My Family Just Got Cooler.

My little brother, Jay, is officially a Marine.  Is that totally cool, or what?  He’s also an accomplished break dancer.  Anyhow, as you probably can imagine, becoming a full fledge Marine is hard work, and I could not be prouder.  He’s a handsome little bugger, isn’t he?




Our whole family is just pleased and proud as peach punch.  And who doesn’t like peach punch?  Specially if it has ice cream and Seven Up in it.  Um, where was I?  Ah yes.  Pleased and Proud.  Perhaps I’ve had enough punch.


In other news … I have a grave dislike of Christmas traffic.  Even in our little tiny town there was a decided mark up of cars buzzing to-and-fro in a most Un-Southernly-Slow manner.  But we did make it to the post office and sent off all the things we meant to mail.  It was not much. 

I’m going to try and post the Christmas Card DVD that Ryann put together within the next couple of weeks.  She really is a talented girl.  This season we have definitely slacked off, tho.  Coie made no Christmas Candy.  I think that’s a first in five years.  I’m not sad, tho.  The amount of weight I’ve already gained is startling.  I hate tight clothes.  Hate them.  It makes me claustrophobic.  I don’t need any Coie Christmas Candy.  What I really need is a new workout video.


Ok, I gotta run.  I gotta get back to Middlemarch.

PS Congrats to Jess — nearly TEN weeks pregnant!  As cool as my brother is, that’s something he’s not been able to accomplish.


25 thoughts on “My Family Just Got Cooler.

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, JAY!!!!! Semper fi! 🙂

    We are now surrounded by Marines where we live and having come from oh, DECADES of being surrounded by soldiers and air men, I’m shocked (truly!) by how polite these young Marines are here. I have been “good morning/afternoon/evening, ma’am”‘d more in the past 2 months than in 2+ years as an Army wife. I just want to grab them and hug them and pinch their cheeks and introduce them all to my sister in law.

    Who is single, Jay, and would make super cute babies ifn’ you wanted your sister Jess to have a little competition. heh heh. Not that I’m suggesting we create an arranged marriage, Jen.

    Then again……. muahahahaha

  2. I won’t really miss the candy…I will miss your visit to my house when I am in my pajamas…can you come by anyway…I’ll make some peach punch!!

    Love you!

  3. So like with this peach punch, is it made with real peaches…? I have to admit I have never heard of peach punch…and I am from GA! So if it’s made with real peaches…I’z thinks me will have to go make me some! Is vanilla ice cream best? Oh dear, now I have to make a run to the store! Great! Thanks! lol


  4. Yup, Jay is one cool bro. Peach punch? That sounds kinda good right now. I woke up this morning wanting nothing more in this world than a grape. It sounded HEAVENLY. I’m SO READY to be done with this trimester. Dad sent me that pic too (of his squadron). But I couldn’t find Jay. They all look the same. I think that’s kinda the point.

  5. Hello beautiful Ig ladies. Tell me you’re going to church on Sunday like all “good” Christians do. If this snow and ice let up, I know some little girls (and a big one) who are looking forward to seeing you!

  6. “mem-ries, like the corner of my mind…” Wow this post brings so many neat memories of when I got to go to Paris Island to see my big brother (I was 9) graduate after being gone for several months. It’s funny haow much it changes them. Glad he is doing well, OH-RAH!

  7. Semper Fi Wright!!

    Cherry Mistmas – Sinka Paus is coming to town.

    Oh, and I think Rosetta Stone is putting the finishing touches on their IPO. Should release in Jan/Feb. They were forced to do this to pay your commissions.

  8. It’s funny watching people walk by my window eating an ice cream cone at 4 degrees outside. We like to “chill” here in AK.

  9. Charley, knock it off. You’re going to scare her away from ever wanting to live up here. remember Jen, if Palin (and I) can do it, you could do it.

  10. Charley, I don’t even know what an IPO is. You need to speak in shorter sentences. With smaller words… that rhyme. “I will not eat them with a fox, I will not eat them in a box”. That sort of thing.

    PS are you bringing your wife down here in February???????

  11. Man I love your crazy but never nonsensical blog posts! Congrats to Jay – snaps to the breakdancing Marine! Awesome. I know if I was related to a Marine I’d be itching to try on that hat. And yay, Jess and Charley! That’s like, a quarter down!

  12. IPO: Initial Public Offering. Means they’re gonna raise/make more moola. And any ol’ Joe can own part of the company.

  13. oooooooooooooooohhh. Stock options. Now I feel smart. Now tell me your thoughts on Keynesian economic policies and if you believe Keynes assessment of the Great Depression was accurate and if we should embrace the same track to pull out of the current malaise. I think not; and yet, if I’m not mistaken, Bernanke subscribes to that school of thought. I think rather a more laissez-faire approach would do more good than a Keynes model.

  14. OH MY STINKIN’ HECK!! WHERE have I been?! I didn’t know Jess was preggers! CONGRATS JESS…I’d tell you myself, but the last time I was at your blog only members could comment, so I’ll tell you here. 🙂

    AND…what a great shot of your little brother. We’re proud of him for you, too.

    If I don’t get a chance later – I hope you all have one of your very BEST CHRISTmases ever!! Love you so much!

    Christmas Fledder to you, Kim Wolf<

  15. Congratulations to Jay! My hubby has been in for 27 years, and just left for a 13 month deployment to Iraq. I’ll be keeping Jay in my prayers!

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