Grinding Away

Heavens to Betsy I hate the dentist.  Well, not personally.  Apparently, not only do I have a raging cavity, but I also ground out one of my bottom fillings.  I did not know I had a teeth grinding problem.  It all makes sense now, because for the last nine months or so, my jaw has been killing me and I couldn’t figure out why.  That’s gross. 


The dentist was going to take care of the cavity while I was in the chair but all of a sudden I went white, broke out in a sweat and started shaking… so he told me, “um… I’m gonna set you up to come back on another day so I can hook you up to the happy gas machine”.  That was awfully nice of him, don’t you think? 


As I was leaving, the nurse said, “How’d a big chicken baby like you give birth to so many kids?” 


To which I brilliantly responded with a dumb blank stare. 


In other news, Coie is selling the Civil War dress that she made (size 8-10).  I will link to it when it goes up on Ebay.  We were looking at Civil War dresses the other day and they’re going for like $125.  She took pictures of Ryann wearing it and I thought they (the dress and Ryann) looked really lovely.  What a talented girl I own.












Also, if you live in Canada and have a blog, will you email me at Jeneferig @ gmail. com ?  I will tell you why when you email me.  Don’t worry, it’s a fun thing.


Also, I am looking for a writer to pen an article for a project I am working on — I need a 750 word article on the benefits and advantages of learning a foreign language; if this is something you could do, email me, k?

20 thoughts on “Grinding Away

  1. Whew! When I saw that post title I was afraid I’d be subjected to more dead animal pictures. I was thinking sausages…grinding… I am relieved to see nice, non-carcass pictures instead.

  2. Ok, so uh, wow. Both Ryann and that dress and Ryann IN that dress looks stunning. I’d totally buy that dress iffin I ever had a civil war to go to. And how come smart alack coie left you a comment, but never leaves ME any?!

    also, i’m fully jealous that you get to get hooked up to the happy gas machine. What a good gig that is. I remember my first experience with the happy gas machine. I was 6 – and mom was having my tonsils taken out (still have NO idea why she did that. I *totally* miss them). Anyhow, lucky you.

  3. ps.. that’s gross that you grind your teeth. From now on, I shall call you the Big Chicken, Teeth Grinding Lady.

  4. ROFLOL you big chicken baby! You know–I’d much rather give birth than go to the dentist any day too. Really. At least you get something cute out of the deal.

    So let us know what the dress goes for on the auction–totally intesting. Very pretty too.

  5. LOL. Thought the same thing, Co. Jess, Crackin up at the ‘If I ever had a Civil War to go to’ You get 7 points. 😀

    I hate those pictures Momma. I look like I have a bad attitude.

  6. Hi Jen,
    I was just catching up on your posts and I am crying now , too! OMG!!!! You *have* had an incredible year of healing and restoration in your family! I love that you got to spend some time with Aaron…what a gift! I don’t know what else to say….

  7. Beautiful dress & gal! Such talented offspring. Seriously, it’s a great encouragement to see your lovely older ones. Especially as I’m watching my four, 5 and under, test every boundary I’ve set. I never knew just how much I truly needed the Lord until they came along.

  8. Wow – that dress is gorgeous! (and Ryann is lovely, too!) 😉

    I really wish I could sew like that!
    Coie should start a ‘sewing camp’ for homeschoolers- LOL! I’d sign-up!


  9. Coie MADE that dress?!?! How COOL is THAT?! And Ryann look lovely in it. I don’t think I’d sell the dress…I’d keep it just so I could say, “Hey Ryann, go put on the great Civil War dress tha Coie made and give me a twirl!” She looks so cute in it, I’d hate get rid of it. lol

    Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf<

  10. The dress is beautiful.

    I also hate the dentist and I have since I was a kid. I can’t have novicane when they go drill on my teeth so I get really sick from all the paint.

  11. Greeting dearest big chicken baby friend (hee,hee, j/k:):)

    Yuck about the dentist! We sooooo need to go there, too!! Now for my smartie comment, I will probably have nasty things like root canals or something needed, too!:) Really, I hope that filling your tooth is a piece of cake! And that it is painless, quick and uneventful!:)

    Ryann looks BEAUTIFUL!!! and the dress is AMAZING!!! Way to go, Coie!! You not only have talented, but also beautiful children!:)

    Love you!

  12. I have the same grinding problem. *sigh* I also have the fear of dentist thing, and have had the shakes and sweats in the chair before. Not a happy feeling. Rather a rude comment about you being a chicken baby. :o(

    Thank you for your sweet comments about my Aunt’s passing. It was so sweet of you!

    The dress Coie made is gorgeous! Oh my goodness – what a talented young lady she is! I can’t imagine making anything like that at all!! You’re daughter is a very talented girl!!

    God bless you ~ Julie

  13. Oh man – now I hAVE to learn to sew. My kids are going to ‘pioneer day camp’ and they are expected to “dress like a Pioneer!” :-O
    I’d better get learnin’!

  14. The civil war dress looks very lovely… and so does your daughter, who is modeling it. Coie did a very good job! Hope she is able to get a good price for it.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I have linked you as one of my weblog friends on my blogsite:
    Could you add me as one of your friends, please? 🙂


  15. OH my word…. a certain young lady needs to come give me sewing lessons on my brand spankin new sewing machine so I don’t sew my fingers to the thing. And Ryann looks beautiful – and from one former metal mouth to a new former metal mouth CONGRATS! It feels SO awesome when they take them off, I can’t even describe it. LOL

    I emailed you about the article – I have two different things that could be rewrites if’n ye like, and I can always do something else up to. You just let me know what you need if you haven’t already got someone in the stable, so to speak.

    BTW, congrats on the HSE articles! I’m gonna have to read those. I haven’t seen their mag in a while; you went and gave me good reason to look them up again. 😛

  16. Hey…the magic happy drugs are wonderful! Don’t let that nurse tell you otherwise! And let her know that hospitals provide even BETTER happy drugs for us women to have ‘so many babies’! ha ha ha! Love the Civil War era dress! So pretty! Wish I was still that small, cause I’d buy it!…but alas…that’s what having ‘so many babies’ did to me! ha ha!

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