Fun with TomTom and Jane

My husband got one of those nifty navigation nerdules.  He’s in heaven.  And I have to admit I’m glad he got it because it really is pretty handy and helpful.  I drove two and a half hours to Chattanooga to pick up this Carr:




Isn’t she cute?


Anyhow, on the ride down, the TomTom was very helpful; my driving companion was “Jane” who has a very classy British accent and told me exactly when to turn, where to turn, when to get over to the left lane and confirm when I was to continue forward to get onto the ‘motorway’.  Except she says it “Mow-teh-way”.  We only got into a fight once, and that was when I had to pull off to get gas and bottled water.  She got a little snippy with me and kept telling me, “Tuhrn around as soon as pah-sibble and head back teh-wahrds the mow-teh-way”.   I had to keep snapping back, in my own British accent “No, Jane, I need petrol, stop being so deucedly bossy”.  We made up, though; we’re cool now.


Me and Geoff the Great will be dropping back the Carr on Sunday, and at that point we’ll be swapping that Carr for a new car.  Is that not brilliantly exciting?  I can’t wait to drive around as a big family all together in one vehicle again.  I still can’t believe our friends are just GIVING us their Suburban.


In the meantime I am gearing up for the rest of Emmiko’s little friends to come over for a birthday sleep over.  They are all sleeping outside in the tent which will make things remarkably less noisy.  I’m a great fan of less noisy. 


And, this was a surprise, when we were driving home from Chattanooga, Ryann called me about a very mysterious package addressed to Emmiko which had been delivered by UPS from a music store in Ca.




Is it not beautiful?  It had no card, but it didn’t take long to figure out from whence it came.  My dad sure knows how to get a household worked into a frenzy.  Emmiko is very excited – she has wanted to learn the violin for a long time.  I was content to let her just work on clapping or snapping.  Snapping and clapping is much cheaper, plus it’s easier to learn.  Last night she told me that she was gonna learn the violin really fast and then start playing songs with me (on guitar) and Ryann (on piano).  I will not be afraid of turning into the Partridge Family.



23 thoughts on “Fun with TomTom and Jane

  1. First off, you came to Chattanooga and I didn’t get to meet you. I am sad.
    Secondly, your story about Jenny is too funny. My pastor has a tom-tom and her name is Maggie. He is always talking about how they get into fights, he likes to mess with her though.
    Emmiko’s violin is beautiful.

  2. Is a violin the same thing as a fiddle? You guys will be hicks yet. (good job, dad) Emmi sure looks cute. 🙂 Next time we come out, we’ll have to all go square dancing.

  3. That is So neat! My daughter also wants a violin. We already have a flute, so I’m hoping to persuade her to change her mind – (wink, wink.)
    Emmiko looks positively thrilled, and I’m sure she’ll be a virtuoso in no time. (And maybe you can be the Von Trapp family vs. the Partridges. Do you all sing too?) 😉


  4. Hey Jen,

    Your welcome to stop by our house in Loudon if you want on Sunday. Or you could just come home with us and eat lunch before you return that Carr girl! Just wanted to pose that to you! Please know you guys are always welcome.


  5. That’s a great picture of Emmiko. I love her and can’t wait to play a few songs with her.

  6. Have fun with the little Carr and the big car!

    ROFLOL You crack me up with the accent. There is no way I’d attempt that IRL, let alone on my blawg.

    And the violin? What a super cool and thoughtful and useful and amazing gift! Happy Birthday Emmiko!!!

  7. That’s great, Emmiko! My older sis got to try out learning the violin. I won’t say how it ended…but she wasn’t in the orchestra or band after that. hee! hee! I never had the opportunity to learn an instrument…so I’ll continue to be envious from up here in Ohio!

  8. Stop with the parallel lives things already, would ya. I am laughing my head off including the girls from our hotel in Modesto. You know that you must give your gps a name. Jane is a rather lovely name, and maybe one day she can meet our Dorris, she is our smarter gps, and the one that my hubby uses and it is also the one we use for the motorhome. However, don’t let your Jane get anywhere near that one that is in my car, because that one we appropiately named, Dorkie, and she is not smart! She got me lost! I don’t even let her talk.

    Congrats on the new car. You’ll have to check in with us to hear of our new aquistion.

    Blessings, Jennifer

  9. What a lovely gift! Rebekah is also intent on learning the violin, in which case, we can combine our families and be like the Partridge Family Economy size. I can play a mean tambourine!

    Sometime we will have to go somewhere in your neat-o car just so as I can meet Jane.


  10. Jen,
    How great!! My son is learning the violin. I hope to see a Youtube video of all of you playing together.
    Love the GPS story. ROTFL

  11. I call my GPS…Money Maker/Time Saver. See saves me buckets of gas money and loads of time trying to find places! I was very apprehensive-ish about getting one of those “nifty navigation nerdules” because of the cost until I realized it will pay for it self in a few weeks as much as I get lost…I mean get given bad directions, tee he!


    P.S. We fight too(me and money maker/time saver) I just tell her hush…it doesn’t work though…but she is makin the money and savin the time so I LET her win…

  12. Hey we are really excited here about the new violin – she will have a blast learning it. But we are wincing just a bit at her bow-hold. Please get someone to show her how to hold it so she doesn’t saw her new instrument in half! Too bad we don’t live closer – Leah teaches violin!

  13. How on earth did you end up with a British Tomtom??? (or as we call them over here Satnav) Now I guess you will make fun of our British accents the same way when we come and see you? :o)

  14. YOU CRACK ME UP!!!
    My daughter had to come see what I was laughing about…guess I was a bit..umm…loud! 🙂


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