Jeneric Jeneralities ~ by JenIG

Thanks MarshieWiggle (does anybody get that?) for filling in for me.  And you’re right, the whole GA boiled peanut thing is a total mystery to me.   Those crazy Georgianics. 

Speaking of crazy, I finally found something that helps with Mad Cow Disease (otherwise known as PMS).  I started taking this stuffand I don’t know why or how, but it helps. Big time.   Except when I don’t take it… then all bets are off the table. Heh heh.  And no I don’t work for them or get any sort of kick back for saying this. 

Yesterday we finally got back into the swing of things.  It is now downright *cold* in the mornings.  I love it!  When were freezing during school so we all alternated running in place and River Dancing for almost twenty minutes.  I don’t know if you can actually call what we were doing ‘Riverdancing’, but it was fun and when we were done nobody was cold anymore  It looked sort of like this:  except without any of the coordination that this kid accidentally fell into. 

Surprisingly, my non-rhythm no-groove daughter, Coie has some promising potential.  If she put her mind to it, she could become a professional RiverDancer some day.  I’ll have to see if I can manage to secretly tape our next session.


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September 28th, 2006
Jen's not dead, just in Georgia

HOWDY everyone!  Marshie here with a quick note from Jenefer the Igarashi.  She wanted me to pass the word that she has not fallen off the face of the earth and has not died– she's just been cavorting about Georgia all week with her dearest, bestest sister buddy Gena.


So now that I have a captive audience of all of her bzillions of friends here at HSB, I might as well ramble on for a while…


Speaking of Georgia, my husband and I used to live in Norcross, which is just north of Atlanta.  It was SO beautiful once you got waaay north of the city and approached the North Georgia Mountains.  One of our most favorite places to visit this time of year was Burt's Farm.  They had the most giganto pumpkins there…as in HUGE!  Ahhh…the memories.  But alas we only lived there for a year before we came back home to Texas.  I am currently in search of the giant house-size pumpkins in my neck of the woods.  So far, I can only find the pumpkin patches that have those tiny ones that will barely make one pie.  So, if any of you are familiar with a farm in the Houston-ish area with said giganto pumpkins, just let me know, okay?


A couple of interesting things about Georgia:


1.  Who's on the pole? 

Huh?  What pole are you talking about?  The flag pole, the north pole, the south pole???  Being from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, we were not familiar with this phrase.  Nor were we prepared for the CRAZY Nascar fans…you could definitely tell that we weren't from around those parts!


2.  Boiled Peanuts. 

When I go to the store, I see roasted peanuts, salted peanuts, honey roasted peanuts, Spanish peanuts…but BOILED?  Why would you boil a peanut?  Why would there be a bzillion boiled peanut stands on the side of the road?  This is an apparent delicacy in the fine state of Georgia.  I thought it tasted like hot, peanut-ish cardboard.  And mushy too. Maybe it's an acquired taste. What say you, JenIG?


We will return to the regularly scheduled Jeneric Jeneralities in a jiffy just as soon as Jen and Gena jet back from their jaunt to Georgia.



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I don’t feel so good.  After weeks of diligently using only whole wheat, no sugar, no white flour, and healthy sweeteners like sucanat, honey, and molasses I’m ashamed to admit I fell off the wagon.  And boy am I paying for it now.  I don’t know how it happened but last week I ate more junk than I had in an entire year: Arbys, Pizza Hut, Little Ceasars, Hardys, bags of Doritos, bags of Chocolate covered Malt Bals, McDonalds, and Taco Bell.  Within ONE week.  Good golly.  I feel like I need to detox at a Betty Ford clinic.


I’m going to be in GA on Tues and Weds with Gena.  We’re gonna try to visit the Bread Beckers again.  They sure are inspirational.  Hopefully that will get me back into the swing of things. 


Last night I dreamed that me and gena and our families lived in this little apartment building and paul and geoff were out trying to find food for our families.  In my dream we were in the middle of a deep depression and a famine and Americans were dropping dead all over the place, and me and gena were talking about how dumb we were for not storing up food and water and how easy it would have been to store things while we had the extra money and the time.  How was that for a major run on sentence? 


I’m not telling who won the t-shirts.  I picked the winners and let them know on their blogs. J  Thanks for all the new great links to visit!  I love HomeschoolBlogger.  I have made so many truly excellent friends and it is really encouraging to peek into the lives of other moms who are trying to keep things together (just like me!)

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September 20th, 2006
Brace Yourself

My beautful daughter, Ryann, has a very expensive mouth.  How come braces are so phenomenally expensive?  I should just have Geoff and Coie weld her a pair.  It can't be that hard. 

Tomorrow is our East TN Bloggers Picnic; if you are in the area, please come and play with us.  It's a fun group, we're looking forward to seeing all of our friends and me and Gena are bringing some fun giveaways.  And the weather has been GREAT.  It's actually cold this morning.  My toesies are all nippityish.

Lastly, let me know if your homeschool group would like to have Gena come and speak.  We got together with a group in Georgia on Monday and it was such a blessing to meet (and spend time) with other homeschoolers. Her talk is entirely fascinating and we'd love to meet you!

Lastly last, I have three HomeschoolBlogger t-shirts to give away, but here's the catch, I want YOU to pick a blogger to win them.  I thought that'd be a neat way to check out some new blogs that I may not be familiar with.  So let's hear it, which blogger would you like to see win a prize?

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September 17th, 2006
The fun Never Stops

Poor Emmsy.  Apparently, one thing that she's inherited from her daddems is his appallingly bad allergic reaction to bee stings.








This was actually pretty scary, and this wasn't even the worst of it.  She swelled up even more than this as the day progressed.  yuh ikes.  Geoff knew what to do to fix her, thankfully and she is now almost back to normal.


Lastly, if you live anywhere in or near OR, you should drop in on THIS.  I sure wish I could make it!


Have fun enjoying your kids this week.  It's the only time for the rest of your life that they'll be their age right now .  Do something unexpected, like tackle them, or dance with them (my kids love that), do handstands and let them time you, or yodel.  That last one I haven't tried yet.  I'll have to think about that one.

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Last night I dreamed that I won 90 Million dollars from the TN lottery.  I don’t even play the lottery.  So I figured out (in my dream) that after taxes I would have about $40,000,000 and me and Geoff the Great started planning on what we’d do with all that loot.  It was stressful.  One of my ideas was starting a Christian archaeological company that could do ‘biblical digs’ (that part came from a discussion I had with Gena’s husband  yesterday about new evidence that was coming out about a different Mt. Sinai location).  Anyways, I don’t think I’d like having $40 million.  How about you?


In other news, here is the picture of my kids’ painted room.  It’s not as astounding without ‘before’ pictures.  We are really happy with it.  It suits them.  That's my daughter, Ryann, sitting on the little car.  And speaking of Ryann…. 


….here is a picture that my naughty daughter snapped.  She is a maniac with her camera.  She photographs EVERYTHING.  Anyways, she took this one and laughed her big read head off.  My kids have been giving me a hard time about my new glasses.  I bought three pair of glasses at Walmart for a total of $7.  They are marvelously ridiculous, unfortunately this pictures does not reflect their dorkiness in full glory. 




Notice our nicely stacked and organized ‘school area’?  Now you know why I never enter any of Gena’s famous Schoolroom Picture Contests.  By the way, the book I am reading is called, “Thorn in My Heart” (which I borrowed from my friend Kris Price).  It has a drippy title, but so far it's pretty good.


Lastly, you’ll be proud to know that I made 468 billion gingersnap cookies yesterday.  We are planning out our Christmas gifts.  You better start planning, too.  Christmas will be right on top of us before we know it.

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September 11th, 2006
Dangerous Daughters

Geoff the Great was in Pennsylvania (did I spell that right?) over the weekend with Ryann and Emmiko so me and Coie took the opportunity to redo the three boys’ room.  And when I say ‘me and Coie’, what I really mean is ‘mostly Coie’.  We painted it dark blue and grayish blue and put up white shelves, and we painted their toy shelf to match the one dark blue wall.  I’ll have to post a picture because it is enormously cute. 


While we were outside doing the toyshelf, I was met with a nasty surprise.  I was working away, minding my own business, and when I leaned over the side of the shelf I got smacked in the forehead with a brush full of blue paint..  Coie is reaaaaaaaaaaaaal funny.  I got half of the top of her head and part of the back of her neck.  She looks good in blue.  But do you have any idea how hard it is to get paint out of your hair? 


My daughter Ryann is even meaner.  Last night I needed to show her that I was still the mama in control so I snuck up on her and tried to take her down with my slick made up karate moves.  I barely got her down, and not without earning a humongatory bruise on my right arm.  That girl is just getting way too big.  She should just let me whooop her out of respect for her elders.  She just tells me, ‘Mom, self defense is an automatic reflex’.  Hmmph.  Whatever.  I can still take the boys down with no problem…. but it won’t be long before Bo is towering above me.  It is not right that they grow up so fast. 


Lastly, Maria is planning another Smokey Mountain Blogger Picnic.  You MUST come if you are near, or sort of near, or out this way on a vacation.  It will be on Sept 21.   

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September 7th, 2006
Domo Origato Mr. Roboto

WINNER! Congrats, Jen!  You won Christine Miller's All Thru the Ages


**Original Post**

Me and Geoff the Great were feeling a little risky yesterday — we snuck out and tried a brand new restaraunt.   A restaraunt here.  In Tennessee. Yep, you'd think we'd have learned our lesson: Don't Eat Out In the South Unless You Are Bodily Prepared to Take In Several Gallons of Grease, but like I said, we were feeling risky.  The place we went to was called Fuji Sushi.  Now, I try not to notice skin color and all… but I have to admit that you don't see too many Ja'pansies (as bobo calls us) out this-a-way in these here parts.  This small fact made our risky dinner date even more daring.  Honestly, the idea of a Tennessee Japanese Steak House conjoured up images of a guy named Jimmy Bob Joe in greasy denim bib overalls dropping rolls of Maki Sushi into a Fry Daddy. But we went anyways, and to our surprise (and delight), they had a real life Japanese guy behind a sushi bar making stuff fresh.  And even the ginger was the correct color (it's not supposed to be pink — I actually did not know that). 

So now I have a new favorite place to eat.  It's not Benihanas, but it's definitely better than Buddys BarBQue. 

PS How about another contest?  I have one of Christine Miller's All Through the Ages to give away (you Classical and Unit Study/Charlotte Mason types will love it).

Here is how to enter…tell me, if you could ask Hillary Clinton one question that you really truly wanted to know, what would it be?  I would ask her how much her head weighs.  I heard it's as big as a watermelon.  Honest, my dad met her once when he was working at the Embassy in Pakistan and he told me he never saw such a big noggin in all his life.

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Well, it's been exactly one year since my family packed up and left California.  Last year at this time Geoff and Coie dropped me off at Sewer Flats and drove back West to finish things up.  Boy was that a crazy month and a half.  Poison Ivy, falling cupboards, raw sewage leaks, a car crash, electrical systems going haywire, etc.  It's kind of nice having a blog to look back and remember.  Anyways,  I am glad we are in TN, but it is definitely different. 


For instance, a while back when I was shopping, I actually witnessed a man park his horse in a Walmart parking lot.  Me and Geoff also saw something else you wouldn't see in Cali…. we were driving to town and there was a work crew cleaning up in the middle of a busy road.  When we got closer we noticed it was two girls, and they had on a large orange vests that said, “I Am A Drunk Driver”.  wow.  Hello Southern Justice.  Other new things have been sweet tea, humongously enormous yellow spiders that make 'zipper webs', june bugs, REPENT! signs on the road, rain in the summertime and complete strangers who talk to you in the supermarket (that last one still sorta weirds me out).


But I have to say, by far and large, the biggest thing that has shocked me since we've moved to TN, is the new group of very very very good friends we've made.  We have a whole circle of people that feel like family.  God has really blessed us; it's been an amazing year.

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September 1st, 2006
Math Maze Contest!


Wow, you guys are interesting. These were fun to read.  I asked my friend Melissa to pick the two winners and this is who she sent:

I pick:



Congrats you two! Email me at and I'll get your gifts right out.





Ok, I have two games from Math Maze for two of you to win.  These are neat!  I want to know three random things about yourself.  I'll go first:


1) My ankles crack when I walk

2) I was baptized in the Jordan River (same river that Jesus was baptized in)

3) One of my big toes doesn't bend.


There you have it… three random things.  Let's hear yours!

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