A DIsappointing Day For My Nephew Luke….

Today my nephew, Luke,
let me know that he was really upset.  Apparently there was some
confusion in the move from his old rental to his new rental (down the
street from me), somebody *accidentally* threw away his important
bag… a bag he had been saving for an entire three months that was
full of dryer lint.  Er… Gena?  Your kid is just plum weird.

And in other weird news… I don't know what the deal is, but my luck
with Tennessee neighbors has been off a notch..  One of our
neighbors has been stopping our kids as they ride back and forth down
the street from my house to Gena's, and asking them suspicious
questions like “Do you date? Are you homeschooled?  Do your
parents spank you?”  Is that not something to be concerned about?  I guess Paul and Geoff the Great
are going to go talk to the guy (he's like 143 years old) and in a
friendly-like-neighborly fashion let him know to stop engaging our kids
in  personal conversation.  I'd rather have my old nudie
neighbor than my present nosey neighbor.   I wonder what the
guy would think if he heard about Luke's 3 month stock pile of dryer

I guess even way out in the booneys you're gonna run into some corn-nuggets.

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  1. ClassicalEducation4Me says:

    Luke is not the only one …

    I found a HUGE stash of link under Ian’s bed a while back … he ALWAYS wanted to empty out the lint catcher when I did laundry, but I didn’t know that he was SAVING the stuff – LOL! Then, he started saving the Sunday comics and they were stockpiled under his bed, so I had to throw all of those out. Luckily, he’s not collecting anything at the moment 🙂


  2. Amber says:


    I guess you just have all the luck.

    0:) Amber

  3. drewsfamilytx says:

    Untitled Comment

    I can’t believe you’re saying he’s weird! You’re going to feel pretty darn bad when you find out that he has been saving all that dryer lint (which is, by the way, better than saving belly button lint) for a special gift for his auntie Jen! He was probably going to make a big fluffy pillow or something out of it! Yup, you’re going to feel pretty guilty when Christmas or your birthday comes around again and he’s got nothin to give ya…


    Marshie (who has a good 8 weeks worth of dryer lint saved up b/c I’m too lazy to empty out the laundry room trash can– I’ll send it to you, Luke, okay?!)

  4. nsremom says:

    Untitled Comment

    The nerve of some people…hmph. I agree that the tactful way to handle an old snoopy neighbor is just to nicely say, “We teach our kids to not engage weirdos…err….strangers.” Odd.

    And I cannot comment on the dryer lint thing. What’s with that?

  5. Jocelyndixon says:

    Poor Luke!!!

    I made of pillow a few years ago and stuffed it with socks and lint! I still have it though I only made it because I didn’t have a seat in the van and had to sit on the floor. I worked pretty well, but now we have a 15 pas. and I have my own seat without a pillow!!!

    Stop by soon!


    Myrtle Dimple Hardbottle, a Hobbit from BloggerEarth

  6. iluvmy3chickiesandtheirdaddy2 says:

    Hey Jen

    I’m going to tell your nosey neighbor to ask why homeschool boys save lint??? HAAAAA!!

  7. jaminacema says:

    I Feel Your Pain!

    We had a nosy neighbor for awhile too. She was also about 143 and drunk most of the time. She would come over and curse at me for not sending my children to school. She constantly threated to call the police on me for homeschooling. I finally told her to go ahead and call the police because I would rather deal with them than her. She got the message and left me alone after that! I felt bad because I would have loved to be a Christian example to her but she was so bent on making me miserable I finally had to push her away. I was happy when she finally moved!

  8. KimMurphy says:


    So that’s why cleaning the lint trap is almost the only chore my children fight over! That explains a lot….and yet, still…not really. If I could only get them to rumble over who gets to clean up the cat puke…

    By way of full disclosure, you should know that I frequently steal your original phrases (corn-nuggets, nut-pickle, etc.) and pass them off as my own. I’ll wait to hear from your lawyer…


  9. PatinTenn says:

    You have just made my morning !!!

    About Luke that is. About your neighbor, I don’t know. You really can’t trust some people now days. Some really think that if they don’t understand or agree with what you are doing ….then YOU must be wrong and THEY need to fix it !!

    Good luck with this. And, can we send our dryer lint up north to Luke? It has got to go somewhere….

    And oh, yea, we are probably all CORN NUGGETS to somebody somewhere, lol. I just loved that comment, I will have to remember to use it.

    Pat in Tenn

    (Coming your way in Nov. see my blog.)

  10. mominpa says:


    That is so true….

    before moving here in February…we lived in a town house on an ENTIRE street of townhouses…we never had any problems…no one ever just dropped by…nothing…everyone stuck to themselves….NOW here in no-mans land…I sometimes don’t dress very nice (hey ya know dealing with chickens, gardens and 2 boys..sometimes a pair of ripped sweat pants shorts and a t-shirt is okay) and OF COURSE those are the days someone pulls into the drive way to introduce themselves….they probably wonder WHERE in the WORLD did this family come from because as long as the boys are outside they are DIRTY!!!!!! We have had more visitors (2 x a local pastor) here in this little country home than we EVER did in town. WEIRD..I think… but I guess it has a lot to do with the friendliness of the people here and the business of the people in town?? No one has talked to the boys..(but they are still under my watchful eye 100% of the time).

  11. KarenW says:

    Untitled Comment

    Poor Luke! I have a child who saves everything and her heart is broken when things get thrown out or when we try and convince her she just didn’t need it. Perhaps Luke was saving it for some marvellous invention and someday he’ll be rich and famous because of his stash of dryer lint.

  12. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl says:

    Good news for Luke…..

    I have a bag of lint in my basement that is at least 3 months old.

    Let me know if he is really interested and I will make sure that it gets to him.


  13. lynan says:


    My free t-shirt finally came!!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I think it would’ve been way quicker had I just come to see you. You’re about an hour and a half from me, right? Still should do that soon…

    Sorry about the neighbor. Let us know how he responds to his visit!

    Kids collect some really odd things. Ethan used to collect lollipop wrappers. Now he collects twist ties…..

  14. Honeybee says:

    Untitled Comment

    Change of subject–I’m dying to know if you met the Holy Land Experience people? Please! Let me know! Glad you guys had so much fun!


  15. JenIG says:

    Untitled Comment

    Melissa, YES! we did meet them. WOW, you were not kidding. They were so neat; they wanted to set us up with a tour while we were down there but time was too tight. We are planning on featuring them in an upcoming issue. Thanks for the great information about them!

  16. jayfromcleveland says:

    Untitled Comment

    Well, that’s what you get for moving down south. Remember what Joe Pesci said in “My Cousin Vinnie” — “These are people that marry their sisters… well some of them anyway!”

    FYI — as we know from Boy Scouts, dryer lint makes excellent tinder for starting a fire. Aren’t these nephews of yours the same kids that dynamite snowmen? It’s probably best to not know what he’s planning!


    I didn't go to the park today…

    ….. the boys and I are planning a fun day in town. We’ll head out for mini-golf later and than dinner or dinner and than golf.. we’ll see how it goes. You should be getting an invite – if you haven’t yet. Hope you can come. Still waiting on a date for the bloggers picnic. It is all waiting for your final date choice…..e-mail me!



  18. Jul says:

    Handy for Craft Projects

    Jess saves lint for pillows and other craft projects.

    Maybe she can pass some along next time we see you guys.

    I did ask her to throw some away a while back when the lint collection grew, and the crafts planned were not getting made.

    Just give Luke some Benedryl and he’ll get over it.

    Sorry about the nosey neighbor things…that is creepy.

  19. TOSPUBLISHER says:

    Untitled Comment

    Lukey need not worry. I saw his furball bag in the living room, screeched shrilly, and threw it out in the back yard since Paul is going to the dump. He still has a chance to retrieve it if he hurries. My child is bizarre.

    In other bizarre news, Paul is on his way over to your house RIGHT NOW with Liesel. Congratulations; you’ve earned yet another animal. Paul will explain. GAH!

  20. Garrisongang says:


    I’m just wondering if somewhere in the Suarez family study on various traditions and seasons in the Christian calendar great confusion was somehow allowed to take over, and “giving it up for Lent” mysteriously and rather strangely turned into “saving it up ’cause it’s lint.” I could be wrong, but it’s an interesting theory.

  21. Kaitlin says:


    Mrs Ig. I’m coming in 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous says:


    I tagged you for a kitchen meme… go here to play:

    Kitchen Meme at Gatheringmanna.blogspot.com

    This is Sprittibee, by the way!!! 🙂

  23. chickadee says:

    your poor nephew

    all strange, bad, unwanted habits are blamed on homeschooling. my mom does it all the time. they won’t eat salad – it’s because they are homeschooled. they won’t spend the night anywhere but home -it’s because they’re homeschooled. they love their mama – homeschooled!

    you always get the weirdo neighbors!

  24. writmm says:

    Untitled Comment

    Jen, thanks for your encouraging words on my blog. Sounds like a delightful neighbor you have! Dryer lint, eh? What was he going to make with it? I remember back in the 80s hearing about someone who made cool brooches with dryer lint.

  25. JacqueDixonSoulRestES says:

    Poor Luke!!! et al.

    I’m sure betwixt the two of your families, lint isn’t too much of a problem to stockpile. It sure isn’t around here…

    So, do they date? Are they homeschooled? and Do you spank them?

    Shame shame shame. Maybe he wants a date. You live in Tenessee, right?

    ( ; Sorry, reading your posts and several of the cute comments just ‘gets me going.’

    Anyway, so, Coie is graduated. And, you unschool. So, do you have graduation requirements of your own? I was not happy when SuperAngel found out she graduated. We were going through the “I’m graduating when I’m 17” thing, because I graduated when I was 17(August bday).

    So, any tips, or did you just fulfill the TN requirements in an unschooling sort of way? What math did she do, did she learn a foreign lang…

    oops, am I being a nosey neighbor??? SORRY.

    Thanks! Jacque

    Mom to SuperAngel, Jocelyndixon, rjdjohn316,

    plus 4 more

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