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March 31st, 2006
May He Rest in Peace

I fear the worst for poor Curly.  Last night Coie
heard the coyotes going crazy and this morning there were vultures
circling down yonder past the tree line where we last saw our new noble
bird a'runnin'.  Poor Curly.  He was fun while he lasted.

On a lighter note, Rosie laid an egg.  It is really tiny, but boy
oh boy did we all get excited (doesn't take much around here to get us
riled up).  Tomorrow morning we're going to cook it and split it
between the eight of us.

And on a lamer note, I did something really dumb.  I went to
Walmart's 'hair department' and let them highlight my hair.  Words
cannot express it, so tomorrow I will post a picture. It is just too
ridiculous to keep to myself.

Almost lastly, I called the Cackle Hatchery
and the Estimated Chicken Arrival is April the 7th. Yipppeeeee. 
You guys should come over and gawk at them with me.  I betcha they
are gonna be soooooooo cute.

Lastly lastly, are any of you guys going to the FPEA convention at the end of May?  If you live in, or around, Florida then you MUST come and hang out with me and Kate and Kris
We'll be out there to cover the event and to interview attendees,
speakers and vendors — plus Kris will be at a table handing out free
magazines and HSB T-shirts. 

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March 30th, 2006
We Lost The Rooster

The other day I wrote about how we accidentally made some new friends.  Today Geo
went over to their house and picked up a rooster and a hen that they
were wanting to unload.  We were happy to take it because #1 We
love free stuff and #2 We love chickens.  So it was a match made
in freeloader heaven.

We named the hen, Rosie; the
rooster didn't need a name because he had already been christened
“Curly”, which is a fine name for such a proud and noble bird. 
Anyhow, I think the rooster got homesick and made a run for it. 
We can't find him anywhere. Maybe he'll start crowing or something in
the morning and we'll be able to send in a search and rescue
team.  Poor Rosie, I think she misses her man.  Anyhow, Geo
made a quaint little house for the fowl pair.  I don't know how he
knows how to do all that sort of farmer-type stuff.  I sure hope
we can find Curly.

We still haven't gotten our Fed Ex package of 50 chickies.  I'm
starting to wonder if I got chicken scammed.  No more Mail Order
Livestock for me.  However, I have been contemplating Mail Order Spouses for my kids.  Anybody know where I can find a good catalog?

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March 29th, 2006
Art Bits — The Winners

Thanks everyone who entered this last
contest.  I wish I could show you a website so you could see how
cool these cards are, but there isn't one.  You can get these card
games (or more info about them) by emailing Nancy at .

I picked the winners by the bloggers who shared the same birthday with one of my family memebers.  So HeartForHome won since she shares a birthday with my daughter Coie and Happy Apple shares the same birthday with my daughter Ryann
You guys need to email me at and give me your addresses.
I almost picked Stephanie10 since her husband wrote her such a sweet birthday poem

Lastly, I have a question… how many of you are panicking over bird
flu?  I can't decide whether or not to freak out about it or
not.   I mean, I am a sucker for a good fatalistic, end of
the world story, but I'm having a hard time getting worked up about
this one.

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March 28th, 2006
Guess What I Have?

Yep, how did you know?  You are right
— it is another very awesomly fabulous contest.  TWO of you will
win two sets of cards.  These are not ordinary cards.  These
cards are not your ordinary cards…. (sung to that one song in Lord of
the Beans). Sorry.

These two decks of cards play like Old Maid, but instead of the Old
Maid, you've got the ART GUY.  You don't want to get stuck with
the art guy card.  They are both very cool decks.  One is all
fine art paintings, featuring artists like Grant Wood, Pieter Brueghal,
Da Vinci, Degas, Gainsborough, Gauguin, Homer. Matisse, Michael Angelo,
ect…  Very Awesome. 

The second deck is famous architect structures like the pyramids,
Eiffel Tower, the Parthanon, Geodesic Dome, Great Wall, Cathedral of
Notre Dame, Empire State Building, Taj Mahal etc.  Is that
exciting or what?  To win, just tell me your birthday.

PS Check this out, there is a group of HSB bloggers who have took the Blubber Blogger club and made it official.  I am going to join!

PPS My 50 mail order chickens have still not arrived, which is good since we still aint got the chicken coop all built-like.

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Today was sort of funny.  I got this medical bill in the mail today… it was a bill for the whole poison ivy incident from the Family Walk in Clinic..  Anyhow, I had paid the thing in full
when they treated me, so I knew this bill was wrong.  So I called
up the billing dept and started explaining myself to the billing
guy.  And he was like, “hey wait… Maam? Listen, I don't know
what office you are calling about, I deal with a lot of billing issues
for different clinics.  What office is this for?”  To which I
brilliantly replied, “huh? what do you mean?  I just need to
figure out why this was sent to me”
He calmly said, “maam, look up at the left hand corner… you'll see the name of the clinic it'll say something like 'Parkway Psychiatric Services' or something”.

Now that is just plain hilarious. Parkway Psychiatric Services.  I am still cracking up.
That was the slickest way that anybody has ever called me a lunatic.  I love it.

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March 26th, 2006
New Friends

Today felt like Spring.  I don't just
mean because of the weather.  Have you ever had a day where you
woke up and you just felt happy and blessed?  I felt like that all
day today.  We met the neatest family, completely by accident, and
spent the whole day at their house this afternoon.  They were
absolutely delightful, we really enjoyed ourselves.  I am so
thankful for good friends, both new and old.  I am thankful when I
see God working in my life and in other's.  Did I use that
apostrophe properly?  The neat thing about my God, is that He is
real and He is interactive, and He is so kind.  I am very happy to be in TN.  I cannot believe all the amazing new friends we have made here. 

has been talking about putting together a Blogger Event where all the
local HSB bloggers (within a 12 hour drive?) could hang out. Wouldn't
that be awesome?? Let me know if you'd be interested in that…


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March 24th, 2006
A Diaper-Less Future

Yep, King James is moving up into the
big new world of Underoos. I suppose the fear that comes from letting
his chubby little diaper-less bumsy sit on the couch, or my ugly green
carpet, or my big fat cozy chair cannot be avoided in the potty
training process.  Yet you'll be cheered to know that I haven't
sat, or stepped in, one soggy puddle all day.

And thanks to Angie
and her very clever husband who is a physical therapist, I no longer
feel like I'm going to die from shoulder/back pain.  Ice is doing
the trick.  Lastly, I want say a big thanks to Spunky for all she has done in the HSB community and the important role she headed up here.  She is a neat lady and I wish her well in all her future endeavors.

Have a splendid Friday.  I am going to go lay on the couch and watch The Princess Bride with the fam.

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This morning my daughter Emmiko woke up and went into the kitchen and made BoBo
a special birthday breakfast.  They are a year a part and I love
how much they adore each other.  Emmiko loves to do special things
to make her siblings happy, and BoBo is always so enchanted with her.
It was a nice way to start off the day, even if my back still
feels like I've been beat with a sledgehammer.  Me and Geoff just
got back from a special lunch date with Bobo, and now we are going to
give him his birthday present… a BB gun.  He is going to freak
out.  He thinks we got him a fishing pole.

I am going to go see who the last commenter is right now…. ok, this
might take a while. I cannot access that blog pg so I am downloading my
emails to figure out who the last commenter is.  I have almost 300
emails coming down right now.  Holy Moly.  You people are
crazy!!  Boy my internet is going slow.  We'll do the next
contest different (by the way, the next contest is going to be very
cool, too).  Ok, here we go:  The winner is:  JAYBIRD .
Congratulations! you are one kooky lady.  Bek and Leigh2 and
CMMomma I am giving you guys consolation prizes for spending your
entire day trying to win (who says it doesn't pay to be insane?) 
Send me your addresses, email me at

Now go over to Gena's page and enter her contest….

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These contests are much funner when I don’t have to do any of the pickin’ part of it.  Dawn picked  Mileshouse  as the very lucky winner of the Phonics Pathway and Pyramid program.  SO FUN!  Thanks Dawn!


This next contest is probably going to be the biggest ones I’ve ever done.  Check this out, Maureen from KNEX is going to give one of you their massive Amusement Park Set:
(click above to see it!)

It’s $225…. FREAK OUT!!!!  The last person to leave a comment here before I post again will win.  This thing is MASSIVE.  I want one!  Would it be wrong for me to participate in this contest? Heh heh. Just kidding. Sort of.  One of you will win it.  Check out the other awesome stuff from KNEX, too.  Anything from KNEX is completely fabulous.


In other news, I think I have meningitis.  My neck hurts so bad that I can’t hardly barely stand it.  The pain goes from my neck down to my right shoulder blade, and it won’t get better. yee-ouch.  Ben Gay doesn’t help, heating pads don’t help, Tylenol doesn’t help.  Only whining helps.  If I had this KNEX set, that might help….

See you tomorrow, and good luck! May the best blogger win.

PS it is my favorite 16 year old nephew’s birthday today!  Happy Birthday Poggy Wog!

🙂 thanks!

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The nice thing about having friends is
that you can ask them to do stuff that you don't want to do and
sometimes they will feel obligated to do it for you.

Here was my desparate email to Jammie:

you please pick the winner for my latin contest? please? i'll send you
a Draw Write Now for being my official picker.  will ya will ya
will ya?  i asked another blogger but they
must be offline because i never heard back from her and i need to choose a winner…


and then here was her response:
okie dokie~  Here you go:  I gave everyone a random number and told my husband to pick a  number.  HE chose Chickadee!  Thanks for giving me almost a vacation by choosing the winner!  What a fun job you have

Jammie! You're the coolest.  Jammie and Chickadee, you BOTH need
to email me your address so i can send you your loot.

And now, without any delay, we are going to jump right in to our NEXT
contest, which is the BEST phonics program ever put together. 
This contest includes both the Phonics Pathway curriculum AND the Pyramid book that goes with it.  Me and Gena both used these books to teach our kids to read. 

Dolores Hiskes was kind enough to send two copies.  ONE copy is going to my friend Dawn because she is starting her very first year of homeschooling this year. 

Here is how you win.… leave a comment here, and then go over and tell Dawn
to pick you to win because (unbeknownst to her) she is picking the next
winner. ha ha.  This will be fun.   Sorry Dawn!
The winner will be announced tomorrow night before ten pm eastern time.

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