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October 5th, 2006
Worms are Bad

Today my son Dippy told me, “You're the best mama I ever had”.  A girl doesn't get a compliment like that everyday.  

So are you guys going to vote in the upcoming election?  Today I realized that if I don't get registered to vote by tomorrow, then I can't vote ever again for the rest of my life.  Well, not really, but tomorrow is the last day to register if I want to participate in the upcoming election.  So tomorrow I am going to get my TN drivers license and get registered up.  I cannot believe that I have been here for over a year and STILL haven't gotten my TN license.  Naughty. Coie hasn't either.  Geoff the Great has, but he always does *everything* right.  He's a good man. 

Lastly, my computer is on the blitz.  Apparently I downloaded a worm.  What. A. Drag.
 I'm on Coie's computer right now, and i have no idea when I'll be up and running… so if you've sent me an email, now you know why i'm ignoring you.

PS anybody know if Maria had her kid yet?

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 You wouldn't think it 'd be such a big deal, but whenever the
printer sends us the latest TOS Magazine issue we get giddy.  I’m especially excited about this issue
because my oldest daughters, Coie and Ryann are featured. 
Fun!  And you will see a *lot* of
bloggers featured too (check the Thoughts from our Readers column). And, if you
read my article, “How to Make a Monster in 3 Easy Steps” at the end I describe
a little girl’s birthday party.  The ‘inside
scoop’ is that I am talking about this blogger’s daughter.  You should get your copy within the next two to
three weeks since we are bulk mailing them tomorrow (I think)


Last night me and Geoff the Great had a date.  We went to see FlyBoys.  Coie wondered if it was about a bunch of guys
with broken zippers, but no, it was a WWI flick about some Americans who joined
up with the French military and learned how to fly planes.  It was pretty good, although it referenced visiting
prostitutes, which was lame to include and that bugged me.  It included violence (it is a war movie, after all), but other than
that, it was clean and Geoff really enjoyed it a lot.  When I first met Geoff he was training for
his pilots license… he loves anything ‘plane related’.  It was a fun date and I ate a whole box of
sour patch gummies. 


Lasly, my friend Kim, from Life in a Shoe, sent me a heads up
about a pretty enormous contest that she’s hosting.  She’s giving away like $1500 of Vision Forum prizes.  Now *that* is a hefty

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