Jeneric Jeneralities ~ by JenIG

Thanks Nancy, for naming my phantom mythical baby.

I wish Nancy would have done this for me 17 years ago.  My kids
could have been the best named kids in the Eastern Western Hemisphere
(which is exactly where Maggie Hogan lives).

So anyways, here are the winners for the swellsy dwellsy Christmas Auto
Magnetic Christmas Dressery (see banner at the top for more details) drum roll please….

who was commenter #7 and who has immpeccable taste in handbags. 
She ALSO is coming to hang out with me this Sat night (but that is not
why i picked her, I promise).

Dandelion Seeds, you won nothing. I did *not* count all your entries you big uber-cheating nut pickle.

And our second winning commenter, was the third from the last and is TC, who, by the way, is one funny blogger.  If you haven't visited her site, you ought.

I hope you enjoy your Car Dressing. It's totally fat free.  I will announce the next contest this Friday.

Love Jenefer Igarashi Who Needs A Pickle and a Pint of Ice Cream Since I am Eating for Nine

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November 15th, 2005
I Heard I Might Be Pregnant

    ….and it made me nervous.  All of
a sudden I was getting these pregnancy comments about pregnancy tests and other
pregnancy related topics from some of my friends.  I'm pretty absolutely
most assuredly entirely definitely positive that I am not expecting anymore Igarashi
offspring.  But let me know if you hear
differently.  I’m always the last to know


Also, a couple people have asked about the pronunciations of
my weird kids’ names (Weird names. Weird kids. Weird kids names. It’s all interchangeable) 

So, here goes:

Coie, my oldest
16 year old daughter is pronounced Co Weee. Rhymes with Snowy

Ryann, my 11 year
old daughter. Rhymes with Cryin’ or Flyin’ or Lion. Yes, I know it is a boy’s
name. But it is a *very* cool name, and we all love it.

Emmiko, my ten
year old daughter.  Rhymes with nothing,
except a gas station chain.  It is
Japanese and it means “Happy Child”.  Or
so I’ve been told.

BoBo is my 8 year
old son. Rhymes with Hobo and GoGo.  His
name used to be Aaron Bolen. But that was long ago and now nearly forgotten.

Dippy is my five year old son. Rhymes with
Hippie Trippy or Drippy.  I think we once
called him Geoffrey, but I’d have to check his birth certificate to be certain.

King James is my
two year old son.  Rhymes with Hyper and


So those are my kids and their names.  What are your kids’ names? It’s been a while
since we’ve had a Name and Nick Name discussion.  Also, I’m gonna pick the winners for the Magnetic Auto Christmas Décor tomorrow (see their banner at
the top of my page?), so if you haven’t entered, you still can.  I think it’s three or four posts before this
one.  Alls you gots to do is leave a
comment in that other post to be entered. Two human bloggers will win.



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I met my brother-in-law, Paul Suarez, when I was 16.  Gena
was 19 and he was like 73.  Actually, he was 30, but he might as
well been 73.  And I thought “What is my loser sister doing with
this old loser hippie?”  And then to my great dismay, she married
him.  What a nightmare.  Me and Paul could not stand each
other.  And when I say that we couldn't stand each other, what I
really mean is that we both loathed the very sight of each other. 
After I got saved it turned out that he was actually an ok
fellow.  And the longer Gena stayed married to him, the more we
liked him, and the he accidentally became me and geoff's best friend.
We might like him better than Gena, even.  So anyhow, he just got
back from California — he'd been gone for a whole month — and gena
said he was anxious to come over because he had presents for us. 
Yippeee!  I love presents.  So my very greedy self started
conjuring up all the stuff I figured he might have gotten me.  And
then it came to me.  I just KNEW that he was bringing me some of
the curry mix that I LOVE and cannot buy out here in Whiteyville,
TN.  I even had my blog entry all planned out about what a great
guy he was to bring me curry.  So anyhow.  He did not bring
me curry.

: )  I am *very* glad that my brother is home.  I have
sincerely missed being able to pummel him with all sorts of smart alek
insults.  Gena is glad that he is home, too.  I think Gena is
happier than I am.  But it is good to have the whole family
together again.  God has blessed us more than we deserve.  I
am glad he is safely home. Even if he didn't bring me curry.

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There are so many rad things to do here at
HSB.  Yes. I said Rad.  I just read a “You Know You Grew Up
In The 80's If….”  wow. It was quite the 'take me back'.

Anyways, there are all sort of neateries here.  For instance, TOS
has two new free enewsletters and both are tres' splendido.  The
first is how to get free stuff to use in your homeschool classroom, and
I especially like this one because A) I'm totally in to free stuff, and
B) It's put together by our very own Julie Nott Check it out:

And the second neatery is my own personal favorite, a brand new enews
for us homestead / back to the land / living simply wanna-be
types.  Carla and Peggy from Women of Simplicity
are our contributing editors and they've already found a ton a very
awesome features and prizes too.  As a matter of fact, the 50th
person who signs up for the homestead enews is getting a very special
prize.  You should sign up because we're getting closer to the
winning #.  You can sign up for both new enewsletters right here.
Yep, check it out… to the left, scroll down… alls you gotta do is
click on the enewsletter(s) you want and you are signed up.  It
only costs $23,000 to sign up for a year membership.  er. 
You can make the check out to “Jenefer Igarashi” and, um, I'll uh
process that for you straight away.

AND if you are a homesteadish person who wants to contribute, send your
ideas and/or personal stories to:
I know they are looking for more contributors right now.  The
December enews is going to be cozy.  All about a simple home made
Christmas with stuff you can make and do together with the little
curtain climbers.  Fall is so cozy

And oh yeah, and after you sign up for the free enewsletter and the homestead enewsletter go check out this totally scary 80's list.

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November 13th, 2005
Why I Am So Spiritual and stuff

Presently, I'm totally not happy nor glad
nor any other word that means happy.  And it has nothing to do
with Magical Goats or Musicals.  I'm entirely bothered because I
cannot sleep.  At all.  Doesn't matter that I'd dead
tired.  It is 2:30 in the morning, and chances are that when I do
finally start drooling all over my pillow in a contented slumber, it
will occur 30 minutes before King James wakes up and starts roaming
around looking for metal objects to stick into electrical
outlets.  Yep, I can just kiss any sort of sun shiney happy go
lucky day away.  I am *not* a very good non-sleeped person. 
I think I cannot sleep because I am anxious.  But I have nothing
to be anxious about. Which gets me thinking… that must make me
uber-spiritual because in Phillipians Paul clearly gives the directive
to be Anxious for Nothing.  And I *am* totally being Anxious: For
Nothing.  Yep, how do you like that? 

Ryann is
talking in her sleep.  Wow; that girl is loud.  Anyways, I
guess I'll just go back to bed and get back to my not sleeping. 
Hope you have a splendid day.

PS have you been checking the company couch
page?  I keep seeing you guys in there.  I bet you don't even
know when you get put up there.  You should go see if you're in
there. I always get all excited when I see my friends featured and
there are a bunch of you in there right now.

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Ok, so i'm trying to type on coie's
computer, and her monitor is about the size of a stamp, so if i mispell
anything, it's simply because i can hardly scarcely barely see
anything.  So, anyhow, here is my little family, this was taken
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back like a couple months ago right before we moved
out here to TN, where it continues to be  80 degrees in
November.  Which makes no sense.  Novemeber is not 80 degrees
time.  It is chillly / hot cocoa time. Anyhow, here is my
family.  See how dark and handsome my darling is.  He is SUCH
a fox.  

 It goes: Geo Me (then left to right) Emmiko, James, Coie, Ryann,
Dippy and BoBo.  That's all for now; i  shall give Coie back
her postage stamp so that she can play on the internet a while
longer.  I'm going to bed.

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu and good night

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Ok, I have a lot to say so I am going to make my sentences short.


First of all, the two winners for our last Friday Fantastic prize are the following: Sagerats with a temp of 27 degrees, and EndofTheRoad   with a temp of 81. And I don’t mean those were their personal temperatures.  That
would make them dead, or vampires, or alarmingly unwell or something.
No, those were the temps where they lived at the time of my silly poll.
I totally accidentally lied and did not ask my kids to come up with a
temp and match it all up because I still feel lousy and I didn’t want
to make it harder to find a winner than it had to be – so I went with
the coldest and hottest.  Sorry.  What a cheater I am.  BUT
we have an easier contest today, because Generous Jim said that two
more of you can win his nifty twiffty Christmas Bumper Stickers That
Are Not Bumper Stickers But Rather Auto Magnetic Yuletide Dresserey For
Thine Car. They are quite neat-o.  I wish I could win one. So let’s make it easier this time.  To win, just post a comment in this entry and you’re automatically entered whether you want to be or not.  I’m
picking a number between 1 and 50, unless I only get three comments,
then I will pick a number between 1 and 3.  I have no back up plan
if I get zero comments. 


— actually I will save the second point for later because I will need
MUCH more space to rail against all of you MUSICAL People Who Don't
Recognize A Goat When They See One (it IS a goat. It's a magical goat
that does not sing).  And I don’t mean ‘musical people’, because I don’t have anything against being musical.  It’s you MUSICAL people.  If I was in a store and somebody started singing the price of roast beef to me, I would turn around and run real fast.  The only purpose for musicals is to be laughed at and made fun of, and, as TC wisely counseled: to arm ourselves with some very dramatic songs to sing in public to mortify our children into good behaviour: she even has a whole list of examples written on the subject over on her blog page ( TC you are definitely my kind of girl).  And, by the way, public mortification works wonders for modifying behaviour.  I’ve used it with my husband.  When
I was very large and pregnant and he walked too fast for my comfort I
would start quacking like a duck very very loudly until he slowed down.
I think Gena taught me to do that.  She knows all sorts of good tricks.  However, he has used this technique on me as well.  Not the quacking thing, other, more horrifying things that he’s done in public that I shant go into.


Now just LOOK at how long this ridiculous post is.  That
only leaves a small snippet of time to invite everyone to bring their
students to the: A SideTracked Focus Bible Study tonight.  It is at 5 pm eastern time. I think. I would ask Coie but she is sleeping right now.  It is almost ten am and she is snoring like a jet engine.  I think she caught my whatever it was.  Gross. But she’ll still be there


now, I shall shower. I smell unbelievably bad.  It's been a while
since I've used soap.  I will do you all a favor and not describe
my sticky armpits.

Love, Jenefer Igarashi: Who Will Not Be Persuaded Into Liking Musicals No Matter How Much Fury You Theater Types Throw My Way

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November 9th, 2005
An Important Discovery

If you do not already know, then I feel
like it is my duty to warn you that Musicals Of Any Kind are never to
be watched.  With perhaps the exeptioin of My Fair Lady. 
Honestly, what is the point??

That is all for now.  I'm all clammy and headacheyish and I
think I'm going to start hallucinating.  I hope I get a fever, I
haven't had a good fever for ages.

The End

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Thanks for your feedback on the last post
(both here on the blog and by email). I am certainly not an expert or
an authority on any matter (except on how to be an oafish cheese
pocket), so I heartily welcome and value criticism, suggestions, etc. I
don't *love* it, but I need it.

If our chief purpose is to glorify God and to be conformed to the
likeness of Christ, then what a fortunate opportunity we have when
opposition comes!  The fool plugs his ears and assumes he's always
right.  I don't want to be a fool.  I may be a twinkie, but I
certainly don't want to be a fool.  Any criticism is useful if it
causes us to examine our lives and speech in accordance with the Word
of God. 

When geo and I first were married we went thru seven years of the worst
kind of trials. Sin from before we were saved brought ongoing
consequences, I had lost a son when he was an infant (yes, I am
actually a mother to seven children — eight if you count the
miscarriage when I was fifteen), a flood that took all our possessions,
family death, an excruciating betrayal from a child that we had taken
into our home and raised for several years, the theft of geo's business
that brought poverty, bankruptcy and foreclosure, years of lonliness
when he worked 16 to 18 hours a day outside the home, and eventually I
also had to leave my kids and work outside the home, fatigue,
exhaustion, church splits, ten different moves, continual broken
vehicals, debt up to our eyeballs, judged harshly by many friends whom
we had trusted dearly, health issues that became debilitating,

I have learned several things from those 'cursed' years.  It is this….We are dust;  we are “owed” nothing.
Any gift, any small thing that is good, is to be cherished and never
expected.  Destruction and ruin may come to us whether we think we
deserve it or not (sometimes we do deserve it when it is brought byour
own doing).  And prosperity, friends and blessing may come to us
whether it is our doing or not.   Nothing is certain.
Neither being praised nor being despised by our fellow man will last
forever.  So I hold all things lightly but take all things
seriously if it concerns my relationship with my Lord.  Being
Praised or Scorned is entirely temporal.  In either case, we are
fools if we let either fashion our relationship with God. Ultimately, it is His
opinion alone that should concern us.  So it is my determination
to use anything brought my way to grow in Him and grow closer to
Him.  We DO worship a loving and faithful God and He will never
leave me nor forsake me.

So that is my very long post for today.  Anyhow, we are all
getting the flu here (yipeee!) so I am going to take my headache and go
back to bed.

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November 9th, 2005
FINE… It's A Llama

Goat, Deer, Llama, Lamb… they are all in the same family.  Golly, Kris Price totally called down the Goat Police upon my head.

You will not believe this, but I have an actual real life serious
question that I'd like your true honest thoughts on.  Yesterday we
got a letter into the office from a lady who said that while she
enjoyed The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, she wanted to cancel her
subscription on account of my critical, mean spirited, offensive and
vulgar articles (exact words).  We are going to print the letter
in the Teachers Lounge section of the upcoming Winter issue (because we
want to represent the good and
critical that comes in about our publication) Anyhow, I do not want to
be a smart alek about this, I really do not desire to go around
offending people, nor do I want to write in a way that is
dishonoring.  If you read the article, honestly, did any part of
it come across as mean spirited and offensive? your thoughts? your
suggestions? Here is the article she is referring to if you'd like to
read it first hand,

The Spinners:

There was always one of those
twerpy kids hanging around the playground when I was little.  He
would hop on the Merry-Go-Round and
gleefully demand to be spun.  He’d be
obliged, of course, (the following spectacle was great fun to witness)
without fail he’d start screaming like a cat caught in a washing
machine before
being flung off in a heap, where he’d promptly lose his lunch and start
about “how everyone pushed too fast”. 
Then the next day he’d be back again, wanting to jump back on. 
The goofy little nerd refused to face the
fact that he didn’t spin well; he was always determined to have another
go at
it.  It was almost admirable seeing him
being pitched off day after day, but after a while it was almost
nauseating at what a
twittering loaf he was.  Me, on the other
hand, I was unflappable and could spin with the best of them.  I
loved the Merry-Go-Round.  Loved (past tense).  It’s funny
how things change when you get
older.  I no longer spin well.  I think I’d die if I had to
endure a ride on
a Merry-Go-Round.  Besides, I have other
sorts of Merry-Go-Rounds that keep me plenty busy spinning in circles.

I once heard someone say that the
definition of insanity is ‘a person doing the same thing over and over yet
expecting a different outcome’.  It’s like
the twerpy spinner kid.  He knew he was
going to puke, we knew he was going to puke, but he hopped back on every day
just the same.  It’s a dreadful
realization that my life reflects the same track of lunacy of that weird kid.

With some things I just refuse to
face the facts.  Fact: when I eat three
plates of chicken curry at one sitting I always feel unbearably ill.  Do you think that stops me?  Heavens no. 
I’d eat three plates of curry right this minute if they were in arm’s
reach.  Fact: when I cross over the
yellow line when I’m driving, other cars almost hit me.  Think I drive any better?  Nope. 
I know the facts, but I don’t seem to learn.  When I wear my husband socks outside they
always get really dirty; this causes him to get rather unhappy.  You’d think I’d just stop wearing his socks,
right?  Sometimes I stop.  And it always happens that when I don’t clean
the tub, a slimy yellowish-orange coat appears all over it.  I’ll wait weeks for it to go away.  You’d think I’d get a clue, but I’m always shocked
that it only gets thicker and orangy-er. When I snap at my kids in anger, they
get gloomy. I know this, yet I still snap. 
When I’m too busy with ‘life’ to play with them they grow resentful and
withdrawn.  I know the outcome, yet I
will still let it happen.  I’ll write
whole articles about the great things that happen when I’m sweet to my husband;
I know all about cause and effect, and occasionally I’ll actually do what’s
right and experience a great outcome. 
And when that happens I become more secure in knowing my philosophies
are right. “Yep, this philosophy is good. 
This is my philosophy.  I believe
in such ‘n such philosophy”  …But simply knowing
something is completely worthless without the will or faith to
live it consistently
.  It
surprises me that I so quickly jump back on that Merry-Go-Round and spin in
circles with disastrous success. 

Knowing that I should
read my bible and pray daily gets me no closer to my Lord.  Believing that submitting to my
husband ‘is good’ means nothing if I buck his authority when an opportunity
presents itself for me to practice what I preach.  It’s in the doing that really means

You have no idea how much I can
relate to the Israelites who wandered in circles for forty years.  However, I have no excuse because the fact is
*I* have a road map.  The agonizing thing
is that I know what I’m supposed to be doing, but God help
me, sometimes it’s easier to simply spin in circles.  I know the house does not run well when I
spend hours on the computer.  Do I stop?
I get irritated and grouchy at the kids when they bother me while I’m busy. “What do you mean you want to eat?  I fed you twice yesterday”.  So do
I un-busy myself? It is not uncommon for them to stand next to me and say
‘mama’ fifteen times until they finally say ‘never mind’ and walk off.  It shames me to write this, yet I will bring
it up as a valid example because I think it is common to many moms– moms who
would say they also share my own lofty philosophies of being a home-maker /

We live in an age where ‘minding
the home’ is more avoidable than ever. 
We have cars, the internet, email, job opportunities, good magazines and
books, telephones and televisions and daycare centers and all sorts of distractions
to keep us from our God, our husbands and our children.  Yes, we homeschool and that is super
swell.  And it is true that our kids are
not being polluted daily by a system we (perhaps) find repulsive.  But simply keeping our children away from bad
peers and bad teachers does not automatically create loving, responsible,
educated human beings.  And if we neglect
our great responsibility as ‘mama’ during the very short time we have, then it
really doesn’t matter much what our philosophies happen to be.  Depressed yet?  I don’t write this to make anyone feel like a
bucket of seaweed.  I write this because
I believe that at the heart of most homeschoolers, we emphatically desire a
life that keeps us OFF that dreadful Merry-Go- Round.  We have no desire to spin in circles.  We chat about how sorry we are for those
women who aren’t ever around their families and then we go home and busy
ourselves in the home – not for the home – just in the home.  Busy busy busy as we spin and spin and spin.   

Well I, for one, will keep fighting against what hinders me. By golly, I
will pull myself up and make good things happen!  I will create a schedule and go to
therapy.  Right?  Just give me another “To-Do List”.  I need more laws governing my life.  Is this true? 
No… believe it or not, that thought pattern is just another cleverly
disguised contraption to keep you spinning. 
It won’t achieve what’s really needed. 
As a Christian, what I need is to look to things above.  I need to look to my Lord, the One who knows
me and loves me despite my ridiculous bad habits and my constant
short-comings.  Behaviour modification is
worthless without knowing Christ (not knowing of Him… but knowing Him directly).  There is an answer to the Merry-Go-Round, and
the solution is certainly not ‘trying harder to be a better wife and
mother’.  The answer is Him. 
He does not have a list of things for you to do.  He simply wants to see your face.  Everything seems to fall into perfect place
when He comes into focus and the world grows dim.  For those of us who know Christ, I pray that
we will seek to know Him as a person – not intellectually as an impersonal
far-off God, but a loving, actual real-life person who made a way for us to
truly live.  How do you keep things from
spinning out of control?  I can’t do
it.  But He can.  I pray that we can make it a practice to meet
with Him everyday.  Worship Him
today.  Worship Him with your
children.  For those of you who do not
know Christ, I pray that you will consider the only one who is able to save;
Jesus Christ the Messiah.  He is worth
knowing personally.  And He’s the most
valuable truth I can teach my children. 
Without Him everything else is empty and dull and will only make us


1:16-18 I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my
prayers.  I keep asking that the God of
our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom
and revelation, so that you may know him better.  I pray also that the eyes of your heart may
be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you,
the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints. 

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