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May 9th, 2006
Summer Resources

Do you school year round?  We
do.  One of our favorite things to find are great reading
resources for summer read alouds.  We're just finishing up the
Chronicals of Narnia.  We started last summer; it took us ages to
get thru all seven books, but it's been a lot of fun.  BoBo just
finished the Kingdom Series
and has announced that it is his all time favorite series — he loves
it even more than Narnia, or Lord of the Rings ( !!!!! that is amazing
to me! ).  One of my “newer” readers is going thru a very cool set
of books called the American Schoolhouse Series;
these are books from the 1800's that have been republished and they are
so charming.  We really like those too.  What books are you
going thru?  Any ideas for some good summer read alouds?

PS just GUESS what I did last week?  I made whole wheat bread from scratch plus I made jam from the 40 billion strawberries we picked on Sat.  I am *so* getting this whole farmer thing down….

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This morning I woke up and when I glanced in the mirror my eyes nearly popped out of my
head.  I
have this cold sore that has gone berzerky; it looks like a huge black fly on
steroids landed on my upper lip.  It is
truly hugely heinous, I should post a picture of it.

Coincidentally, this morning– after the family was done
ewwwing and ahhing over my lip monstrosity — my husband said, “I dreamed about
you last night”.  He said,

            “Last night I dreamed that you and I were
somewhere together and all of a sudden you started laughing frantically.  It was your, “something awful has happened
and I can’t stop laughing because I feel like an idiot” laugh.  I got nervous and came over to see what was
wrong and you told me that you ate all of your chapstick and now your lips
burned really bad, and you wanted to use mine”.

I wonder how Joseph would have deciphered that dream….

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Hi! My name is Ryann Kaylie Igarashi. My mom said she wanted
me to post on her blog about me and what I like and what I like to do. I am 12
years old and I love Jesus and my family and my cousins and friends. My cousin,
is my best friend, which he is on his way back from California (where we used to live).


I want you to know, before I tell you about everything I
like, that I change subjects so incredibly easy!


The animals I like are chickens, dogs, cats, snakes (as long
as they don’t plan on biting me), horses, and more that I can’t think of right
now.  I like camouflage, any sort of
guns, climbing trees, running, mowing the lawn, weed eating, working outside,
blowing up stuff (fireworks, not houses), playing with the electric fence, basically
any thing that has to do with being outside. My favorite sports are Karate,
soccer, ice skating, and more I have already said up there (pointing a little
bit above this sentence). (if you’d like to know I’m a tomboy, which you
probably already have figured out)


Scaring people and seeing their reaction is fun, just as fun
as it is when people find a way to scare me and see my reaction, it’s rare that
I’m scared by someone, that’s probably why it’s so funny seeing me! LOL! Sometimes
you can scare accidentally, like, people (such as, Coie, Levi, Julie, Luke,
Paul… actually anyone) just sit there and immediately sneeze (an unexpected sneeze
is what I mean)  My mom thinks my
reaction is hilarious. I think my cousin’s is actually funnier.


Some people can say I’m weird and odd and any other word
that means strange and I have to agree with it! I also will have to agree with
anyone that says I talk a lot, actually I have improved a lot since a few years
ago! I can also be hyper whenever. I’m also kind of dangerous, like I’ll touch
an iron really fast, or touch the electric fence.

I have to go now, I hope to meet you!


Visit my blogs!

Redheadryann and KarateKousins

P.S. If you want to hear some stories about snakes or weird stuff
that I’ve done, it’s all on my blog, RedHeadRyann, I’ve just started KarateKousins
with my cousin, so not as much is going on there, but there should be soon!


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May 3rd, 2006
Who Pops In On You?

HOGAN'S WINNERS….. I asked Miss Mags to choose the winner and here's
a what she sent me: (she is SO cool) PS you should sign up for her very
most excellently awesome ezine. It's FREE. sign up HERE

Excerpts from the 3 Winners and

How They were Chosen & How
Maggie Ended Up

Giving Away THREE Books . . . .


The 3 winners were chosen
totally randomly. Ok, not. I was going to put all their names in a hat and draw
them but when I saw over 30 names I decided that was too much work! So I picked
Eakrabel for obvious reasons. (Read below.) Then I saw Wisconsin’s point and I looked at her blog
and said, “Wow! What a servant for the homeschoolers in Wisconsin!” And this was just a random
contest so I picked her for fun. And then I had to pick ClagettsFLStyle
because she was, after all both the first and second post. Hehehe.


All that to say, I so
enjoyed reading everyone’s post so much and was touched and humbled by all of
you sweet gals who are praying for your on-line friends. I LOVE the body of



It is very cool that I
have made “friends” in the last three months that I've been on HSB
that I do think about and pray for a lot, and I've never even met them. God
brings us together in so many ways.

I would have to say that some of the friends I think about the most from HSB
are Youngwife, Granolamom6, carrielouise, lynan, Mileshouse, HSMomof4,
quietcajun, and mom2ZAW. I pray about babies that are expected, houses being
bought, family issues that have been shared, and I know they pray for me, too.

BTW, I think I would be an excellent candidate to win, because my baby brother
is in Baghdad
right now with the Army. If I won, I could give the book to my mom for Mother's
Day. (and then I could borrow it back and read it, too!)


Wisconsin said:

Why are all of your
contests “geared” mostly to the people who have time to be on
homeschoolblogger all of the time?

I enjoy reading others blogs when I get the time — and I try to check the TOS
company blogs regularly as part of HSN, but I don't have the kind of time
needed to “make friends” online and/or to be one of the first 5
bloggers to comment or the last 10 or whatever kinds of stuff is usually needed
to win your contests.

And ClagettsFLStyle said:

Ok. Last week ( i think it
was last week) – I tried the 10 Random things contest and I didn't win :-(. Boo
Hoo. So I will try one more time… I like the idea of this contest. I think
about my HSB buddies all the time. This HSB thing has been such a HUGE blessing
and fun thing for me. . .  [long list
here]. . . there are tons more but I do have to walk away from the computer
every now and then. Thanks again for a chance to win something. All my fingers
and toes are crossed. LOL… I'll just send up a prayer – that's better than
crossing all my appendages.

Send me your addresses, you winners:
email them to me at , and then the lovely magsie
doodle will send you your most coveted prize right out.

Original Post:
You know how there are some people that you just can’t help but like? I get random bloggers who will pop in my head from time to time, and generally I pray for them.  Like my friend Jen, she’s been poppin’ into my head lately to pray for.  I don’t know why, maybe because her name is Jen, and I figure us ‘jens’ need all the help we can get.  Amber also pops into my head, so does Marshie, Juldos and Bensrib.  They are just a few of many friends I’ve made here at HSB (I have a point to this ramble… bear with me).  I won’t take the time to list all of the rest of you that come to mind because it’d take up this whole page. 


Anyways, I was thinking about Maggie Hogan today.  I just can’t help but really like that lady.  I find myself praying for her kid, JB – he’s the same one who wrote one of the funniest, most interesting books on the planet  Anyhow, I emailed her today since she was on my mind and, like I do with most of my friends, I begged her for free stuff to give away. 


So, here’s a new contest (thanks to the very generous Mags).  Who are a few of the friends you’ve made at HSB… ones you find yourself thinking about, or praying for, throughout the week?  Let me know and one of you will win the book that Maggie Hogan’s kid, JB, wrote called, From Basic to Baghdad.  You will love it!  Thanks Maggie! I can’t wait to hang out with you in Florida.

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Some homeschoolers are just plum smarter than others– in particular I'm talking about the homeschool teacher.  Take this girl
for instance, good golly her mama is doing a good job at schooling
her.  This kid is running a contest on her blog and when I read it
I felt real dumb-like. 

I learned nothing in public
school, actually, that is not true… I got *quite* educated in many
things that I should have never been exposed to. yuck.  Anyhow,
rather than get discouraged when I see homeschooling mamas who seem
to be doing a lot better than I am, I get encouraged; it makes me so
happy for the opportunity to teach my kids at home.  Boy, I'm
starting to sound like Gena
I think I must miss her or something.  She's been gone for
toooooooooooooooooo long.  Sisters are meant to stay right next
door at all times.

PS for those of you who have asked about where to get the very cool HomeschoolBlogger t-shirts, you can get them right here

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My kids are so weird. 
We’ve been studying 1st Peter and the other day we were going
over the history of the letter, you know, who wrote it, when it was written,
where it was written, etc, and we were talking about Nero and how Rome had been
torched and he blamed it on the Christians, thus starting a major
persecution.  I told my kids, “ Nero used
Christians as a scapegoat… do any of you know what a scapegoat is?”


So Emmiko, she is so black and white, pipes up because she
KNOWS this one, and tells me, “That’s when your goat gets away, you know, like
he’s in the pen and he always escapes. 
Escape goat”  Time to ramp up our vocabulary


In other news, I woke up the other morning and couldn’t find
King James, finally I found him here:



And in other, other news, look what we found yesterday in
the garden:



I’m pretty sure this is a deadly, ferocious, vicious, venomous
snake that would have killed every one of us with a single strike.  Isn’t my Bobo brave?

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