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January 30th, 2006
The Monday Of Miracles

Wow, what a nutty day.  I don't know
how it happened but at the very last minute, somehow our loan came
thru. !!!!!!   We went and signed papers and picked up our
keys. Our Keys.  Me and
Geo are still waiting to wake up… thanks for praying, I appreciate
it.  I still cannot believe that we are moving into our dream
house tonight — which is a good since they already turned off the gas
here at Sewer Flats (get it? turned off the gas? that's funny). 

So anyhow, I will not be around for a few days because we have to get
internet hooked up at the new House of Igarashi.  Wow, I am
actually moving.  God is nice to me.  I have no idea why, but
He is.

Lastly, thanks for all the great bloggers you introduced me to.  Here are the winners:
nsremomelected Eyecorn to win
Rebeca won Rae a calendar (this was a really neat blog from blogspot)
and JulieStew won BrokenMom a calendar

please let your friends know that you
won them a cool calendar that they will love, and then send me their
addy so I can mail it to them.
  Email me at

Lastly Lastly, thanks for the feedback that you have been leaving about the Winter issue. 
If you leave a comment on my blog about the article I wrote (good bad
or ugly) I will assume that we can publish your comment in the print
(if you leave a comment and *don't* want it published please include that with your comment)

Love Jenefer Igarashi Who Should Be Packing Instead of Blogging

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I think I need to find an “I've Been UnDone
By Lending Tree” support group.  We did not close on Friday. We
may have lost the house for good.  We'll see.  But at least
we are most certainly getting out of Sewer Flats since it's being
condemned and all.  I suppose I should start looking for a new
rental.  I will miss my nudie neighbor, she's actually a pretty
neat lady.  I hope my new rental has a nice nudie neighbor to make
me feel at home.

Now, on to pleasanterish news.  Our winners for the Learning Calendars are:
and tulip

If you won, you must email me at with your addy so I can send you your most glorious prize.

tell me who your favorite blogger is (and give me the link to their
page) and THREE of your blogger friends will win a most fabulouso
Learning Calendar, compliments of YOU.

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January 26th, 2006
Did You Get Yours Yet?

Yay! The  Old Schoolhouse Magazine Winter issue
is starting to hit mailboxes.  Did you get yours yet?  What
do you think?  We had a lot of bloggers featured this issue,
including one of my favorite friends, Miss Donna Booshay
Thanks Dalyn and Kari
for letting me know that you got your copy and that you liked it! It is
always a real encouragment to know we have like minded friends out
there who can relate.  The homeschooling community is *such* an
awesome family.

PS I have FIVE more Learning Calendars to give
away.  Tell me your favorite song and you'll be automatically
entered to win.

Love Jenefer Igarashi who is theoretically supposed to close on the new house tomorrow. We'll see what happens….

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…and see if someone turned in my brain. Me and Gena are in Nashville right now at the CBA convention, the same convention that I said I wouldn't go to anymore 
I must say, it has not been as offensive as the last convention, but
that could be because I'm only operating on three quarters of a brain
cell that was dunked into a cup of boiling gravy. Egads. Is trying to
buy a house always this stressful? 

Jen Igarashi's Tip of the Day:  Stay In Bed

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January 23rd, 2006
Today Is Moving Day

However, we will continue to reside at
Sewer Flats.  Lending Tree didn't get our stuff done in time, so
*hopefully* we will be able to close next Monday. I guess it's a good
thing I didn't get all packed, right?  There are benefits that
come from being a procrastinator.

Here is an impromtu poem I am writing about our *just out of reach*  farm,
Ode To The Lending Tree…

On my farm I have some trees
Full of fruit and honey bees
I can't get there yet, I fear
Sewer Flats doth holds me here

The orchard there shall wait for me
While lenders haggle 'bout the fees
If I had my way, then I would chop
The Lending Tree down in my crop

I spose that's not very nice.  I should be thankful that we even
have a lender and that the Lending Tree was nice enough to introduce us
to them.  So there, that's the worst of my bad attitute I will
display.  In public.

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January 21st, 2006
A New Scandal From Sewer Flats

So my nudie neighbor stopped by (fully
clothed) to tell me that she called the health department on our rental
house because of all the doodies piling up under her deck. 
*Gosh*, some people are so picky.  Anyways, i was glad to hear
that she did, and she told me that the health department told her that they had called our landlord and told him
that iffen he aint didn't get it all done fixed up proper like within
thirty days, that they were going to condemn the house.  Isn't
that exciting?  I've never lived in a condemnable house
before.  I spose I should have waited to post this until tomorrow
since I invited a bunch of people over here tonight for Paul's surprise birthday party.
Maria and Kris, you guys better still show up!  Just use the loo before you head over…

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January 20th, 2006
Back To That Whole Cow Thing

…about the whole
responsibilty/pressure/purpose deal…. honestly, do you feel like you
do enough?  Do you feel pressured to do more? Do you think you do
too much?  I've been thinking about these questions a lot. 
Many times I feel like I don't do enough, and it's mostly in the area
of spending time with God, spending time with my kids… but it's also
in the realm of just being productive… you know, cleaning the house,
doing meals, laundry, helping come up with creative ways to make or
spend less money, encouraging friends, etc.

How do you rate yourself with those sort of things?  I'm seriously
curious how other peoples brain works in this area…. does your 'to
do' list stress you out? 

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January 20th, 2006
Lucky Lucky NutPickle Girl

My friend  Amy aka Dandelion Seeds
has a really sweet husband.  He emailed earlier today asking for
help to wish his darling lovely wife a very happy birthday.  Can
you go over and tell her *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* ?

Happy Birthday Amy!!

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January 19th, 2006
Cows With a Purpose

Today I saw something that made me oddly
happy.  I was driving to get my hair cut and on the way I saw two
young cows — a black one and a brown one – racing each other in a
field. Racing Cows. They looked like they were having fun.  I
always wonder about cows.  Sometimes I wonder if I'd prefer to be
a cow.  I mean, they don't seem to have any anxiety about the fact
that all they do is stand around and eat grass.  That's all they
do. Every day.  No goals, no deadlines, no responsibility, no
dreams, no disappointments; do they ever get bored? I suspect they
don't.  Their lives are just blissfully simple and relatively easy
until they make their way to my dinner table.  I have no idea why
it made me happy to see those two cows having fun. It makes no sense
what so ever.  But it did. 

By the way, my hair turned out pretty badly, which was a nice surprise.
Looking like an idiot has always been a very practical way to stave off
the sin of vanity.

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January 18th, 2006
Smart Things I've Done

I think one of the smartest things I've ever done was have a 16 year old.  Having the 11 year old was
a clever idea too.  My kids — single handedly– got almost all of
the upstairs packed and loaded into the trailor.  All without my
help, which is how I prefer to do all heavy laborish types of things.
It was hard just watching them. I deserve a treat.

Anyways, I'm also kicking around the idea of going on a strictly
caramel diet.  Caramels must be good for something because I
notice that everytime I eat them it makes me happy. Logic would follow
that the more I eat of them the happier I will be, right?

Lastly, you people are good at giving non-dating-story contacts. Some
of them have been really really helpful.  Please keep those
coming.  If you don't want to post the info here, just email me at 

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