Um… Nevermind

Ok, so I think I’ve grown out of the whole E-Harmony “get Coie hitched” phase.  Maybe I will sign her up for reals in six years if she’s still in the house.  I just feel bad for Ryann because she’s *never* going to get to take over Coie’s room at this rate.  Actually, with Coie’s luck, Ryann will be married before she is. Ha Ha. 


I must be absolutely nuts because even though I am overwhelmed with the awful thought of her ever actually leaving, I end up working against myself.  It’s sort of like when you have a baby and you can’t wait for them to walk and run and talk even though you just KNOW it’s going to make your life 80% more complicated.  But I think I’ve learned my lesson.


Congrats to my beautiful friend who is expecting a new family member.


And yippee for me because Jess and Charley will be here at the end of next week.  I cannot wait to go maternity clothes / baby stuff shopping with my sister.  Did you see how cute she looked with her pregnant tummy?  This is such a fun time.


Also, I got word that Coie and I are slated to do homeschool conventions again this year for Rosetta Stone.  HOOORAY!  I will post our schedule as soon as we get it.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for IL and FL again.  You absolutely assuredly entirely must plan on coming out to see us if we’re in your area.  And I promise not to pawn Coie off on you if you have a marriageable-aged son. 


And I thought this year was going to be boring.

11 thoughts on “Um… Nevermind

  1. That means I still won’t ever get my own room.

    Why can’t Coie move into your room??? She can take the closet. That’s plenty big. And there’s already sheets on the ‘bed’ up there above your clothes.


    um…if I type my name too fast, it’s ‘Rann’ (I just figured that out). But I guess that here in the South, that “y” doesn’t even make a difference.

    So tired. I SMELL HAZELNUT COFFEE. That’s actually what woke me up.

    Didn’t I already sign off this comment???

  2. ooooh, I want some hazelnut coffee. And even though I found MY match online, for some reason, I really, really don’t want Coie to find her’s that way. Also, we get there in only NINE MORE DAYS!!!! YIPEEE!!!

  3. Hey Jen!

    Sure would be great if you came to PA’s CHAP conference in May! I would love you meet you guys! I’m going for my first time this year. YEAH! I tried to talk my husband into coming down your way for the big benefit barn dance this month, but he wasn’t game. Bummer!


  4. You must come back to Florida! We drove by Chevy’s one day last week and I thought of you and Coie. I will NOT miss the girls’ outing to Chevy’s this year!

  5. I’ll be speaking at both the Midwest Convention in Cincinnati (April 16) and the INCH convention (not sure of the date) in Michigan. Sure would be nice to see you at either of those. Keep me posted.

  6. Hooray! I am glad you got the gig again… and I am amazed at how many people find their matches online. Jess wants us to have lunch when she is in town… what do you think of that!?

  7. Hopefully I’ll know next week! last year it was:
    Duluth MN, Boston MA, FL, Naperville IL and Columbus OH. They mentioned our schedule should be pretty much the same, but we’ll see what happens…

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