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May 18th, 2005

My brain only works part time, and it is after hours.  This will likely be mildly interesting at best. As a matter of fact, you may want to try another blog…like the one by Middle Earth Mom.  Now THAT is one funny lady.  Some people can just conjure up wit on command, and she is one of those people.  Actually my daughter, Coie, is one of those people, too.  It's neat when your kids reach the age where they're 'real' people — you know, the type that you'd want to go out and have a cup of coffee with.  I think that is one of my biggest hopes for the future — to have my kids' hearts; to know that they enjoy hanging out with me and their dad.  Sometimes it's hard to see that now when i'm busy and tired and have a billion things to do and when the four year old is jumping off the walls and wanting to play ring-a-round the rosies with me.  But those are all the little things that are the building blocks to a phenomenal adult friendship.  They remember everything.  I remember …. don't you? 

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  1. underthesky said,

    on May 21st, 2005 at 5:36 pm

    Yes, I do remember

    and I think that what you have in your oldest daughter is beautiful. I was having a similar conversation over email recently and I wrote this:

    "On one hand I think, that is what I want for them – I would like us to have (and mind you I realize this is somewhat “dreamy” of me to think this way) the relationships that the sisters in Pride and Prejudice did without the almost desperate *need* to find a husband due to their financial situation.I would like to have a close relationship with my daughters as adults without the frenetic pace of life in the 21st century. I would like us to be able to have long afternoons here with books, tea, communication, relationships, without the frenzied life of running here and there all the time that *I* had in college. The work full time, college full time, church, meet a man, etc. It was a very full time in my life with little margin – too much."

    I hope to cultivate that and I understand your desire too.



  2. underthesky said,

    on May 21st, 2005 at 5:36 pm

    Keep blogging

    Your thoughts are worth reading.


  3. Geoff said,

    on May 21st, 2005 at 6:42 pm


    Why do you think you and Coie have such fun together? You both have the same wit. I think all of the kids got you brain… and looks for that matter…. I don't see any brown eye's or dark brown hair… Just blond, brunette, and red. I think the only one that got brains and looks like me is the Dog! hmmm, I'm hungry for one of those meaty things…..

  4. Anonymous said,

    on May 21st, 2005 at 9:16 pm

    tea with kate

    i'm with you, kate; i'm also hoping that my daughters will cultivate close relationships with godly friendships with other girls their age. It is really hard for my girls to find others who share a like-mindedness. This is why I SO love it when our daughters get to hang out. You're doing a really marvelous job at bringing up daughters of virtue. I am thankful for their gentle and godly influence in my girls' lives whenever they are together.

  5. Anonymous said,

    on May 21st, 2005 at 9:21 pm

    geoff vs coie

    as for you my darling geoff… you're nuts. bobo looks, acts, talks, walks and smells just like you. plus they all have that weird dimple in their ear. and coie has definitely inherited your 'noticement'. the other day she noticed that some girl's earlobe had no 'hangy thingy' to put earrings in. that is EXACTLY like you. It's the 'artist eyes' in you i guess…. i never notice anything like that. i am the most non detailed oriented person that i've ever met. and you're the most detailed oriental person i've ever met, mr igarashi.

  6. MelRae said,

    on May 22nd, 2005 at 11:02 am

    got it!

    Hey Jen!

    I found your blog! Now, I hope it lets me post a comment. I hear your heart – I definitely want to enjoy my lil uns and not get lost in the crazy to do list. And there is SO much to do!



  7. JenIG said,

    on May 22nd, 2005 at 6:19 pm

    always human

    The bummer thing about being human is that even when you become a 'new creation in Christ' you are still, most certainly, still a human with flesh. I don't particularily like that because it is a constant battle, and being the very lazy person that i am, i don't always feel like being on gaurd. Pride is with me until the end. What a sad thing. I cannot rip it off; i cannot liposuction it out. It is a heavy overcoat that i must lug around until i finally drop dead. Not that I'm suicidal or anything, but naturally, i''ll be glad when my 'natural' responses to conflict and/or opposition is unhindered by my big fat flesh. actually…. when i'm glorified, and in heaven, will there even be conflict or opposition? It is so true that the gospel is shallow enough for a child to splash in, and yet deep enough for the most intellectual theologin to drown in. did i spell theologin wrong? i can't seem to find a spell checker on this bloggy thingy.

  8. frogiggie89 said,

    on May 23rd, 2005 at 4:30 pm


    Can I mention something? I didn't say she didn't have "hangy things" on her ears. I said that her earlobes were attached, therefore giving her an elvish look. I think Mrs. Haper and Kessler would appreciate that. :):)

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