Another Rosetta Stone Contest! Who Wants To Speak French?



… or a choice of 21 other languages?  Drum roll please…. I’d like to announce an exciting project I’ve been working on (with help from a fabulous friend and a mix of other great writers / contributors).


There are several reasons why you would want to sign up for the new Rosetta Stone e-newsletter.  First and foremost, the monthly issues will be packed full of great info, helpful tips, and fun contests — and you will recognize a lot of the writers.


And trust me; you’ll want to sign up right now.  Click HERE to enter your email addy (it’s on the right hand side) to get on the list, and then click on the option to “view the newsletter”, which will bring you to the current issue that just went out.


And why would you want to sign up right now?


Because this month you have a chance to win Level 1 of the new Rosetta Stone Homeschool Version 3 Program (language of your choice!). Enter by emailing us at with your ideas for what to name this new newsletter. If your title is chosen, you win! The winner will be notified by email, and their name will be announced in our next enewsletter.


This is (roughly) a $250 value!  So start thinking hard and come up with a great name and send your ideas in to the email addy I listed above!


PS The emails you send will go directly to my boss, so make sure you don’t say anything exceptionally silly or even worse, don’t blow my cover by asking questions like, “Golly Jen, how’d a dork like you get to work on such an important neat-o project like this?” 




19 thoughts on “Another Rosetta Stone Contest! Who Wants To Speak French?

  1. oh how cool! I signed up for the newsletter, and e-mailed in my idea for the name…what fun to think up something. The name actually came to me within 5 seconds of reading your post, so I fear my lack thinking on it might render laughs but I kind-of sort-of liked it.


  2. Hey Michelle! Feel free to submit as many brilliant (or semi-brilliant) ideas that you want.

    When are you coming back to visit my church??? The drive isn’t *that* long…

  3. I won’t tell your boss, but “Golly Jen, how’d a dork like you get to work on such an important neat-o project like this?” Just Kidding! The newsletter came to my inbox the other day but I failed to notice who the Senior Editor was. Congratulations! And we will put on our thinking caps here at the Wallace house.

  4. D**E!
    I WANNA WIN!!!
    Um, but, first I gotta finish Spanish. When can you get faster internet for me???? I wanna continue on.
    Ummmm, bye, D**e.

  5. Yippee!! I’m going to enter this contest because I want to learn a foreign language. I don’t know which one, but that’d be fantastic. I never win nuthin though, so more than likely, it will go to some other lucky person.

  6. Hey! Our computer broke, so I’ve been offline. So sorry to hear about Bo’s surgery scare. I will pray that the pathology reports all come back completely fine and normal. Coie was right, it did look like Sweet and sour chicken. URG!

  7. I’m so glad Bo’s okay. YAY! Phew. I can breathe now. (Have you ever tried to drive on the left side of the road with children in the car hollering and holding your breath? It’s a real humdinger.)

    And thanks for the linky love. 🙂

    Oh and my paycheck arrived yesterday. THANKS! 😛

    And Winky says AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA yi yi yi *whine whimper* …..

    Is that sufficiently dorky from my end?

  8. I haven’t entered yet because i can’t think of anything. I’m creatively retarded. wait. that’s not right. i mean, creativity retarded. or maybe just plain retarded. ok I rest my case.

  9. Hi Evah, Bo is doing really well. The results came back from the lab and all is well.

    We miss your family! And we miss seeing little Faithful. He is such a little ball of energy. Hope you all are well. Please tell the taggarts hi and give them our love, too!

  10. up to the date. im gonna need something to read tomorrow while I’m waiting in the airport (i can stock your blog from my phone.. pretty snazzy huh?)

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