It was an ACCIDENT… Really. Truly.



Ok… it seemed like a good idea at the time.  And I think maybe it was Ryann’s fault.  She encouraged me and then helped me fill the whole thing out (which took FOREVER by the way)


But when I submitted Coie’s profile on E-Harmony I didn’t think it would actually go THROUGH because I didn’t put in a credit card number.


So here’s the kicker… the next day there were like 22 potential matches emailed to me.  Um.  Whoops.  I was actually afraid to let her know what happened – I really truly seriously did not think the profile would have gone UP.  And when Coie came home – hoooo boy — she was like,“Mama!? What. Did. You. Do?!”  Geoff the Great, on the other hand, saw the humor in it and wanted to know what the heck she was complaining about.  I love that man.


At any rate, I showed her all the friendly young fellows who were scientifically matched up to her based on ‘up to 90 something similar characteristics’.  So then she started showing a nominal amount of interest (but was still glaring at me) – and she sat there as I clicked thru all the profiles mutterering things like, “No mama, he’s not a missionary… no mama, he’s not a farmer… no mama, he sounds like he’s already dated people… no mama, his profile doesn’t say anything about homeschooling…no mama, he watches TV… no mama, he’s a vampire”  etc etc etc


Anyhow, I guess the good news is that my daughter will continue to stay single.  And I think she’s right when she says the type of husband she’s looking for wouldn’t be on a ‘dating’ site.  And I couldn’t find a ‘courting site’.  Believe me.  I checked.  I’m considerate like that.


But at any rate, I think it was the most fun I’ve had in at least three weeks.


Now aren’t you all happy that I wasn’t YOUR momsie?



20 thoughts on “It was an ACCIDENT… Really. Truly.

  1. I still can’t believe you did that. Although, a ‘courting site’ would probably be a VERY beneficial and lucrative business. Let’s set one up when I get out there in two weeks. That’d be fun. Anyways, I still maintain that Coie’s best bet is to find a good Alaskan homeschool boy. There’s a lot at this new church we’ve been going to. Although, Alaska’s ‘farming’ industry would actually be fishing. It’s too cold to farm anything up here… So all our boys are good, hardworking fishing boys. Can’t wait for July!! ;);)

  2. Oh! my gosh!! Yes I am glad you are not my momsie. Of course once you start that courting site make sure you let us know. Too funny.
    I always get a good laugh when I stop in.

  3. So, when Coie finds this farmer, missionary, closet celibate, non-TV-watching, homeschooled, conservative, mechanic, english speaking male who doesn’t drink blood, I don’t think she’ll like him because he’ll have a foot fungus and planters warts.

  4. That’s hilarious! I think it’s awesome that you take such an interest in who your daughter is looking for as a future husband too. Wish my parents had shown such interest in that part of my life. Also, it is a wonderful testament to how you’ve raised Coie just by seeing what exactly she is looking for in her future husband! What a wonderful woman of God you have raised! I’m sure you both know this already, but God surely already has that special someone picked out for your daughter and will introduce them in His time. 😉 In the meantime…enjoy all those giggles from the e-harmony gag!! lol!

  5. Oh, Giiiiirl! You are WAY too funny! Hahahahaha!!! By the way, I know 2 very happily married couples – one couple being very close friends of ours – who met and got married b/c of E-Harmony. I played my dulcimer at one of the weddings.

    Fledder from SNOWY, cold Ohio…

  6. My husband and I actually filled out those profiles to see if we would be matched together right after we were married. We filled them out side by side with almost the same anwsers and we didn’t match each other. It’s become a running family wide joke.

  7. I have to tell you that I know a woman who met and fell in love with the man of her dreams off of…, you guessed it, e-Harmony.

    You never know.

  8. My little sister just got married last week. She met her wonderful husband on e-Harmony 5 months ago! They e-mailed back and forth- very lengthy ones and never even heard each others voice until he came out from CA to meet my sister and my parents. They got engaged the following month when she went to AL to meet his parents. 🙂

    Oh and should I mention that there are 2 young ladies at my church that met their Christian husbands on e-harmony as well?

    Love you!

  9. Strange as it may seem, good relationships can be started online. Annette (my lovely wife) and I met online, in a poetry chat room on AOL. Two of the other couples that met each other in the SAME chat room were married, too. Annette and I say it was the only good thing that ever came of AOL. 😉

    Annettes sister and my mother both keep using these eHarmony and similar sites trying to find someone, pointing to us as evidence that you can meet someone wonderful online. We always give them the same response: We didn’t TRY to fall in love and we weren’t out there TRYING to find someone, either. We were just doing something we each loved, writing and reading poetry, and we ended up in the same room and the relationship blossomed over time. It just happened.

    Let me know when you’re ready to work on the courting site – that’s something I would love to be involved with.

  10. When you find that courting site that has the missionary/pro homeschool/hasn’t been around the block a few times/ GODLY/ wants to adopt list of husbands, please let us know. Ashley is getting awfully tired of planning her wedding not knowing what the groom will look like!

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