Jeneric Jeneralities ~ by JenIG

The next time I hear that small, still, quiet voice inside that tells me to shower, I’m totally going to listen to it.  There is really nothing worse than being out all day and feeling like a pig.  A greasy pig.  I did ok until about 1pm, but then I started looking like a monkey/ferret hybrid that got dunked in Wesson, and soon after, all my make-up slid right off my oily pancake canvas.  Even worse, I went to meet my friend at a Starbucks at 4pm, and by that time I fully looked like a slicked-down rodent.  I almost saw a thought bubble appear over my friend’s head that said, “I don’t think it’s a very good idea to use Crisco for hair gel”

Anyways, on to more important news:  This is actually sweet.  Our neighbor, Chris, got baptized on Sunday.  We went to witness it at the local church he attends, and it was really lovely.  Afterwards he talked about the suffering church in Ethiopia and how thankful he was to live in America where being a believer was so easy.  We were blessed to witness his important event.  If it comes to mind, please pray for Chris, that his conversion would be solid and that he would grow in his love and knowledge of his saviour.

Secondly, it was Ryann’s 13th birthday yesterday! My little orangutan is all grown up and scarcely worthy of being compared to a wild primate anymore.  That child has always been all arms and all feet.  She could step on my toesies from clear across the room.  But over the years she has grown into a very beautiful, lovely, gracious, compassionate, FUNNY, godly precious girl.  She is so much nicer than bratty COIE who had the audacity to turn 18 (brat).  But at least I can count on Ryann on staying my little girl for the next seven years (even tho she’s taller than me).  I love that girl.


Lastly, here is a picture of my kids.  Notice how solemn Dippy looks in both pictures??  Good golly, the kid looks like we just shot his dog.  


In this one Geoff said, ok, you can be silly, and half of them just stuck out their tongues.  On a side note, they all look just like their father in this one:

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February 24th, 2007
My Husband Has Left Me for A Goat

I knew Geoff the Great was getting serious when he joined a Yahoo Goat Group. This morning he took Coie and Ryann to a Goat Convention. They’ll be gone alllllllll day. Did you even know there was such a thing as a *goat convention*?  Me neither. That man cracks me up.  

We also had a much better success rate with our egg incubator this time.  We had a total of 22 chicklettes hatch.  Five died (Emmiko is suggesting Bird Flu).  So we are now the proud owners of 17 little new fuzzies.  We have officially doubled the amount of chickens that we started with (not counting the first 60 mail order chicks that dropped dead). This farm thing is fun when things stay alive and reproduce themselves.  It would be even funner if we could figure out a way to make money doing this. 

So are you freezing where you’re at?  Today it felt like spring here.  And everything smells nice, too.  I think I am looking forward to building a garden.  Maybe we’ll have better luck this year.  And no, I will *not* be planting Butternut Squash.

Lastly, did you see Gena’s contest? You should enter! It is easy and there’s chocolate involved.  Speaking of Gena, our family gave them a nice little present last week.  They’ve been barfing buckets all day – all of them but Paul.  Somehow he escaped our efforts to infect him.  This flu bug is highly contagious, so if I saw you within the last couple weeks, I apologize (sorry Austins!). 

Lastly Last, there is still time to order your book and get into the Literary Society (unofficial name change due to the clever and classy Rebeca — I must say I like it better!).  It’s gonna be time well spent.  I’m feeling a little insecure tho… have you seen how many English majors have joined? I hope there are a few fellow doorknobs who join so I won’t have to be the very dumbest girl in the club.

PS please stop in and say hi to a couple of my “local” friends, Kathy and Joanna (who has up some great shots of the P & P party!); they just set up blogs here.

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February 22nd, 2007
A Day At Curry Farm

Today we were honored to have our friends, the Johnstons,  come over for a little field trip.  And talk about perfect timing; they showed up right as one of our little chickies was busting out of its egg! Since last night we’ve had a total of four hatch, and it looks like four more should hatch this afternoon.

After watching the chick make its appearance, the Johnstons got to see the new baby goats and check for eggs (not from the goats).  It was a real delight to have them, and their son, Joshua, is keeping two of the new little hatched chickies at his home for a couple of weeks.  What a blessing it is to have this place and to be able to share it with our friends.  If you’re ever in our area let us know; we’d love to have you over and show you around!  

Today Geoff is picking up a new milking goat and her kid.  So starting tomorrow we will be drinking fresh goat milk.  And when I say ‘we’ I mean “everybody in the family but me”.  I not quite that courageous yet…

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February 21st, 2007
It *Aint* the Mickey Mouse Club

Yesterday I was feeling a little disturbed about an odd email I received, but was considerably cheered up when my daughter, Ryann, magically pulled a miniature Reeses Peanut Butter Cup out from behind my ear.  I especially like any optical illusions that involve chocolate.

So, have you checked out the new HSB Literary Club

You must join us.  Why? Because it is going to be: A) Fun  B) Educational  C) Enlightening  D) Encouraging and the best part about it, is that we are going to start with my very favorite book, Ishmael 

When I first saw the book Ishmael, I thought *boring*.  It conjured up dreary dry scenes of sand and deserts or of a little wild boy with a knife who would grow up to start an Islamic nation.  

Nope. Nothing of the sort. This story is set in the mid 1800’s in Maryland and Virginia.  The story is so complex and rich and full.  I was so sad when it was over.  Hence my mad rush to buy any book I could find written by E.D.E.N Southworth.   So order the book now so we can all start reading it together in a couple weeks.  This book will seriously BLESS you.

Lastly, I would like to say a big THANKS to my future daughter in law, Kaitlin (I’m hoping she’ll marry Bobo even tho she’s seven years older than him).  THANKS Kait the Great.  I like the fake chicky real fine.  We’re gonna hatch it later today.  It meant a lot that you would send me a Veronica replacement.  You’re one crazy South African.  Hurry up and come back here for a visit, ok? We all miss you.

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February 19th, 2007
Happy Birthday Coie

Today my Coie turned 18.  Last night I started composing a blog entry in my head and i started to cry like a big fat baby.  Actually, as a big fat sick baby.  Good gravey, I got the pukies and I seriously thought I was gonna die.  I’m still feeling like I got hit by a truck, but tons better than yesterday.  So anyways, here are a few things that I love about my daughter:

She loves God more than anybody I know

I know how much she loves our family because of her constant and consistent cheerful obedience and service to all of us

She’s a good cooker

She rates within the top three funniest people I’ve ever met

She lets me wear her clothes

She is fiercely faithful to her family (and extended family)

She chooses her friends wisely

She cleans and organzies better than anybody I know– except for her messy bedroom.

Her brothers and sisters all adore her (Coie, I promise I will not let Bobo marry you no matter how hard he begs)

She can fix anything, whether on the computer, a broken door, set up bookshelves or fix a printer, or something that needs to be welded, painted or sewn, etc.  She is very handy to have around the house

In short, I’ve never met anybody like her.  This list cannot sum up how precious she is to our family.  I cannot believe she is 18.  It makes me extraordinarily sad to think that she has become a grown up lady and will leave our home someday.  I am excited for her, though.  With the help of God she has built a strong foundation that will carry her thru the rest of her life. 

Coie, I love you.  Now that you are an ‘adult’ I can honestly say that I count you not only as a precious daughter, but as a best friend.  Thank you for being such a special girl.

Geoff the Great has posted a timeline of pictures covering Coie’s life.  Do not *I repeat* do NOT look at the pictures of me.  I mean, golly, it was the 80’s, ok??? EVERYBODY looked like that.

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February 16th, 2007
The House of Sushi

What do sick, nerdy JaPansies do for fun? They make sushi.  While we’re waiting for others to get their entries in for the contest below, here are some cultural pictures that I took last night for your viewing pleasure. Pay attention Sharra, there will be a quiz.

Here is Geoff the Great getting Ryann and Coie set up.  Where’s Waldo?  Check the upper right hand corner.  Emmiko tries to sneak into any and every picture that’s ever being taken. She was *supposed* to be cleaning the kitchen. Anyways, that black stuff on the table is flat dried out seaweed.  It sort of tastes like salted tar. We like it. 

Squish Squish Squish. The next step to Igarashi Sushi Making is to squish rice onto the flat black sea-tar, which is on top of a bamboo sushi roller.  Let’s hope everybody washed their hands.

Here is Ryann, looking very confident with her sushi making skills.  As you can see, she has added carrot slices, crab meat and avocado onto her squishy rice and sea-tar.  By the way, a secret potion of sugar, vinegar and salt was mixed into the rice before they started this whole process.

And here is Coie working on her sushi roll.  And there’s James in the background, locked up and at a good distance in order to ensure safe and sanitary sushi.  The Igarashi Constitution has an article therein which states "Any individual whosoever eats boogers (whether his own, or others) shall not be permitted to cook, nor permitted within three feet of prepatory activities pertaining to consumable items"

Here you see the finished product.  Personally, I like Ryann’s sushi the best.  Very Artistic. As you can see, Geoff the Great made the MOST sushi.  JaPansies are natural over achievers.  They can’t help but out-do everybody around.  Wanna hear a funny story? ok, I’ll tell you.  White ol’ blue-eyed ME was born in Japan, and my Japanese husband was born in Whitey-ville, Idaho. It’s true. My dad was in the military. That’s why. Well, it doesn’t explain why he was born in Idaho, but I digress.  

Here’s Coie: "You want to take a picture of what-what?" 

Me: "Of you eating your sushi. Just eat it and act normal" 

Coie: "Okaaaaaaaaaaaay"  :

That’s just weird.  Does this picture disturb anybody else?  Now I know why she has such an affinity for frogs.  She looks just like one. Ribbit. 

And thus concludes today’s show on, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Making Sushi But Were Afraid to Ask.

Tomorrow Nancy will pick our winners from the contests below, PLUS very soon I’m going to tell you all about THIS, which will be very exciting for those of us who love reading good books.

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**** EDIT***

Hear Ye Here Ye…. Nancy the Nutty-Butter Hath Chosen Winners….. and here she is now:

***Original Post**

This has been a fun week.  Two of my kids have been puking their pants off since Monday.  There is nothing worse than the Barf Flu.  And this one is particularly violent and projectile in nature. guh ROSS!

And I am bummed because I think I am going to have to cancel a Couples Valentine’s Day party that me and Geoff the Great were invited to.  Yes, I did want to go, even though it was ‘Valentines’ related, and don’t nobody give me no hard time about that neither.  We’ll see what happens.  Maybe if nobody pukes today or tomorrow we will still try and make it.

And now, for some good news and some complainy news…

The good news is that I have a super most excellent contest that THREE of you can win.  I have a two book set from Igniting Your Writing, by Sandy Larsen (Merrit Park Press). Click here to check them out.   

I also have a three book set from Artistic Pursuits, Grades 4-6 (book 1, Emphasis on American Art) Senior High (book 1, Emphasis on European Art) and Senior High (book 2, Emphasis on European Art).  Click here to check them out

And lastly, one of you will win a two book set by AVKO – Improving Reading  & Spelling Skills via Keyboarding, and Individualized Keypording: Click here to check it out. 

Neat-sy, eh?  You can enter by telling me which one of these sets you’d like to win, AND tell me THREE things about you that most people don’t know. 

I’ll go first:  About 15 years ago I was in a Twila Paris video that aired on one of the Billy Graham crusade programs, second: I always dream that my teeth are crumbling and falling out, and third: when me and gena were little we went to a state fair and a cow pooped and it splatted all over gena’s face.  Ok, so that last one wasn’t completely about me, but I knew it would enhance your day. 

Now…moving on to the complainy news, is anybody else pulling out there hair with the blog issues? 

I just wanted to let you know that everyone here is working like crazed monkeys to get the kinks worked out. has grown SO big SO fast that we are scrambling to put in a stronger infrastructure to hold it all– we never expected it to get as HUGE as it has!  So I guess that’s actually a good thing.  But growing pains can still be… well, a PAIN. Thanks for being patient, it is being worked on, and I think once it’s all updated we will all have a superior fast, safe, family friendly blog community.

Matter of fact, if you feel so inclined, leave Paul and Gena a nice comment if you have been blessed by  I do not know how they maintain their consistent happy cheerful attitudes, especially when things get hectic.  Maybe it’s because they are part ape and it is hard to rile up lower life forms.   Anyhow, these annoying glitches will hopefully be gone SOON.

Ok, good luck on the contest.  Three winners will be picked soon by my friend Nancy (she doesn’t know this yet, I’m going to force her into it)




Well the time has come for me to pick the lucky winners in the "Three Obscure Things About ME that nobody really wanted to know" contest that Jen so lovingly has hosted. Of course, her title wasn’t quite as catchy as mine is, but since I am the JUDGE, I can call it what I want to.

Just to let you know, if you mentioned the "P" word, you were automatically put to the top of my "I don’t like that blogger anymore because they talk like Jen list." Just Kidding. It’s her blog and you can say Puke if you want to. 

And since I couldn’t enter, I thought I would at least share what my entry would have been, if it could have been. Can I? Could I? Should I? Would I? Ok. 

1. I once watched Jen eat an enormous steak for lunch, and she swears she wasn’t pregnant at the time. But that isn’t about me, now is it? Now all she eats is sushi with avocado in it. No wonder they are always sick. I like avocados, I don’t like sushi.

2. Two of the schools I formerly attended both burned down. I was living out of state at the time, honest. I only mentioned this because RedMom had a hilarious story about a fire in her comments. Read it. She could have won a prize if she could have. She rescued the mustard lid, in the drive-in, with the firemen, having coffee….

3. Lets see…..I once had purple hair, was in a commercial for Kodak Poster Prints that aired during the Johnny Carson show, and was kidnapped and put into the trunk of a car and driven around for what seemed like hours. Not all at the same time, but I am out of numbers.


So without further ado, or is that "adieu?" I will get on with the REAL winners. Envelope Please.


Winner #1 AVKO Prize

To the Sternwoman on the lobster boat who goes white-water rafting with her aunt AND grandmother…..YOU WON! Sounds to me like there are some pretty strong genes in your family pool!  Posted by livin4Him6

I’m in!! :0) Here are 3 things about me that nobody knows, well someone probably knows but you all don’t know. ;0)
1.) I was the sternman or should I say sternwoman, on a lobster boat. Yes, I filled bait bags and got to put those wonderful rubber bands on the lobsters claws.
2.) I went white water rafting with my grandmother and great aunt and I think they fared better then me. LOL
3.) I know how to trim a goats hooves. Okay, that might not be a secret, but I just learned last year so its new to me. LOL

Now, winner #2- Artistic Pursuits Prize,

To the Lame Duck-Duck-Goose player! Anyone who can break a leg playing D-D-G must have a zeal for life unmatched by anyone! And because she has admitted to spying on Jen and her kinfolk on HSB, I think she just better get a blog and join us for more of the fun. CONGRATULATIONS!!! 

Posted by Veronica M

1. when I was a kid I used to want to be a Disney animator. I think I drew about every Disney character there was, for practice, and imagining I would put together a portfolio that would *wow* them into hiring me!
2. when I was 13 I broke my leg playing duck duck goose. the first three days were HORRID, after that it was all special treatment for 3 months, which was pretty nice actually.
3. I have been *spying* on you, Jen, as well as Coie, your other various offspring and relatives, their friends, etc through this blog site for the past month or so, and I have been so blessed by it! (you can tell Gena that.) It is a little weird to feel like I know you all, but you don’t know me from Adam. One of these days I will start up a blog of my own, then we can be friends and I won’t have to spy on you anymore (but maybe I’ll wait till it seems like all the problems you guys are talking about are worked out). Wining this contest might that along a little…Till then, you can reach me (if you want) at themahnkens AT hotmail. Thanks! 

And Winner #3 for the Igniting Your Writing Prize, 

 What a great testimony. From once being labeled incorrigible to now be wearing the incorruptible garments of the Lord Jesus, God Bless you Debbie!  Aren’t we all thankful for being New Creations?  I know I am!

(And by the way, if you are still doing hair, I won’t be making an appointment soon to have my eyebrows done, ok??  )CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Posted by debbiecorley/reluctant blogger

1. I once spent a very lonely two weeks all by myself in London, England while attending advance training school for hairdressers.

2. I got kicked out of high school for being "incorrigible". I looked this up in the dictionary once. It means "not able to be reformed or improved". Well, I got news for them…I’m both! I met Jesus and am much sweeter now!

3. I once accidentally ripped a woman’s eyebrow COMPLETELY off while trying to wax her..I should’ve just stuck to the hair-do’s!


Thanks for all the fun comments people!  I loved reading all your crazy quirks and realize that we all have a little bit TOO much in common.  Special thanks to Jen for making me do this, and to Gena and Paul for the HSB site.  You are all nuts, but I consider knowing you a huge blessing!



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VR2VA(Virginia Reel 2 in Virginia)  …Jacque came up with that, and I like it! 

I hope you are planning now to come out to join us this Oct. 20 in Abingdon VA for the 07 Second Annual Barn Dance.  And do not pay any heed to the ridiculous video on Gena’s blog of me and geoff the great.  That video was obviously tampered with in an effort to down play my highly skilled dance abilities.   The below poster is courtesy of Young Master Austin. 

and I think Mr. Bluedorn looks great in that new look: Terrified. Muaahahahaha.  And doesn’t Geoff the Great look marvelous when he is threatening utter dance off destruction? That’s my man.


Start making plans NOW to attend!  Even Marshie will be there, and believe me, that lady is worth meeting!  Keep checking here for updates, and if you are traveling from out of town, I highly recommend you make your reservations HERE, which is also the same place where we held the P & P party.  It is a GORGEOUS and affordable/comfortable/convenient campground… and if you stay there then you can meet over at my house on Oct 20th and follow us up to the Barn Dance.  And Marshie lives in TEXAS, so don’t go telling me it’s too far for you to come. It’s going to be SUPER FUN!  Put it on your calendar and we’ll see you soon!

And now, as much as it tweaks the Nutpickle, I still maintain my abhorance for Valentines Day.  If you’re on the list to get The Homeschool Minute, you’ll see why in my blurb tomorrow when it is sent out.  In that same installmant, Julie links to the article below in her ‘blurb’.  Thanks Julie!   

 The Hag, The Ogre, and The Chocolate Cake (written about five years ago for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine)

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I don’t even know where to start.  Good gracious heavens to betsy… WHAT A PARTY!  I’m gonna post some pics here (thanks to the fabulous Austin boys!).  And for more details (and pictures), Maria and Timothy did a lovely job at giving a run down.  Thanks SO MUCH for all you people who showed up — and I expect to see all of you at the Abingdon party in Oct, hosted by the Austins.   Speaking of the Austins…. aren’t they lovely?  I *love* this family! 

The tall fella in the middle (above) is Mr. Nathan Black, who did a superb job at calling the dances.  And we were so delighted because his parents, Dave and Becky, gave a wonderful update on the work they are doing with the new and growing churches in Ethiopia.  Please see their website for updates, you will be so encouraged by their story and the stories of the Ethiopian brothers and sisters who are serving God faithfully under great persecution.  The Blacks traveled a long way to be with us and our group was very blessed to have them!

You prob can’t see the table decorations very well in the picture above, but they were *gorgeous*.  Our friends, the Petersons, made them; they came early with the Nelsons’s, Gonzalez’s and Burggrafs to set things up. I would have been toast if they hadn’t, because not only did I get there late, i am a total doorknob when it comes to decorating.  They did it ALL.

See that dashing young man above on the left?  He is one of Betsy’s sons.  My word, you should have seen their entire family.  I don’t have a picture of them, but they looked like they stepped right out of a scene from Pride and Prejudice. GORGEOUS!  Our friends, the Gonzales family, were also stunning, and i mean STUNNING.  Coie is with the group of girls above, in front of her are her friends Shaiya, Jocelyn, and Amanda.  Aren’t they lovely?  The Dixon girls looked downright angelic in their white gowns.

James couldn’t talk at the moment, he was having a meeting with his Dorito.  Note his clean shaven head.  No more pig tales for this boy.

This is the best picture I have ever ever ever seen of my sister.  I think she should go with this new look full time.

Here’s a shot of the Virginia Reel in action. (Watch out, Laurie Bluedorn, me and Geoff the Great have been practicin’ and a’practicin.  We’re gonna whoop you this year in Abingdon, I can just feel it in my bones).  Check out Mr. Gonzalez above… his daughter’s made him that stunning suit.  Mr. Darcy aint got nothin’ on him!

See that beautiful blue/gray dress? The beautiful girl inside of it is my daughter, Coie.  She made that gorgeous dress.  Unfortunately, i have no front facing pictures of her (nor do I have even one shot of Ryann.  I did not have a camera with me!).  But doesn’t the back of Coie’s head look pretty?  At least, in the picture above, we get to see the dashing young Master Austin.  What a handsome man!

Here’s Paul dancing with one of the lovely Austins maidens.  His wife, Gena, didn’t dance at all.  I suppose part of the reason was because I made her hold James all day so me and Geoff could practice our moves.

My nephew, Paulie, did not dance much, but here is a great shot of him.  Isn’t he cute?  What a dapper fellow.

That’s all the pics I got fer now.  I’m waiting for everyone who took pics from the party to send me theirs. Thanks again, Austins, for sending these over!  I am sure Coie will be posting a boatload of pics soon as we get some more. 

We had *such* a good time.  We may have to do this again next year!  In the meantime, we have the Abingdon dance to look forward to in Oct!

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February 9th, 2007
It’s a Butternut What-what??

My husband has always wanted to be a health nut, so when we made some vegan friends a couple days ago, he went all gung-ho and patronized their favorite health food store and put a small order in for organic vegetables.  No big deal right? 

Today, our order comes in, so I went down with him to check things out and snicker.  I love all things sugar, salt and meat related so I get a kick out of seeing how the ‘other side’ live.  So anyways, the very sweet girl behind the counter rings up our two heads of broccoli, bag of celery, some cloves of garlic and these three yellow gourd looking things called butternut squash. 

Take a wild guess how much our bag of produce cost.  Never mind, I’ll tell you.  It was sixty bucks. SIXTY BUCKS.  I about fell over and had an organic stroke right then and there.  My husband looked over and gave me one of those, “I had no idea it was gonna cost this much / don’t do anything to embarrass me” looks.  Sixty bucks???  I’m thinking this had better be some sort of magical organic vegetables that are gonna give us super invisibility powers or let me fly and see thru metal.  Sixty bucks!! Believe me, honey, I aint snickerin’ no mo.

And if that’s not bad enough, I don’t even know what to do with these big yellow things.  I cut one open and it looked all stringy and seedy inside, just like a pumpkin! What in the world?? I’m guessin’ I better figure out real dang quick what to do because they are too expensive to drop kick across my pond.  Maybe I can sell them on Ebay.  Or I suppose I could carve the other two and display them at the party tomorrow.

Ok, I gotta go.  The Dixons are gonna be here any minute and I’m gonna try to whip up some magical spaghetti with our million dollar garlic bulbs.

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