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A Birthday Date and some minor annoyances


I feel like Kellieann, I never give movie reviews.  None-the-less, here it goes.  First of all, I recommend taking Ryann to any movie you attend.  I had more fun listening to her laugh her head off than anything else.  She and Bo are so similar. 

Anyways, it is Emmiko’s birthday this week, so Geoff the Great and I decided to take her on a movie date.  We all loved the first Batman… Batman Begins.  Matter of fact, the first time I ever saw that movie was on a double date with Kate Kessler and her man.  Boy was that was fun.  


Anyways, we really liked the first Batman so we’ve been looking forward for The Dark Knight to come out.  Geoff took Ryann and Coie on Sat night and I stayed home with the little kids, and then on Monday night Geoff took me, Ryann, Emmiko and Bo, while Coie held down the fort


Personally, I liked the movie – violence does not generally faze me or my family.  The Patriot and Master and Commander are a couple of our favorite flicks.  Violence / Grossness = not generally a problem.  And ‘violence’ was really the only thing in the Dark Knight that was an issue.   There was no swearing and almost zero romance. 


There could have been *more* violence during the movie, but I controlled myself.  The guy sitting behind was eating his popcorn really loudly – but what made me nearly come unglued was he kept sucking his teeth. Loudly.  Very loudly.  Right in my ear.  I had an urge to swing around and karate chop him in the jugular.  And then, right as the movie started, this human Q-tip came in and sat directly in front of me.  I’ve never seen such puffy white hair on a man.  It was literally obstructing the screen.  So I got up and went to the back of the theater and tried to eyeball an empty seat where nobody could bother me.  But the place was packed out.  So I ended up standing at the back for the three hours.  Actually, that’s not true.  After about two hours I finally got bored of standing and I sat down with my back against the wall.  It was nice.  I had the whole wall to myself.  My husband came back a couple times to offer me candy and to tell me I was a retard… as if I didn’t know.


All in all it was a lovely date and we all had fun.  Bo liked the movie, but the violence did bother him.  And I confess, in a couple of places it was a little over the top.  Emmiko thought the movie was great and Ryann thought it was hilarious.  I think I would have enjoyed it more as a rental. On my couch. Minus Q-tips and Teeth Suckers.


In other news, I got to spend Sunday with two of my favorite families Plus I met a new family that was entirely hilarious.  Maria’s sister is very cool.  Boy was it hot, but we still had a smashing time.  I love my friends.