How to Have Fun On the Ig Farm



What does my (almost 15-year-old) daughter Ryann do for entertainment?  I don’t know that I have an apt description. 



I suppose this would be Tyrannical James had he been born a red-headed girl.  Let us all be thankful he was not.




In non somewhat-disturbing news, Ryann was given an exceptionally fabulous gift by a family from our church.  Everybody loves Ryann.  They not only gave her this beautiful piano, but they also got a moving truck and brought it up and unloaded it for her.  Isn’t it lovely?




Lastly, I have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that last night (while Geoff was gone) we had trespassers on our property again near the barn (I think they were looking for their hunting dog).  Since we’re way out in the middle of nowhere this always induces a wee bit of anxiety.  But the good news is that they found the electric fence.


We heard them screaming from the goat pen. And then within seconds they, their flashlights and their dog were out of sight.  Good clean fun.


Feb 14 Barn Dance Update… we have a location and time!  Check HERE (scroll down for the updates) and register today!

21 thoughts on “How to Have Fun On the Ig Farm

  1. Yeah…that would be kinda scary having strangers on your property out in the middle of nowhere, not knowing WHY there were there for sure. I’m with Amanda…serves the idiots right. rofl!!

  2. Oh…It would be great fun to have some of those big ol’ flood lights with motion sensors so that if they come back and get zapped again, at least you can SEE it and laugh harder!!! ROFL!!!

  3. How funny – Coie sounds so nonchalant about this and you sound freaked out. LOL But you agreed on one thing: letting intruders get zapped by electric fences is better than cable. muahaha

    I can’t believe Ryann is almost FIFTEEN. R. is gonna freak out when she sees this pic. Then she’s gonna wanna move to TN…..AGAIN. LOL

  4. Ryann is sweet. James looks um ….interesting with hair on his head…there is so much creativity at your house. cxkjasdhfkasdjfhasdkj

    bbbbzzzzzztttttt..I don’t think you will have to worry about those intruders any longer.

  5. Maybe James would be glad to know that I wouldn’t mistake him for a girl even with long, flowing tresses.

    What a wonderful gift! Is Ryann going to take lessons?

  6. CONGRATS on Ryann’s new piano! Woohoo!! What fun.

    Loved the ‘zap’ story! Ha! I grew up by a community pool (practically in our backyard) and skinny dippers used to break in several times during the summer. My parents would call the cops and then we would sit out on our dark back porch and watch the TRY to scatter over the pointy top of the 10′ fencing when the police lights came on! Hahahahahahaha!! Good, cheap fun!

    Fledder from Ohio…

  7. I was just reading “The What if Bus” from Crosswalk….about oh….3 seconds into it, I stopped reading and started scrolling down saying to myself…”I know this was written by Jen!” Awesome and just what I needed to hear…January is always my toughest month for some reason…and the “What if” bus not only drives by my house, it parks at my front door and lays on the horn!

  8. Oh! I think Ryann’s hair is so beautiful!! PERFECT shade of Auburn…it looks better on her head than on James’ however! 🙂 Congrats on the creative new reading curriculum!
    Love to you and yours!

  9. What a BEAUTIFUL piano! I like Ryann’s hoodie too. 😉

    That’s kind of disturbing that you had random people tromping around on your property. I’ll have Charley bring his 40 if we come next month. That’ll scare ’em away more than any electric fence would.

  10. I know I’m a little late..okay a lot late…but I wanted to stop by and say thank you for the Christmas wishes.

    How wonderful for Ryann! Love the piano!

  11. James looks like an 80’s rocker. Maybe your dad will send him a mini Fender Strat one of these days…then Ryann can put hair on James while he plays toonz.

  12. …So,Jen~ did I understand it correctly that you’ll be swinging by Ill. on your way to the barn dance to pick up Harvey and Laurie? I just wanted to make sure I had the facts straight before we start putting that up on billboards.

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