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June 28th, 2006
It's About Time For a Plan

Yesterday was Dippy's sixth birthday. 
We took him to the NASCAR Speedway Racetrack in Pigeon Forge.  I
guess that makes us officially “Southern Folk”.  We had a good

Anyhow, in my last post I pointed to an entry where we were teasing
Coie about finding her husband.  The joke was not that we were
'finding her husband for her'…. she already assumes that is the way
things are gonna go.  The joke was that we'd found him already. 
and I were talking a few days ago, trying to nail down what the
Igarashi Marrying Model is exactly.  It will probalby vary with
each of our children, but here is pretty much what we *do* know.

We know that none of our kids will 'date' — as in having a string of
boyfriends or girlfriends that they spend time alone with.  They
know this too, and the idea of boyfriends/girlfriends is so odd to them
that they find the thought downright offensive.  Our kids all
really like us, and they trust us, and they ask us things like, “when
you find my wife, how will you know that she is not a liar?”  (To
which I answer, “We'll spy on her”)  Even the younger ones, in
casual conversation, let us know what sort of traits they don't want in
a spouse.  We've set that standard up nice and early, so happily
that part is already in place.

The other day we were talking about how we want to have a relationship
with the new spouse (and their family) for about three or four years
before the wedding.  Not that they would be engaged for that long,
but that we'd simply know the
family before the idea of marriage is even brought up.  In other
words, I don't want to just meet some guy– know nothing about him —
and three months later have him showing up with ideas of taking one of
my girls away.  I mean, honestly, it takes a long time to truly
get to *know* a person. And we've poured in WAY too much time and
effort and training to just hand it all over to some worthless

So, here's the scary part, me and Geoff figured that in three years
Coie will be the same age that we were when we got married (20 and
21).  We figured we'd better get to know some families who have
older kids that we can start spying on soon.  Here is a short list
of who will qualify:

  • The fella has to love God.  I mean really love God.  Not just say it, but he's got to know God and love God.
  • The guy has to know doctrine.  It is so important. 
  • The guy has to have a job, a house, and preferablly some sort of transportation more sophisticated than a bicycle made for two.
  • He must be even tempered, kind, and not have a bunch of friends who are girls (on the internet or in real life)
  • .  He cannot be a humorless sap.

That is a short list of the most important features.  Anyways, what's your spouse finding plan? 

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There is a connection between the three.  Here is a picture of our pond:

I think that's Coie up there in the boat.  Anyways, you can't
really tell from this picture, but all around the pond there is a very
thick nasty smelling pond scum in agressively progressive
development.  But I like it.  It's fun to scrape off with a
rake.  It's sort of akin to the satisfaction you get from digging
in your (or your kids') ear with a Q-tip. 

Yesterday I
found out that peeling off hideously ugly wallpaper also produces the
same satisfying euphoria.  Me and Emmiko peeled the whole bathroom
clear.  It was sort of like picking a scab…. it was impossible
to stop until it was all completely removed.  I wish I had a
picture of how ugly that wall paper was —words cannot express. 
However, it did match nicely with with avacado green sink, toilet, tub
and rug. 

Lastly, poor Coie…there is a story behind this; I'll share next post.

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June 23rd, 2006
My Near Death Experience

See this?  This is the Tree Swing of Ultimate Destruction

Dippy in the picture up there, but several days ago I banged myself up
pretty good. I swung up sideways, super high, and then swung straight
into the tree.  Actually I didn't hit the tree with full force —
luckily the ground broke my fall.  I'd post the pictures of my bruises
(on both arms), but they are fading and not nearly as impressive as
they were.  Anyways, there is nothing as exciting as a tree swing.  I
think every farm needs one.  And I shall tame that tree swing if it's
the last thing I do.

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Our Accountable Kids Winners Have Been Picked!

Chickadee was kind enough to pick the winners (with the help of her family).  And the winners are lullab14 and Mamaduso
Thanks for entering — the information you left was really helpful! And
thanks, Scott and Traci, for sponsoring such a fun contest!

Original Post **************
When me and Kate
were at the FPEA convention in Florida, we met some really neat
companies that were new to us.  This is Scott and Traci, from
Accountable Kids.

They were so neat, and they offered to send TWO of you one of these very neat systems. These are not your average 'chore charts'….

Kids is a unique parenting program designed to teach accountability and
responsibility in the home.  It is a back-to-basics system which
includes essential parenting principles and concrete stepping stones
that strengthen relationships and build a foundation for success. 
Children learn to balance choices and consequences in a fun, productive
manner.  They experience the joy of being a vital, contributing
member of the family and develop confidence and self-worth. The
Accountable Kids program provides everything parents need to maximize
efforts and bring structure and harmony into the home.  It is
effective for kids ages three to fourteen.  The Accountable Kids
Start-up Kit includes a book, Quick Start DVD, and kit for one child.
 Additional child kits can be found at

want to click on their website above so you can really see what it is
included.  So…. how do you win?  Tell me what chores your
kids do (or what they are supposed to do), and then Chickadee will pick two of you to win.

PS thanks for all your kind 'get well' wishes.  I am feeling tons better today.
: )

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June 19th, 2006
Groan Moan Whimper Whimper

I'm so sick today.  It started
yesterday and then by last night I was sick as a cow.  Anyways, i
just wanted to pop in to let you know I am putting up a very cool
contest tomorrow (unless I am dead).  I am looking for somebody
willing to be the judge because I hate picking winners.  Anybody
want to be the next contest winner picker?  Let me know… and
help me out with a contest idea because my brain is all sore and achey
and it doesn't want to cooperate right now. This is how I feel today:..

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Despite my bumbling homestead-wannabe-type ways, check out
what I found in my garden:

 …. I know! I was even more surprised than you are.  Not only are those real live green beans,
they are completely edible green beans. And, they are the best edible green
beans I ever done et.  And let us not
overlook the lovely yellow thing I also found and pulled out of a patch of green
prickly leaves. I believe I now qualify as a real live 100% professional homestead
farmer.   When the Nuclear Communist Terrorist
West Nile Bird Flu Hillary Presidency hits, we will be safe from all harm with
our 46 chickens and our colander of fresh green beans. 

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June 13th, 2006
I Only Gots Me A Minute

I'm heading out the door to a bible study, but I wanted to post since it's been several decades since my last entry.  Check this out…. my friend Maria set
up a Smokey Mountain Blogger picnic and it was *so* fun and perfect and
swell and other words that mean great.  I don't have time to name
everybody in the picture. Maybe later I will come back and link to all
the bloggers who were there.  If you are planning a blogger get
together in your area, like Marshie the Mellow,
let me know and maybe I can send you some free goody give aways. 
We really did have a good time, and our kids had a blast.

Awwwwwww, aren't they all so purdy?

Also, I got a special package from my friends over at Daddy's Little Princess.  This is my daughter Emmiko and Gena's
daughter (my niece) Julia wearing their 'Back Then Dresses'.  If
you are looking for dresses like these, you should check out the Daddy's Little Princess website. My girls are in 'Back Then' heaven.

Isn't Tennessee GREEN??? I love our place.

See you later! I'm gonna be late….

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June 9th, 2006
Win KNEX !

We have our KNEX winner!!  I asked my friend Amy, from over at Humble Musings,
if she'd be so kind to pick a Nick-Name winner for me.  So, for
you other 96 people who didn't win…. all hate mail can go straight to
her. heh heh.

Here is what Amy sent:


The Solar Power Knex
kit is a great thing. We just bought one, and the kids enjoy it. My kids hold
the solar panel up to a light bulb to get instant power. I’m sure the winner of
the contest will want to know this. I picked MrsNehemiah because her grandmother
called her “stinkpot.” My German granny called me “stinkpot” all my growing up;
it wasn’t just when I was naughty. Or perhaps it was all the time because I was
always naughty.


Blessings to all your
sweet readers,

Amy Scott

So there you have it!  Congrats, Mrs. N.  Email your address to me at 

Thanks, Amy, for picking the winner and thanks again, Maureen, for sponsoring such a fun contest!

****************** Original Post: ***********************

As promised, we have another awesomely cool KNEX contest. 
I met up with Maureen at the FPEA convention and begged/pleaded/whined
until she agreed to sponsor another give away.  She is so great,
it actually didn't take too much cajoling.  She said she would be
happy to sponsor another contest.  This time she is giving away
their new Solar Energy kit.  It even has motorized parts.  Splendid Indeed.

enter, i want to know what your nickname was when you were a little
kid.  I had several : Ben / Warty the Meatball / Butterball / Jen
Jen / etc


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When I was a
little kid I was a pretty nasty little walrus.  I liked playing
games…. but only if I won.  That was practically my motto: If I don't win then I don't play.
I was particularily good at chess when I was about 12.

Right after I got married, Geoff the Great beat me in 478 consecutive games of chess.  And I had 478 temper tantrum fits.  It was even worse when my friend Stacey came over and beat me, too.  At that point I decided that chess and I simply needed to part ways and move on without one another.


A couple days ago my 12 year old nephew, Levi, challenged me to a game of chess.  Naturally I said “no”, especially to him, since he’s a smart little whipper-snippet.  The last thing I wanted to do was to lose to HIM.  But since I am the best auntie in the world, I played (after he kept bothering me about it).  Imagine my shock when I actually won.  With that little bit of confidence, I took on my nine year old BoBo.  VICTORY!  Then I took on 10 year old Emmiko.  VICTORY AGAIN! Then I took on five year old Dippy; it was close, but I still walloped him!  So then… with great fear and nervousness, I challenged Coie (Ryann wouldn’t play me, she said she was waiting for me to get better so I’d be more of a challenge *whatever*).


So me and Coie went head to head.  This
is the same Coie whom I whomped in arm-wrestling and the same Coie whom
I can still take down pretty easily in a wrestling match or foot race.  But chess is a whole ‘nother game, my friends.  I'll admit, it was Nervous City for me. She won the first game (because she totally cheated), but the next game was MINE.  I’m the Chess Champion of the Igarashi Universe.  Later this week I may try playing Geoff the Great again.  May, might, maybe perhaps. In the meantime, imagine me doing the Cabbage Patch and singing: Go Je-enn, Go Je-enn


The moral of the story is:  Don’t
let your kids be bad sports or pouty losers (or gloating winners for
that matter) because those traits are practically impossible to shake


The K’NEX contest will be announced officially in tomorrows post.  Click here….JAYBIRD has some great tips on how to win one of my contests

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June 6th, 2006
My Dreamy Blog Post

Let’s see if I can get this blog entry to make any
sense.  Last night, Geoff the Great gave
me an Actifed, something that should never be done under any circumstance.  I will probably wake up tomorrow and this whole blog entry
will be a surprise.  Hi Myself! 
Don’t ever take an Actifed again!
I shouldn’t have taken it but I couldn’t breathe and I was wheezing like
an old goat.  I know it was probably from
allergies, but I tell you the truth, I am *always* sick lately. I’m starting to
think that maybe Fibromyalgia is a real thing, and that I gots me some of it.  If it’s not that, then I’m pretty sure I have
West Nile Bird Flu. 


Now, on to less hypochondriacal issues.  My friend Maria is planning a Smoky Mountain
/ East Tennessee HSB Blogger picnic (yippppeee!) 

Go to here to get all
the details.  It’s gonna be next Monday
the 12th.  That Maria is an
organizing mad-woman.  I don’t know how
she does it. That
is totally not my gift.  I make a much better attendee than a
planner.  Actually, I don't even make a very good attendee. But me
and Gena *will* definitely be there (unless Levi breaks his arm again).


ALSO, my friend Marshie told me that she is also planning a big Blogger event.  SO if you live in Texas you should fer surely check that
out.  We Smoky Blogger Mountaineers got to meet
Marshie last fall when she came out to visit.  At
first I hated her because she is literally perfect (gorgeous, skinny, looks
like a model, etc). But I got over it.  She’s
impossible not to love.  I can’t wait
till she comes out again this year.


So that’s all the news for today.  Later this week we’ll be doing another
contest for K’NEX (they are *so* supertacular). 
Now I’m going back to bed until this dreaded Actifed wears off.


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