Jeneric Jeneralities ~ by JenIG

Yesterday Ryann
had a fun birthday party. Today is her actual birthday and I cannot
believe she is 12 now.  That is so sad.  She is such a
lovely, godly young lady.  I hope she always longs to obey God and
serve her family.  It is a real treat to be her momsie.

Maria was
kind enough to give up her two oldest daughters for the day so they
could come over and play; and she was also kind enough to let her
husband, Joe, come over and play with Geoff and Kris's husband Jim.
They left for a little while and then brought home a MULE.  Don't
ask me, I have no idea.
Men = Weirdos.


And on another note…it appears Kris Price wants me to kill her dead
In my defense, I would like to say that those pictures she took have
been professionally doctored.  I shant ever allow her over to my
house with a camera again.

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February 25th, 2006
FINE. How's This?

Ok, I can't hold up under the pressure
any longer. I keep getting demands to change my picture up to the
left.  So now the goat and the beautiful lady is GONE. You've
killed her.  I hope you're happy.  I now have a non goat
picture.  I have succumbed to the peer pressure and given
in.  You can thank Kris Price (she was the
original goat police I might add).  Sometime next week I'm going
to have Coie make me a whole new template. This will have to do for now.
You Nasty Evil Scandalous Goat Haters.

Love Jen, Who Misses the Goat and The Pretty Goat Lady Picture Already

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February 25th, 2006
I Demand A Recount

 I think posting all these pictures
has psychologically interfered with my current blubber content. 
Below I am posting all the original STARTING point weights.  Coie
is now at 140 (she lost another 3 pounds) and I'm at 145 (I GAINED 2
pounds).  Egads.  Remember that post I wrote the other day
about everything I'd eaten that day?  Well later that night I ate
a half a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.  I think that's what might
have done it.  Ok, here are our blubber members.  You guys
post your current Scientific Findings.

Weight Contest:


Jen: 148 ( – 3)

Coie: 146 (-6)

Geoff: 207 (won't post until March 16)

Rebeca: 127 DandelionSeeds: 131 /eyecorn  / RonandJess 148 /GrayHairedMom 152 / Momwtrmn : 180 / Mrs.Nehiamiah : 40 pounds more than her goal weight of 135 /QuietCajun : 155 / Dalyn 134 / mycrazylife …..149 / Boltbabe 221 / chaimommy (denise)120 / Amber 148 / HeartForHome 148 / hakujin 161 /DaisyChain 195/ momanna98 (buying a new, more accurate scale)/ ccpeterson 137 / writmm started at 234, now down to 199.5! with an ultimate goal of 145 / iluvtheland wants to lose 50 lbs / wakeforestmommy whose first ‘loss goal’ is 30 pounds. / tulip 10lbs as a ‘loss goal’ / Leigh2 goal right now is to lose 50 lbs. /nitrocat wants to lose 25 pounds / Janne (sposed to put down a weight today) momn4boys  lost 37 pounds on the Weight watchers diet, is now at 133 (wants to maintain and exercise) /  daddysgirls 160 trying to get to 120 /

OK, so that's our group, unlesss I forgot someone like I always
do.  So post up, and I'll check in later. I gotsta go.  Ryann's birthday party is today and I think I should probably shower and/or brush my teeth.





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February 23rd, 2006
Blubber Bloggers — Strategies

This blubber coalition is working well for me.  I’ve been taking it seriously – and yes, I can be serious about things. Sometimes.  Sort of.

Anyways, I’ve been doing 50 situps and 15 girly pushups
everyday (except for one day I accidentally skipped the girly pushups) and I am
starting to see a positive difference.

Once upon a time a couple years back I lost about 40 billion
pounds by not eating any carbs or sugar. 
I tried the no carb thing for a couple days last week but then got tired
of it. Today I’ve had a cup of Chai Tea, two
pancakes with butter and syrup, a bowl of bean and bacon soup (which I made
from scratch and it was completely, pleasantly edible, plus I didn’t burn anything down in the
process) and I also had two huge chocolate chip cookies that Emmiko made.  All that kid does is bake stuff. Anyways, I’m done
for the day. Except for water. I'm drinking water by the truckload.

I sort of like that ‘hungry
feeling’, wanna know why?  Because when I’m
hungry that means it’s eating my blubber. 
I just imagine the Hungry Blubber Monster eating up all my calories.  Yes, I know that is lame, but it’s how my
brain works.

Lastly, I figured out something interesting.  If you pray for a good attitude, I mean
really seek God and let him know that you don’t want to be a sea hag, and
really long to cling closely to Him and follow after Him, He answers those
types of prayers.  It’s true, when I
truly pray and ask Him to change my heart and personal character issues and attitudes, He answers. He's real, and He hears us.  


And Lastly lastly, here is a picture from a couple years back. I was about 6 months pregnant. Wowzers.  I was well over 200 lbs when I got un-pregnant with James.  And that's when I went on the no carb diet.

The End.


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February 22nd, 2006
Burning Down The Dream Home

Yep, I'm definitely a twit.  Kris Price
came over, so I pretended to have some class and lit a bunch of candles
around the house (I read somewhere that's what Classy People do).
Anyways, LoonBushels should not be allowed to play with fire. 
Being the Fake Classy Person that I am, I lit a big (broken) candle in
my bedroom that was in a straw basket with potpourri in it. Much later
that night, I smelled something sorta funny.  I told Emmiko
to blow out all the candles in the living room.  Geo was in the
bedroom taking a shower, and then all of a sudden I heard the bathroom
door open and Geoff says, “hey Jen?” real calm-like.  Too calm-like.  So I sprung up and leapt into the room, which was full
of smoke.  The candle had completely split and somehow caught the
basket and the potpourie on fire. And somehow the ugly green carpet
BEHIND the dresser also caught fire. Good Golly that gave me a fright.
Plus it stunk somethin' fierce.
Best of all, the candle was on my dresser, and seeing how my top drawer
was open (because I'm too sloppy to keep it shut) about 40 gallons of
melted wax soaked into all my undies.

Moral of the story: Fake Classy People Should Avoid Candles / Fire / Potpourri and Underwear Combinations.

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Congratulations to our winners for the Watching America contest! They are:
Kris Price
Courtney from HeartforHome
…and Emily I think Emily especially deserved one since she attracted the attention from the president and co-founder of  What a neat surprise; you can see the president's response to Emily's comments here.  Pretty cool.
Email me at and tell me where to send your prize.

Today was interesting.  My five year old son, Dippy, came into my room crying his eyes out.  I
thought he was hurt at first.  He was just falling to
pieces.  So I'm asking him what's wrong and then he finally chokes
out, “I lied to you yesterday”, and then he grabbed onto me and bawled
his eyes out.  I hugged him and kissed him and told him I was glad
he came and told me that he lied.  In reality, it made me want to
cry to see how seriously he took his sin.  I hadn't known or even
suspected anything about it. He just came and repented on his
own.  So anyways, I set him in front of me and looked him right in
the eyes and said, “I am really glad you came and told me.  It is
important to never lie.”
and then I asked him sternly, “Do I love you when you lie?
he teared up again and shook his head 'No'

And then I was able to scoop him close to me and hold his little face
in my hands and tell him.  “You're wrong.  I do love you when
you lie. I don't like it if you lie but I will always love you.  Don't ever forget that.”

Lastly, I just now almost burnt down my house; I'll tell you about it later. good grief.

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Despite all of my protests, Coie went ahead and turned seventeen.  Me and Geo took her on a special date and brought along her best friend/cousin Paulie.  We had a pretty good time.  We saw the movie Nanny McFee.  I *really* liked it and will blog a review later.  Me and Gena are going to take Levi and Ryann this week (Ryann’s birthday is this Sunday).  These kids keep getting bigger no matter what I tell them to do.  Little rebellious buggers.

 Secondly, as Iluvtheland astutely pointed out, “we have too many skinny people in the Blubber Blogger contest”.  I think we should open it up to all participants in a more accomodating system.  So, if you want to join, you don’t have to list your starting weight iffen you prefer not to.  Just post your weight loss goal, and then check in with your losses or gains each week.  How’s that? Good idea?  Ok.  That’s our new plan until it changes again.

 Lastly, go check out this website:

 It is highly interesting because it features news stories from other countries ABOUT US, i.e. America.  If you want to get an idea of how we are viewed around the world, you’ll like this site.  *We are also having another contest.  Go check out this site and give me your thoughts. sent me four t-shirts (2 medium and 2 large).  If you like the site and let me know you will be entered to win these. They look pretty cool.  These sell for $25 each, but four of you will get one for free.

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Our Blubber Blogger club has grown (despite our goals of shrinking says EnergyFree) heh heh, that's cute.

Now look here, before we go one step further I want you to know that I am not a liar.  There
is a simple explanation for what I’m about to tell you. See, when we
first weighed in, it was nighttime and we’d been eating all day, right?
So this morning, before we ate (or inhaled any air), me and Coie jumped
on the scale (not at the same time).  Again, I am not lying, we both weighed EXACTLY 143.2.  We wondered if the electronic scale was on the blitz so we had Ryann jump on (she was 117).  Coie is just a big copy-cat.  I think in reality I prob lost 3 pounds and that Coie lost one pound.

Below are our distinguished Blubber Bloggers members. I’m posting the starting weights that you gave me.  So you peoples go ahead and sign in and Record Your Latest Scientific Findings (doesn’t that sound more homeschoolish?)  Record it like this:

Jen: 143 (-5lbs)

Coie: 143 (-3lbs)

Geoff: 207 (-   ) Special Alert: Geo is refusing to step on the scale again until March 16

Also, it is not too late to join our Blubber Blogger Club.  “Post Your Scientific Findings Days” are Sat morn, Sun morn and Monday mornings.  To join, just post your current blubber content.  If
I missed any former members, please repost below, and as an “I’m sorry
for forgetting you” I will send you a cute little puppy. Maria and DandelionSeeds and all you other preggies, you should post your gaining numbers. I'd like to see that. Besides, it would make us all feel better.

Rebeca: 127 / DandelionSeeds:‘claims’ 131 / eyecrom: (secret chicken non-weight-poster) / RonandJess 148 /  GrayHairedMom 152 / Momwtrmn180 /
MrsNehemiah 30 pounds more than her goal weight of 135 / quietcajun 155/ Dalyn134/ mycrazylife 149/  Boltbabe 221/  chaimommy120/  Amber 148/ HeartForHome148/ and Chickadee is sposed to be in but she never done posted no dang weight


I just know I'm forgetting some people here.  You'll have to repost if I missed you… 


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February 16th, 2006
Cozies Part Deaux

I think that's how you spell Deaux.  Anyways, I had to share our romantic boat experience:

Here is General Igarashi as we cross Lake Curry

It wasn't as dark as these pictures make it look.  By the way, rowing is sublime exercise.

Here is General Igarashi trying to choke me to death: “Row faster you ship rat!”

I think we should christen this boat The Sleek Silver Bullet.
Isn't she a beaut?

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February 16th, 2006

I'm on my porch right now watching Geo the
Great row the kids around the lake.  It's actually a pond, but I'm
gonna start calling it a lake because 1) it's big enough to row around
and 2) it sounds cool
This was a neat day, the owners that we bought this place from came
over for lunch.  They are an older couple (mid 70's) and the wife
clued me in on all the trees in the orchard.  I even have a
gooseberry bush.  I don't know what that is, but I sure like the
sound of it. After they left, Geo and the kids had a paintball
war.  Weirdos.

Lastly, Jammie gets two packs of Oreos and a Malt Shake for naming our new homestead:  Curry Farm   Isn't that absolutely regal? 

Lastly Last, our Blubber Blogger Club seems to be growing by the
day.  How Tres Chic we are!  You member peoples better post
your weight this Sunday.  I'm still doing 50 sit ups and 15 girly
pushups every day.  I gotta go, Geo is calling for me to row
around with him. Just me and Him…

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