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February 15th, 2006
Some News Is Good News

EVERYBODY knows Amy over at Amy’s Humble
so I was happy to get an email from her saying that she was entering
our Blubber Blogger contest.  Anyways, it
just so happens that Amy is a big cheater. 
She’s due to lose about 15 pounds within the next couple weeks. 

No matter, Amy, you can still participate. Not only that,
but I’m going to assume that you *will* indeed be the winner, so without delay
I am sending you your prize.  A brand new
cute puppy!

Yay! Actually, I think I will send you two.  Congratulations!


In other news, I am jubilantish today because my HoneyButterStrawberryDumpling
got me set up with a brand new thing called CNN Pipeline.  This is helpful
because we aint don’t got no tv.  So now
I can watch the news whenever I want and keep updated on the impending nuclear Armageddon
–yep, the same one that
me and gena are stocking up and canning pints of ground hamburger for. I am
watching Condie Rice talk about Iran’s
nukes right now as we speak.  Isn’t that
exciting?  (I’m talking about my online
CNN stream, not the nukes.). It is just as clear as watching TV Too bad they
don’t have a FOX News Pipeline….

LASTLY, Kris Price, you are a good guesser, the lady I called twere the same one you said.


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The thing about wood stoves is that you can't turn them down.  Egads, break out the tank tops.

Anyways, this entire post is in honor of the Nutpickle and my Choosing Home
friends.  You pro Valentine people will be proud to know that
today I gave my husband AND my kids little ridiculous cardboard heart
shaped boxes filled with cheap candy.

Not only that…. I made a special Valentine's Day lunch that was not
only edible, but it was pretty darn tootin' tasty. And no, Coie did not make it.  I made garlic chicken alfredo slathered over some roundy hollow type noodles.

BUT, the best thing I ever did for Valentines Day was to have a nephew.  Yep, 12 years ago today my sweet little nephew Levi the Bevi
was born.   He was one skinny ugly reddish little baby. 
He's a rather handsome young lad now.  I'm glad he grew out of
that 'starving rat' look.

By the way, Coie's birthday is this Sunday.  She has the nerve to be turning SEVENTEEN.  The ungrateful ingrate.

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February 13th, 2006
Dim-Wits Are People Too

I don’t try to be a total oaf.  I think it genetic.  I sort of embarrassed myself today when I was processing the mail for the magazine.  There are a ton of contest entries coming in, and it just so happened that I saw an address from Morristown.  That’s like *totally* where I live.  And it wasn’t Kris Price, so I was fully intrigued.  So I tore open the envelope and saw the name on the form, and I KNEW for a fact I had talked to this lady when I lived back in Cali.  I remembered her because we were just getting ready to move to TN and she knew Kris Price (she had called to subscribe).


being the desperate loser that I am, I looked over at Geo (we were in
the car on the way to Sam’s Club) and I said, “I know this lady.  I should call her and see if she has a daughter Ryann’s age and invite her to Ryann’s b-day party”.  Geoff
just started grinning (like he always does when I act like a buffoon)
and told me that it was probably some violation of our company privacy
policy.  Anyways, I called her up, and to her credit she was very kind.  She
didn’t hang up on me, she didn't take out a restraining order, and
rather said she would be delighted to come hang out with us some time.


Anyhow, I am excited to make another new friend.  Now I need to think up a reason to have a party so I can have her family over.  Anybody else live nearby who wants to come?  I promise I will be on my most normal behaviour if you come over.


here are the most excellent bloggers who joined my challenge.  You
guys have to check in every Sunday with your numbers. 

127 Rebeca  / 131 DandelionSeeds / secret paricipant Eyecorn  / 148 RonAnJess / 152 GrayHairedMom  / 180 Momvtrmn / 40 pounds more than her goal weight of 135 Mrs Nehemiah  / 155  QuietCajun /  *155* Dalyn

/ 149 MyCrazyLife

*URGENT EDITED UPDATE.  Dayln is actually 135 lbs.  I accidentally totally lied.  Thanks Disco Doug for pointing that out.  My apologies….

Let The Games Begin….



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February 12th, 2006
Who's Yer Mama

My Valentine’s Day present has sparked up a little competition.  I’ll get to that in a second.  First of all, I’d like to let you know why I woke up so happy.  Lately, my daughter Coie has been getting a little too confident.  She says things like, “hey mom, wanna wrestle?  I can take you down, mom, I could totally take you down”


Now, to be perfectly honest, I believed her.  I mean after all, she’s been welding, lifting heavy furniture, changing car tires, etc.  She is one tough girl.


So last night when we were playing pinochle with Paulie (trying
to play pinochle with Paulie … he’s still learning), Coie starts
taunting me again, this time with, “Mom, let’s arm wrestle”, to which I
most profusely declined.  I’m no dummy.  But she kept it up, on and on, and Geo and Paulie started chiming in to ‘go for it’.  So with much fear and trepidation, I arm wrestled her.  And to my utter surprise, I beat that girl bad.  I whooped her down big time.  Then I whooped her down with my left arm.  Yep, that’s right.  The mama is still in charge.  I woke up this morning and it was the first thing I thought of.


Anyhow, before that, Geo had pulled out the scale that he got me for Valentine’s Day and we all took turns seeing how fat we are.  And then Coie tells me, “I bet I could lose ten pounds faster than you”.  See? There she goes… I have no idea where she got so competitive.  So now me, geoff and coie are in challenge.  Naturally, I figured I’d see if any of you want to join our contest.  We will weigh in once a week and then on March 16th we’ll see who has lost the most.  Post your weight below if you want to check in with us every Sunday.  If you dare.  I dare you.  Yep, I double dog dare you.  I triple dog dare you.


Jen: 148

Coie: 146

Geoff: 207

PS after I whoooped Coie in arm wrestling, Geo whoooped his strong strapping nephew Paulie Doodle.  My man is *so* strong


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February 11th, 2006
Thars Snow In Them Thar Hills

I like the type of snow TN makes.  It melts the next day and it’s not too
cold.  I am just as happy as a peach pie
in my cozy little house with my cozy little family and my cozy little boxes of
curry.  A girl couldn’t ask for anything
more.  Nauseating, aren’t I?  Sorry, I can’t help being so giddy.  I am just really thankful for how God has
blessed us.   

Guess what Paul and Gena thunk up?  We are going to be making some really superbly
neatish HSB promo shirts, and YOU are going to be featured on them. 


We’ll have a bunch of “Just A Few Of My Friends” shirts to give
away when they’re done.  Not sure when
that’ll be, it’s still in the Phase One Blabber Stage.  Fun idea though, dontcha thinketh?


Lastly, it’s high time you people claim your puppies.  My overly nice husband agreed to let Gena
drop the whole herd off over here.  I can’t
handle this much *cuteness*.  PLEASE claim
your puppy!! PLEASE.  Pretty Please?  I’ll give you anything you want if you’ll
just come and take one away…  SmallWorld
took one and she loves her little furry friend.  Sign up
below.  All puppies come with a free one year subscription, a mini
van, a full sized chocolate palace and a pink pony.  


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February 10th, 2006
Le Book Und Zee Doll Vinnahs

Ok, sorry it took me so long to do the pickin’.  I’ve been doin’ stuff, like making beans and
twice baked potatoes and arguing with pro-Valentine peoples.  As a matter of fact, I’ve decided to start a
club.  A Valentine’s Days Apathy Club.  I’m not sure what we’ll do in our club, BUT
it will be where all the cool Valentine Day haters will hang out.  Because for US, Valentine’s Day isn’t limited
to just one day, we make things happen every day on a regular basis. Smirk
Smirk Wink Wink.


Ok, onto the winners. 
You quite certainly most assuredly definitely have to email me at:
and give me your address so your gift can be sent right over.  Red Rover Red Rover send Moses right
over.  I think the Moses doll would be
pretty spifferific.  PLEASE GET ME YOUR
ADDY’S BY MONDAY so I can send them to Josh. 
I’ll stop screaming now.


On a side note, I do not have a book winner because gena
said that anyone who wanted to review the book would get one.  So there went my contest (that no-good low-down
dirty-crossin’ yellow-bellied cross-eyed hair-brained jelly-headed crouton)


Our Ten Messengers Of Faith Doll winners are: Dinghome


















And last, yet not certainly not least, the lovely and
gracious NutPickle


There.  Sorry I couldn’t
make you all win.  I thought about it;
believe me.  Josh was very generous to
participate in this contest.  Thanks


And now in closing, I'd like to hear what you
would like to win next.  I gots me some connections, so let me
know what you want to see up for grabs.

And now in complete and total final closing, will you please go say hi to my nephew Paulie?
ahem, I mean Paul.  I'm not sposed to call him Paulie.  He is
sad because nobody ever hardly leaves him any comments.  And don't
forget to join my Anti-Valentine's Day club.

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Gena is such a show off. 
She is now giving away the book
like popcorn balls.  So in order to upstage
her, me and my friend Josh from One2Believe have collaborated on a brand new
contest that you AND your kids will love even better than an orange book.


Josh is looking for TEN reviewers to blog about their
Messengers of Faith dolls.  Check them
out here:  He will mail you the doll for free (they are
normally $25) and it will become yours to keep.  Reviewers must agree to blog about the doll
and also agree to let Josh use your review on his website or in their marketing
materials.  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
did a review a while back, it can be read here  


So, who wants a very cool Bible doll for their family? hmmm? Sign up below…

And take note that Gena doesn't have any cool bible dolls that SHE's giving away.
How do yeh like THEM apples?

PS EnergyFree
should win tickets to a Barry Manilow concert from her last comment on
my page.  That is one funny lady.  Good golly you people get
funnier every day

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February 8th, 2006
Dial Up is Better Than Nothing

Ok, first of all, I just want to make it clear that I hate
Valentine’s Day.  Hate it.  It's lame.  It is a silly day
concocted by marketers and swallowed up by gullible silly women whose day will
either be ruined or exhilarated by what they do or do not get.  Therefore, I have been on a mission to purge ‘Valentine’s
Day Thinking’ completely out of existence.


That being said, I want to tell you what my husband did.  The other day he came home and announced, “I
got you a Valentine’s Day present”, and proudly set my gift upon the
counter.  A Bathroom Scale.  Now this is just plain funny on several
levels.  So I laughed and kissed him and told him it
was better than the Christmas gift he gave me right after we got married, which
was a breadboard and a Buns of Steel video. 
What a silly man.  So anyhow, I
was totally *not* expecting the Fed Ex truck to pull up today, which brought a golden box filled with 12
chocolate dipped strawberries with a note that read: “Here
is to 12 Chocolate Covered Years”


It made me grin like a silly little pumpkin.  I still hate Valentine’s Day.  But I love that man. 


PS I now have a phone line, so I am now on dial up.


PPS I will announce our book winner after Gena announces her
10 book winners‘   

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Gena is good for something.  She has fast internet and her bed is nice and cushy and cozy.  I would sit on her pillow for the fun of watching her start shrieking like a banshee…except for this is the only place I can get internet right now, so I'll just stay down here at the end of the bed until it's time for me to leave. Then I'll sit on it.  And run real fast.


Anyways, our winner for the book, Homeschooling Methods (which you can buy if you want by clicking this here link) is JeffreysGirl .  I picked her for two reasons…. first of all, I'm also a Geoffrey's Girl (even tho the spelling is wrong) and secondly, I really liked her last post.  It was funny.  Email me at and give me your addy and I will mail you your prize Miss JeffreysGirl.


Now, back to Gena , I've decided to call down my powers of Little Sisterdom and claim my right to steal whatever I want from her.  Since we had SO many entries from the last contest, I figured it was only right we give away at least one more copy of the book.  So I am going to personally steal a copy from Gena's bookshelf and send it to one of you.  She deserves that since she used to steal all my stuff and sell it when we were little.


By leaving a comment you are automatically entered.  You will get extra points if you also leave a comment on gena's page thanking her for her generosity.

alksdjfl;sakjfalkjfkal;fjas;lfjsalfjas;  I kill myself.

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It has been truly shocking to find out that I don’t melt,
explode, implode or turn into a large quivering gelatinous duck if I do not
have instant access to the internet. 
However, I will still be extra overly abundantly joyous when the
Direcway guy comes out to hook up our satellite on Monday.   Golly that seems like a long time away.  Come thou fair Monday, come quickly thy
second day of the week.


Anyhow, in the meantime, I figured we should have another


The band new book, Homeschooling
Methods Seasoned Advice on Learning
by Paul and Gena Suarez
just been released by Broadman and Holman. 
It covers Classical, Principle Approach, Traditional Textbook (this is
the chapter that I wrote with my friend Dr. Heather Allen), Charlotte Mason, Unit Study, Special Needs,
Carschooling, Eclectic (written by our very own Maggie the Hogan and Diana
Unschooling/Delight Directed, and Whole-Heart Learning by Clarksons .  Other authors in here are Doug Wilson,
Christine Miller, Katherine Dang, Catherine Levison, my friend Jen Pepito,
Jessica Hulcy, Christine Field, Sherry Bushnell, Diane Flynn Keith, Raymond
Moore, Dr. Ruth Beechick, Mary Hood and others. 
Is that cool or what?   Paul and
Gena may be a couple of buck toothed chimpanzees, but they sure know how to put
a good book together.


I only have ONE to give away because Broadman and Holman
only sent us a few copies. 


So…. If you want to win this book, alls you have to do is
leave a comment.


On a side note, our water is full of sulfur.  It smells mighty nasty. Mighty.  Anybody know how to treat a well with sulfur
in it?         


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