I buy –rather than try to make myself).  But you and your family have to come down here to collect it.  If Mrs. Headly ever saw what I did today, she'd be sorry to ever put such words down about little Jenny Wright.

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October 27th, 2005
Just For The Record

I would like to take this opportunity to let everybody know that I made the best brocolli soup EVER known to man-kind.  It was completed at 4 o'clock on this chilly Thurday, October the Twentyseven.  It was better than anything Coie has EVER made (with the exception of those little carmel truffles that she made last Christmas).  It was better than what Maggie Hogan made her husband last night.  It was better than Gena's famous gaucomole.  It was better than the roasted hamsters that Jay From Cleveland cooked over the open fire on one of his boyscout trips.  It was even better than Marsha's home made MREs or the Jalepenos that Happy Apple blew up.  Not that I'm defensive or anything. It's not like I am *worried* about some of those disgraceful rumors being spread.  I just had a feeling that it was something you'd want to write down: ” Jenefer Igarashi is the best brocolli soup cooker in all of the West-Eastern hemisphere”.  If  I knew how to use a digital camera I would have totally posted a picture of how good it tasted and then you all would have wept tears of regret for inclining your ear to such nonsensical claims made about my cooking or cleaning skills — which are FINE by the way.  No need to ask Geo.  He is very busy and cannot be bothered with such trivial inquiries. 

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Maggie the Hogan thinks JUST because she has a brilliant son who writes hilarious books and JUST because she's famous and speaks all over the country in places like Ohio and Iowa and Idaho and other states that have too many vowels in them that she can poke me right in the eyeball.  She is feisty today. don't tell me if I spelt feisty wrong.  I like the way it looks like that.  Right now she is running a contest for 13 people to win a date with one of her sons.  You'll want to check it out. It's quite shamefull really.  don't tell me if I spelt shamefull wrong.  And if you win a date with one of her sons, I don't want to hear about it, because frankly, we're not into the whole 'dating scene'.  We've decided to go with old fashion arranged marriages thru spousal catologs.  Yes Coie, that's right, SPOUSAL CATALOGS.  We listed you under the heading “Modest Young Smart Alek Who Thinks She Can Cook Better Than Her Momsie”.


I'm all a flutter.  I need my smelling salts.

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I've totally lost the momentum that I had for my fatalistic-nucleur-holocaust- terroristic-radiation-bombing-attack-so-flee-to-the-hills kick that I was on.  However, i did find a place where I can stock up on powdered peanut butter and dehydrated goat cheese, so that's helped to boost the hysteria back up a few notches.  We've been looking at Centerville as a possible place to move.  It is cheap. CHEAP. Seriously, you can buy 75 acres with a house on it for under $150,000.  I could get a cow if I had 75 acres.  I wouldn't know what to do with a cow but i bet Coie could figure something out. No, scratch that, she'd end up exploding it.  Maybe we could start with a goat. Or a chicken. Yes, a chicken; even I would know what to do with a chicken.  And then with our 75 acres and our chicken we will be sufficiently prepared for the imminent devastation ahead.


Yours Truly, Jenefer Igarashi: Lover of All Things Homestead-y Except For all The Hard Work Part.

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October 22nd, 2005

To see inside secrets about my mom, check out my spiffy blog here!


Love you momsie.


-Your daughter who has all your internet passwords.

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… is that it doesn't cost any money.  Today we are having a huge Thanksgiving Feast;  the total works, and it should be good. Kris and Fam is coming; that'll be fun.  And while the feast is not free, i am *very* happyish because Annemarie hooked me up with a full wardrobe for both King James and Dippy totally for free.  I am very thankful.  She also gave me a glass casserole dish – actually she gave me three– and this was extremely handy since Coie exploded mine the other day.  Yes, exploded it.  Coie is in big trouble.  And did I not expressly repeatedly bellow that I wanted her to bring me many many boxes of curry mix from California for me?  Do you think she did?  Naughty.  Very naughty.  While I'm on the subject of Coie, I'd like to publically state my stance on arranged marriages.  I'm for them. 


Love, Jenefer Igarashi, Who Is Completely Curry Deficient Thanks To Her 16 Year Old Daughter

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