My Mama Told Me, If I Was Good-y, Then She Would Buy Me, A Rubber Dolly…

…I don’t even know if that’s a real song but even after 20 years I still get it stuck in my head.




I’m a mama again! Sort of.  Megan finally made her cat give birth, and so now our cat collection has gone up again.  Yipppeeee fer me!  I hope this new batch stays alive.  So far I really like our newest, Claudia.  And she has made herself right at home…




And now for some more good news… it looks like my husband will be hired for a job that he really really really totally really wanted.  His interview was today and it went great (the guy kept him in there for three hours). This is excellent for us because it would mean a regular weekly paycheck, plus commission and bonuses, and it also comes with health insurance. Yay! Hooray! Hurrah!  The guy also told him that, based on his resume and just from talking with him, he thinks he’d be a potentially great fit for a managers position that may be coming up (I think next year).  That’s so cool.  My husband is so exceedingly marvelous.  This is great news for us.


The sales job he’s had for the last year is ONLY commission based. And that’s hard, because iffen you don’t sell nothin’, then you ain’t gettin’ no paycheck.  It was hugely excellent for us when he was able to quit his second job (a graveyard job position, which we were super thankful for but it was murder working so many hours), and now for him to just have ONE job — that should cover all of our bills — is really a huge answer to prayer.


In other news, we’ve been watching the John Adams movie, based on the book by David McCullough (rented it from Blockbuster).  I’m really enjoying it.  Abigail Adams was quite an amazing lady.  It’s funny because the Abigail character reminds me *so* much of Kate the Lovelyand about 30 minutes after the movie started my kids turned around and screeched – “Doesn’t that remind you of Mrs. Kessler???!!”  It totally does.


And for some more good news… Jess and Charley are coming back later this year to spend Christmas with us.  HALLELUJIA !!!!  Ryann… don’t tell your siblings, it’s sposed to be a surprise.


My ducks have already cleaned 1/4th of the pond.  Super Ducks.





25 thoughts on “My Mama Told Me, If I Was Good-y, Then She Would Buy Me, A Rubber Dolly…

  1. OH MY GOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re the BEST aunt and uncle on the planet! Maybe you could bring Grandpa with you??? Just get a ticket for one seat and you and Grandpa can share…no difference whether you have you’re own seat or share with Grandpa.

    I’ve never been so excited for Christmas to come!
    What a day full of good news! First Dad gets that job, then Mrs. Reed finally squeezed the kitty’s outta the Momma for us and to top the day off, you’re coming for Christmas!!!

    Thanks for the big blue bowl of Shepherd’s pie, momma, but I’m not hungry anymore…you can blame that on Charley and Jess.

  2. What a happy summer you are having! OK, I have moved my blog. Click on the link to come visit me, and subscribe to me, so you won’t miss me. Cause I live SO far away.

  3. Jess, aint nothin’ gonna be a good enough excuse for you not to come. nothin’. so you better make it happen or you’re dead. that goes for unca cha cha, too.

  4. Great news about Geoff the Great’s possible new job! I heart health insurance, even if I hate paying the premium.

    Oh and hooray for Jess and Charly and for the Super Ducks!!! I’ll pass on the cats though. Not very fond of them, even if you did name one Claudia. Hey, do you pronounce it Clawdeeuh or Cloudeeah? Because for some reason I pronounce it like my mom would– Cloudeeah!

    Marshie– who obviously needs some sleep because I be talkin’ the crazy talk!

  5. Marshie… it’s a cat… of *course* the pronounciation has to be CLAW dia. get it? claw. Ok, me needy the sleep sleep too. I got up too early.

  6. WOOHOO!!!! SO COOL about Geof’s new J-O-B!

    LOVE that pet pic…I do SO miss having cats. Ty and Jenna are deathly allergic to them. Good thing we can have a dog or I’d lose my mind – what there is left of it. I LOVE having pets.

    Oh…by the way…fledda!

    Blessings from Ohio…

  7. Very cool news. Makes me miss my sister. 🙁

    I’d love to see some pictures of the cleaning of the pond. Go, ducks, go!

  8. Jen it seems to me that everyone and everything that surrounds you, is full of character & personality. From your crazy “floating lawn” to your cat who sleeps ON the dog. Just wanted to let you in on my observation! And OH! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the plum jelly/jam/preserve whatever you call it. I can’t wait to make biscuits to try it on! The kittens are already getting fat little bellies. It will be hard to choose which one to keep and which one to give to you guys, but I’m sure we’ll manage 😉

    Let us know on Geoff’s job prospect! What wonderful news!


  9. Having been “managed” by Geoff the Great, I know he’ll be a great fit for that management position. But for now, many CONGRATS on the current one! YAY!!!!!!!!!! You are going to run out of fingers and toes to count blessings on.

    Feel free to borrow some of mine. Toes, not blessings. muahaha

  10. Hey Jen~ I emailed that paper to you tonight…just wanted to make sure you got it. Can you email me back when you receive it please…?


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